What Should You Not Use On A Glass Top Stove? [9 Things To Avoid]

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One of the main concerns of every glass top stove user is “what should you not use on a glass top stove?”. It is natural to have these questions as glass top stoves are very sensitive and need a lot of protection compared to a steel stove.

Don’t worry; we have come to your rescue as we care for you and understand your fear. Therefore, stay with us patiently; as in this article, you will get a list of all the essential things you should not use.

Glas top stove undoubtedly increases the beauty of a kitchen and is also easy to clean. However, you cannot use all types of cookware in your glass stoves as it may result in damaging your precious stove. That’s why you must use only those that are labeled as cookware for glass top stoves.

Furthermore, there are many things that you need to take care of so that your stove lasts for a longer time by continuing to enhance your kitchen’s beauty. Keep reading further to know in detail as the ultimate benefitted one will be you.

What Should You Not Use On A Glass Top Stove? [9 Things To Avoid]

Glas top stove requires more care than a steel stove as glass is a complicated thing than steel. In fact, there is a list of things that you need to avoid at all costs if you don’t want your gas top stove to get any type of stain or damage.

So, without further delay, let us talk about those not to do things so that you can be cautious and can take preventive measures beforehand to avoid any problem.

Cast Iron Cookware

The cookware made of cast iron is rough and heavy in weight. In contrast, the glass top stove is very delicate. That’s why, on the use of heavyweight and rough bottoms, cookware can leave scratches on the stove.

In fact, in many cases, cracking or damaging the glass can occur due to the use of cast iron or stone cookware. These types of cookware are a big no for use on the glass top stove for these reasons.

Hence, if you don’t want your precious stove to have any kind of scratches on it, you must avoid the use of cast iron or stone cookware at all costs. 

Sliding cookware

If you love to cook while sliding, then a glass top stove is not for you. As the cookware mainly contains aluminum and copper bases, the rubbing of these bases with the stoves may leave permanent scratches. While sliding mistakenly, it can happen. That’s why it is better to avoid the habit of sliding cookware if you use a glass stovetop.

Stained cookware bases

Before cooking with cookware, always use cookware that has no stain on it. Otherwise, these will get melt while cooking, resulting in leaving marks on your glass top.  Hence, scrub your cookware bases properly before using them and remove those with stains that you cannot get rid of.

Glass cleaner

You may think that glass cleaner is the best option for cleaning a glass top stove. But it is a wrong concept as upon using these; it may damage our stove instead of cleaning it.

It is because glass cleaner contains ammonia which is too strong for a glass stovetop to handle. That’s why, rather than using an ammonia-containing glass cleaner, use white vinegar.

Food spills

While cooking, it is natural that food will spill. But as the glass top stove is very delicate, that’s why you must clean any food spills immediately; otherwise, it will sit on the stove. You may think of it as a trivial matter, but it is something that you will never want.

As once it gets properly set, it will be tough to clean, and in many cases, it may cause discoloring. Especially the sugary food is hard to remove if not cleaned rapidly. Therefore, clean all food spills quickly to avoid any such things.

Scrubby scrubbers

Always clean your glass top stove with the soft part of the scrubbers. Even by mistake, don’t use the sponges’ scrubby part as it will leave permanent marks on the stovetop.

Heavyweight pans

Avoid dragging any heavyweight pans on the glass top stove. Instead, always lift from one part of the cooktop to another part to prevent the chance of any scratches.


While cleaning your stove, make sure that you don’t give extra force to it. Instead, clean it slowly by giving as much as little pressure possible as heavy pressure can crack the glass.


Another vital thing that you must avoid at all costs is cooling any hot substance on this stove. Otherwise, it may result in causing a crack or mark. 

Therefore, if you want your glass stove to last for a longer period with a shining look, then you must follow all the above-listed things strictly. Otherwise, your glass top stove will lose its shine by having stains all over and will also last for less time.

The Bottom Line

Along with an attractive look, a glass top stove comes with a lot of responsibility that you need to take care of. In fact, with proper care, it will give the same service and look all the time no matter how much you cook on it. That’s why you must know what you should not use on a glass top stove. Otherwise, it will get damaged within a short time.

If you can follow all the not-to-do things cautiously, then your glass top stove will never dishearten you. Instead will make you feel proud by giving a modern and stylish look to your kitchen that will make you fall in love with your kitchen again.

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