The Pros and Cons of Clarendon Homes

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The Pros and Cons of Clarendon Homes

If you are searching the real estate market for good builders, you may have come across Clarendon Homes. They are among the top builders in Australia and have a long history of professional experience. Started in 1978 by Peter Campbell, Clarendon Homes has the single mission of delivering good homes.

But how good are their homes and businesses?

We will try to answer this question today in our post on the pros and cons of Clarendon Homes.

The Pros and Cons of Clarendon Homes

Here are the key pros and cons of Clarendon Homes we think are worth knowing before you opt for one of their products.


  • Family-Owned and Well-Experienced

As mentioned, Peter Campbell has owned Clarendon Homes since its inception in 1978. It is a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in building Australian homes. However, it is important to note that Mr Campbell sold Clarendon Homes back in 2004, only to buy it back in 2012.

While this may seem odd, it shows the owner’s and his family’s resilience, passion, and commitment to building good homes for their customers.

  • Plenty of Display Homes

Clarendon Homes offers plenty of display homes to experience across NSW and QLD in places including Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Hunter, Capestone, Newport, Rochedale, and more. You can visit any of their display homes or centres to look through the type of homes they build.

Moreover, you may not even have to leave your room to experience their display homes because they also offer virtual tours on their website.

  • Wide Range of Homes

Clarendon Homes offers a wide range of building plans that are suitable for most families, large and small. With over 110 home designs for you to choose from, you will likely find quite a few that suit your home needs and style.

  • High-Ranked Builder

Being a top builder in Australia, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Clarendon Homes is highly ranked by reviewers everywhere and their ratings are equally high. Our research showed that even their customer reviews are commendable, and homeowners are typically happy with the results.


  • Confusing Inclusions

Inclusions are the things included in your plans like appliances, interior elements, an alfresco, porch, or other such things. There are a few options available. However, it can often be confusing what exactly you are getting as part of the inclusions you choose.

  • Many Exclusions

While the Clarendon display homes are quite nice and fully furnished, they are misleading about what you get for the home you buy. Most display homes exclude many things, but these homes have a longer list of excluded things than most.

Upon further inquiry, you will find that things like the curtains, driveway, flooring, air-conditioning, and landscaping are not included in the base price, among many other things.

  • Long Built Time

A typical Clarendon Home will take up to 12 months for completion.

  • Slightly Confusing Contract Process

The main reason why their contract process is confusing has to do with their inclusions. They are complex and unclear about inclusions in the contract and about what you get for your money.


Overall, like most builders, Clarendon Homes has their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preference and whether or not you like their designs and build.

However, we highly recommend that you do your research, visit a few of their display homes, and speak to one of their agents before opting for their homes or plans. You can read more about Clarendon Homes here if you want a more detailed review.

Sophie Turner
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