Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

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During summer, we all know this thing that the use of an air conditioner is a must and it is likely working overtime as well. No doubt, this is one of the most important things we need to beat the severe heating factors. If somehow, you feel that the air conditioner installed at your home is leaking water, you may wonder why that’s happening and what you can do to fix it? Usually, people find out the relevant solution for this problem online. Read this discussion till the end and you will get the ultimate solution to fix it without any hassle. It is also effective to hire professional help and support in this regard to cover up this problem immediately. 

Before telling you the solution, we will recommend you to hire professional support in this regard. They will ultimately fit this issue and you will not see that your home or office ac is leaking water. Usually, we have noticed the stain of leaking water on the wall where we have installed AC. It looks annoying and you have to apply a quick solution to fix this issue as soon as you can.

Why Water Forms in Your AC?

As we all know this thing that modern air conditioners contain indoor and outdoor units. The evaporator coil is installed in the indoor unit and it will cool the hot or warm air as it will blow to maintain the inner temperature of the room. 

When hot air blows to the coil it will start condensation which you can better see in the cold glass of water. This would be the perfect example of it. The same thing happens to the evaporator coil and you may see this thing. 

The moisture forms and it drips into a drain pan which may cause the condensate drain line. This line leads out your home as well. If your ac is leaking the water, here you need not feel hectic or panic with this issue. We will guide you few steps you can better sort out this thing without any professional help and support. 

If someone will ask you the same question how to fix ac leaking water outside? You can better guide them on these points. 

Why My AC is Leaking Water?

If you see that your ac is leaking water inside the room, it is most likely due to a clogged condensate drain line. With respect to time, this line will be clogged with debris like dust and it will block the whole area. When the whole area will be clogged, water will not move and it will block at a single point. There will be no way to escape the water outside the home. The line becomes backed up which may cause water leaking issues inside the house which is an unbearable situation as well. 

Here we will suggest you one of the most efficient ways that will open the blocked drain. You just need here to use we or dry vac. In another case, you can hire professional help and support to remove this issue immediately. Here we will share with you a few of the major causes which may block the drainpipe of the ac and you have to face an issue in form of water leaking inside the house. 

  1. Dry Ari Filter of the AC

As we all have the idea that it is quite important to change the air filter of the ac right after one month. A dry air filter will not allow the ac to work efficiently and it will block the air and coils will not work efficiently and becomes extremely cold. In this state, the drain pipe will start freezing which is not a good sign by all means. 

  1. AC is Low on Refrigerant

If the volume of refrigerant gets lower it will ultimately lower the pressure of your ac system too. In this stage, the evaporator coil will freeze and it will start creating a wet mess respectively. If you feel that your ac is not cooling down the house efficiently, you need to check the refringent levels of the ac in this regard. Few signs you need to keep in your mind at this stage that you will also see there, for instance, unusual hissing or bubbling sound. This thing is an alarming situation for you that your ac is running through a leakage situation. 

Final Thoughts

All these points are much worth understanding clearly and you can better avoid this ac leaking problem efficiently too. Usually, we do not take care of these things as they have to do. On the other hand, professional help and support will be there always with you in any situation. They will apply their professional tricks to provide you the efficient in working ac throughout the summer season.

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