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What we eat builds our health. Hypothetically, the kitchen is the building block of our health, and refrigerators are central regulators. An excellent refrigerator can not only ease up your regular cooking and preservation but also can reduce the cost of medicines and health insurance. 

You may ask how? A quality refrigerator can serve quality food to you, which keeps you safe from food-borne disease. 

That is why the kitchen appliances of a house are important; among all, the house’s refrigerator tells a lot about the people’s health status. You can match our statement with any of your neighbors with great fitness. 

Good food means fresh components; this is why we need a good refrigerator that stores food at the perfect temperature all the time. Great companies make great refrigerators! Thor Kitchen brings you a range of refrigerators ideal for all lifestyles. This would be one of the most honest Thor refrigerator reviews you will be able to find on the internet. 

These refrigerators are made with stainless steel, and guess what these are stain and fingerprint resistant too. Thor kitchen has ensured to provide you complete satisfaction while they created these thor refrigerators.
Price? You won’t bother about the price at the end of this outstanding review of thor kitchen.  

Without any further delay, Let’s dig in!            

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Top 3 Thor Refrigerator Reviews

1. Thor Undercounter Refrigerator Review: Thor side by side refrigerator

Thor Undercounter Refrigerator Review
ColorStainless Steel
Finish TypeGlossy
BrandThor Kitchen
Model NameTRF2401U
Form FactorStand alone
Inverter TypeHas Inverter
Dimensions23.6 x 23.6 x 34 inches
Lock TypeNo Door Lock
CertificationEnergy Rating

The first wealth is health. For this, you surely need to have fresh ingredients available at your place if you need to prepare yourself a healthy meal. To do so, you will need an efficient and trustworthy refrigerator, like the Thor Undercounter Refrigerator.

Who doesn’t enjoy chilled drinks while having a BBQ party outdoor or when your friends come over for a hangout? This fridge is efficient enough to provide you service both indoor and outdoor.

That feature oozes out an automatic question. Can I use it both indoors and outdoors when required? Yes, of course, my friend, it’s easily portable. The weight of the refrigerator is comparatively lesser than other dual-option refrigerators. 

This bitsy electric refrigerator is ideally designed to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in your dorm rooms and apartments. It can also be used to store your favorite juice or drinks at your office or garage. 

Refrigerators come in different sizes and styles. What you need to do is choose the best fit for your kitchen. The thor side by side refrigerator is featured to be a space-saving refrigerator with double drawers. It can carry up to 152 liters, and the refrigerator’s size is only 5.3 cubic feet.

Thor side by side refrigerator: This Double drawer refrigerator gives you the facility to switch temperatures according to your need.  The temperature range is  0℃-7℃/34℉-46℉, and you can change it from the control panel. 

Let’s talk about those drawers! Shall we?

Thor refrigerator drawers are manufactured to fit more than your regular refrigerator. It has a divider that is in the main freezer section. And a sliding freezer drawer to separate foods. 

It is built with stainless steel and also designed to be weatherproof. This makes the refrigerator suitable for both your home, travel, and outdoor needs. The estimated electricity usage of the fridge is around 305 kWh. Thor appliances are designed to serve you with the best, so the estimated yearly operation cost would be around 32$. 

These refrigerators are fingerprint-resistant. If you notice any smear, fingerprint, or watermark around the thor refrigerator ice maker, you just need to clean it with a damp microfiber cloth.

A 5.3 cubic feet doesn’t have a freezer; first of all, do you need one? It is an under-counter refrigerator if it is set up in your kitchen. It can be used to store food products that need to be kept fresh. If you set up in your garage or office, all you’d want is chilled drinks or juice. Also, you wouldn’t like to eat ice chunks in the name of chilled beverages or juice.  


  • Space-saving and compact design
  • Temperature adjustable
  • Double drawer with slide-out facility
  • Ventilated cooling system to keep the fridge frost free 
  • Uses a minimal amount of power        


  • It can only be used as a fridge, not a freezer.

Our verdict:    

This refrigerator can be an exceptional choice for students who are staying in their dorms, people who are looking for an under-counter fridge for fresh fruits and veggies, or people who wanna travel and would love to enjoy chilled drinks. It is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Want to Know? Who makes Thor Appliances

2. Thor French Door Refrigerator: Thor Kitchen HRF3601F Cabinet

Thor French Door Refrigerator: Thor Kitchen HRF3601F Cabinet
ColorStainless Steel
Finish TypeGlossy
BrandThor Kitchen
Model NameHRF3601F
Form FactorFrench Door
Dimensions35.86 x 28.68 x 69.88 inches
CertificationEnergy Star
Capacity15.16 Cubic Feet
Shelf TypeWire

A refrigerator with French doors, it indeed does sound tempting. Fasten your seat belts cause now we’re going take you on a ride, where you will get to know all about Thor Kitchen HRF3601F, a great refrigerator. 

It is the best thor appliances for your kitchen regardless of other Thor Kitchen products. It is made with stainless steel and has features like a dual cycle and dual air-cooling system. 

It weighs only 302 pounds and has a dimension of 35.86 x 28.68 x 69.88 inches. It can be easily fitted in any standard kitchen. This cabinet depth refrigerator has two freezer drawers to provide you better space and organization. A full-width chiller drawer that gives you flexible storage. 

