When To Replace Your Old Front Door

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When To Replace Your Old Front Door

Upgrading the front door yields benefits ranging from aesthetics to more robust security for the household. However, because front doors can be costly, it’s not something you can afford to replace every year. But if you think it’s finally time to replace it, it’s best to know what your options are. After all, there are a plethora of innovative door designs, materials, and choices to indulge in once you decide to replace your front door.

Front doors experience wear and tear over time. Gradually, with the weather changes, as well as the constant flips of the door when entering and exiting the home, it’s only a matter of time when they’ll be requiring upkeep and even replacements. To ensure continuous safety for the family, it’s crucial to know when your old front door finally needs to be changed.

It’s time to find a reliable contractor such as Alexandria doors installation or replacement when you experience any of the following situations.

  1. Having Spaces Within The Door 
The carpenter chisels so that the front of the latch be recessed into the wood.

Both your windows and doors should be shut in a sense where light or air won’t seep through. After all, this is one of the primary purposes of installing windows or doors. With your exterior doors, it’s important that no air or light can penetrate the interiors. However, if you find gaps and holes within your front door, you may need to replace it at some point. Aside from air and light, other more hazardous objects can penetrate the spaces within your doorway. For instance, it could be insects, floodwater, or even dust from outside, requiring you to sweep your interior floors often. 

Air drafts, usually found in older homes, can indicate a gap around the framing and have a severe impact on your comfort. It may be possible to fix the problem by updating your weather stripping, but it is only a temporary fix. Eventually, you’ll have to keep replacing these seals, which would incur higher costs. Hence, it’s best to replace your front door and ensure no gaps and spaces surrounding your door. 

  1. Faulty Door Locks 

You should replace your lock immediately if your door does not lock properly. Consider upgrading to a more advanced lock system if you previously had a traditional lock system. When your old locks are damaged constantly, perhaps it’s best to upgrade your door completely into a modern one that comes with smart door locks

Numerous systems have been developed in recent years, including those with internet access, and can be controlled by mobile apps. If you replace the entire lock system with one of these lock systems, this might be a good time to install a more robust door that will complement your new lock system.

  1. Difficulty In Opening And Closing 

Having trouble opening and closing your door may mean it needs to be replaced.  Sometimes this situation indicates an influence on your heating and cooling bills. Loose doors may mean your appliances will need to work more because the door can’t be closed or opened easily. Another issue may be the hinges. In this case, you’ll need to ask a professional to fix it well. Otherwise, if the issue is something else, the door might have already experienced some top or bottom damage resulting in the door jam.

Other parts of the door need to be checked aside from the hinges. These would include the doorknobs, door frames, and other technical parts of your entryway. Fixing a door that sticks can be done by yourself. But if this keeps recurring and is causing you more trouble, it’s best to replace the front door completely.  

  1. Rusty And Dingy Doors 

If a door has dents and rust, its structure may be compromised.  However, this might depend on your old door materials. If your door is made of steel or aluminum, rust can occur over the years. But if your front door is made of vinyl, wood, or fiberglass, dents can happen when you need to kick it often so you can go inside the home without using your hands. This is often when you come back with your two hands busy carrying out grocery bags.

Ugly dents and rusts are not pleasing to the eyes and may devalue your home. Hence, if you want to focus on aesthetical value, it’s best to remove the dented and rusty door and replace it with a new one instead.

  1. Weathered And Cracked Doors 

A door can take a lot of damage while protecting your interiors from the weather. Your doors are constantly slammed, kicked, and subjected to weather changes on a regular basis. From hard rain to extreme heat of the sun, your entry will eventually experience cracks and damages caused by external conditions. Over the course of many winters and summers, these doors may have expanded and contracted. 


Replacing your front door will provide the best return on investment. It will improve the security of your house and family while also improving the curb appeal. If you experience any of the situations mentioned above, it’s best to replace your front door now. 

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