Things to Be Taken care while cleaning Wooden Floor

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Are you a little tensed about your wooden floor? You’ve already searched for several tips to clean the wooden floor but your efforts are not working! Basically to assure your wooden floor’s longevity regular maintenance is essential. The Wooden floors give an inviting and warm look, Wooden floors give a warm & inviting look, enduring a huge impact on the design and overall look of your interiors.

Anyway, wooden floorings mandate tremendous attention in the term of energy, money and time for maintenance. The warm and rich look of the wood floors misleads the energy and time needed to protect them. There are several kinds of wood finish that entail various products & methods to clean the wood floors, those methods aren’t certain to be tested on a regular basis. While you analyze additional aspects to maintain your wooden floor, we are sharing some effective and easy techniques of doing this without charring the hole in the pocket. If you are also thinking about this all day long! 

We have listed different cost-effective upkeep tips for wooden floors to protect its sheen & minimize the risk of damage. Read this article thoroughly and check out the simple tips to take care of different kinds of wooden floor while cleaning!

Process of Cleaning Your Pre-Furnished Wooden Floor

The dead giveaways which you’ve got lightly finished or pre-furnished hardwood floor is that a surface of floor which is matte than a glossy one. Very rare wooden floors are unfinished nowadays. But if your house is an older style that has not been renovated, then you might still be stepping on the unfinished floors. It is necessary to know the process of cleaning the wood floorboard without water.

  1. Treating those types of wooden floors with the water isn’t advisable. The liquid may soak easily into that wood, diminishing the fibres, affecting watermarks to occur &  even enabling the development of mildew and mould.
  1. Any scratches or dirt should be dealt with determined floor wax. You can use hard wax oil for wood floors. Or also use a steel wool ball to rub very gently a little quantity of floor wax on every stained area until those marks vanish.
  1. Don’t use maximum wax. Because it could cause discoloration.

Process of cleaning your Furnished wooden floor

Nowadays maximum wood floors are furnished & coated with tough-wearing sealant, this protects the entire wood element underneath it. Polyurethane, polyacrylic and urethane are some common sealants which are used. The sealants are both stain proof and waterproof. Sometimes it is as easy as the dry mopping & vacuum cleaning could be practised on ordinary days to renovate its shine and quality.  This makes floor cleaning minor than any task. 

  1. You can easily clean your floor using dishwashing liquid or mild detergent. But do not use maximum water to clean it. 
  1. For the furnished floors, where those floorboards are shut before those are fitted. Extra water could accumulate & seep in that unfinished cracks between those boards, as a result, the decaying occurs on the wood. For the cases always mop your floor after washing.
  1.  Every time when you are washing, wring that mop well. It will help to avoid oversaturation.

Process of cleaning your Unfinished wooden floor

Lightly finished or Unfinished wood floors have a matte finish floor surface. Maximum wood floors are furnished but those people who haven’t refurbished the floor for a long period and till now have the unfinished floor and trying to know the cleaning process of floorboards sans with water. Applying water isn’t possible because it will soak into wood easily & may damage the fibres or grow the moulds and mildew. 

  1. Dry mopping or vacuum cleaning is the perfect process which keeps off the dirt. 
  1. The Unfinished wooden floor is much inclined to scratches & stains. You can apply some different wax for the wooden floor on specific affected areas & gently rub it until those marks are discreet.  The hard wax oil for wood floors is easily available in the market. You can find it at a negotiable price. But don’t use this wax excessively, it may cause discolouration.
  1. The Wood is much more reliable than other materials for home furnishing. It’s a vital fact that interior design buffs dump the metals in the favour of more comforting wooden effects. 

Process of cleaning your Finished wooden floors

Maximum updated hardwood floors are totally finished nowadays. It means those are coated in hard-wearing and heavy-duty sealant. The issue that happens more frequently is how to clean the wooden floors! Cleaning of your wooden floor effectively is a strategy. It is so simple to use your all tough work by just stepping all over this. Always start at a point distant from your door & clean systematically till you have finished standing in your doorway.

  1. You can always wash the mop with some clean water or wring out the excess & damp mop total floor to eliminate the cleaners.
  1. Wipe up extra water with a dry and clean towel as the extra water can damage your floor.
  1. You could also try boiling water & 2 teabags and clean the hardwood floors. There is tannic acid in the tea which creates a wonderful shine.
  2. Prevent damage and dirt to the recently cleaned floor, put doormats outside and inside exterior doors and cut down on moisture & dirt tracked in.
  1. Try to prevent scratches by utilizing floor protectors beneath the furniture & putting down carpets on high-traffic positions.

 Key steps:


void the wooden floor using a soft brush extension. Routine maintenance keeps the floor looking nice on a daily basis. Then you have to provide them with a comprehensive wash like thrice a year.


Don’t saturate the wooden floor with water. It should be utilized sparingly with the finished wooden floor & totally avoided while cleaning the unfinished wooden floor.

Let’s Sum up

The proper cleaning to your wooden floor increases its longevity and as well as it is so hygienic for your health. So, try to follow the tips and clean your wooden floor and follow the steps, those are mentioned in this article. 

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