This smart refrigerator’s overall capacity is 15.16 cubic feet, and in it, the freezer section is 5.69 cubic feet. 

All the Thor refrigerator reviews you read about this refrigerator might not tell you the truth. No hide and seek game, as we promised earlier! But let me be straight with one feature that lacks with this refrigerator.  It doesn’t have any water dispenser, so if you are looking for thor refrigerator with a water dispenser, Sorry buddy, can’t help you with this one.  

The refrigerator has an organized shelf designed to fit items with ease that are tall in size. It also has two large drawers that control humidity and keeps your food fresher. 

Did you know that a water dispenser that comes with your refrigerator can only last for 6 to 12 months? Who needs this extra hassle when you have the Thor refrigerator ice maker to provide you cold water? So, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry later.


  • It allows you to store more things; thus, it is spacious.
  • Drawers for better organization 
  • Humidity control facility to keep food fresh longer
  • Shelf to store items that are taller in size
  • Can take up to 1.2 kgs/ 2.4 lbs of ice per day    


  • Doesn’t have a water dispenser  

Our verdict:   

When you have a big family, you must need a fridge that can store a lot of food. If you always want to provide your family or loved ones good food, you must cook your food with fresh components. This is one of those thor appliances that can also be used commercially in restaurants or super-shops as it is very spacious and long-lasting. 

3. Thor ice maker french door Refrigerator: HRF3603F The 36 inch

 Thor refrigerator ice maker  french door Refrigerator : HRF3603F The 36 inch
BrandThor Kitchen
Form FactorSide_by_side, French_door
Dimensions35.91 x 30.12 x 71.26 inches
Capacity22.6 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeFreestanding
Freezer Capacity8.38 Cubic Feet

How about a refrigerator that promises you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and one year of warranty? No, I’m not dishonest. As I’ve said before, this would be the most honest article among all the thor refrigerator reviews, so you read so far. The Thor Kitchen HRF3603F is the quality refrigerator of its price range. Incredible and dynamic!

Thor appliances bring you a 36-inch refrigerator that comes with an ice maker and french door. This refrigerator is not just designed to blow your mind off, but also it has the capability to freeze your items 20% time higher than an average refrigerator.

What could be the probable advantages of faster freezing? Well, it saves energy, and you will get the credit of being the coolest party host by serving a chilled soda can in no time.

The side-by-side refrigerator compartments can be used to keep your foods, fruits, vegetables, and drinks fresh. The upper side-by-side manufacturing lets you keep your things in a proper and organized way. 

This refrigerator is built with a frost-free refrigeration system, so it keeps your food items chilled at the perfect temperature you need. You can keep your food items wholly organized in the thor refrigerator drawers. It also has an electronic touch control panel with an LED display.

Ice will always be available in the thor refrigerator ice maker. The soft freeze compartment has an adjustable shelf for more storage. 

Thor built in refrigerator is manufactured with stainless steel, and it is also fingerprint-resistant. Any kind of smears, watermarks, or fingerprints are visible; it can be easily cleaned with a damped microfiber cloth. A  standard American kitchen for one storing home is around 121 feet and 174 feet in multi-story homes. If you have a smaller than the traditional sized kitchen, then you’ll have to set up this refrigerator outside your kitchen. 

This 36-inch thor refrigerator with an ice maker will occupy a fair amount of space in your kitchen. But it will also give your kitchen an entirely changed look. 


  • Non-frost refrigeration system
  • Multiple features to keep your food organized
  • Freezing ability is better than regular refrigerators
  • Easy to clean  
  • 1-year warranty


  • Space consuming

Our verdict:

This 36-inch refrigerator is a perfect match for prominent families. It comes with a 1-year warranty and guesses what it has so many great features! It is the ideal refrigerator for your home kitchen and promises to give you efficient service throughout the time.

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What to Look for Before Buying a Thor Refrigerator?

Core Material:

The core material is the pivotal part of a Refrigerator. Depending on the core material durability of a refrigerator can be varied. Stainless steel is the most popular material when it comes to the production of a refrigerator. It makes the fridge fingerprint resistant and easily cleanable. 

Ice Makers and Water Dispenser: 

Thor refrigerator with an ice maker is a great option to choose from. The water dispensing system is not a mandatory feature of thor refrigerator. Sadly, these are the parts that would be the first ones to malfunction. The average lifetime of a water dispenser is around 6-12 months. 

Power Efficiency:

Currently, the fridges that are being manufactured consume a lot less power than the older ones. For a 36-inch french door refrigerator, you might need to pay an amount of $70-$90 per year. Whereas when it comes to smaller refrigerators, it will cost you even less than that. Condenser capacity also influences power consumption. Most of the thor refrigerators are now eco-friendly as well. 

Drawers and Shelves:

Refrigerators that come with drawers and shelves are better than the regulated ones. When you place your food in the drawers, they are easily accessible and help you have a tidy refrigerator. Nowadays, refrigerators are designed with adjustable shelves so that you can store taller bottles.


By this point in the article, you must have realized which would be the ideal one for you and your family. I bet by now you must know that compared to other thor refrigerator reviews you’ve read so far, this one is the best.

We have tried to bring you all the necessary information about Thor refrigerator that could be ideal for your kitchen and home. These refrigerators are spacious and look stunning in your kitchen, which will bring a lively atmosphere in your kitchen. 

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