Things You Must Know Regarding Steam Irons

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Ironing is considered a mundane task, usually not favored by many, but the right iron can make your experience smooth and a lot easier. There is a commonly held belief that all steam irons are alike when it comes to their functioning and specifications, but this supposition is very much mistaken. So, instead of visiting a store and buying the first one you lay your eyes on, you should better do some research on knowing the differences between their intended functionalities and get yourself the one that suits your purpose. 

Steam iron does not only have steam thrust that helps you in the ironing process, rather there is more to it. And this is what you need to know, to say the least, about steam irons before getting yourself one. Just don’t get deceived by any local brandless iron and if you must, then consider researching Rowenta steam irons – these are the most trending and also quite trustworthy as well, if you ask for our recommendation.  

Types of Steam Irons

As for the type of steam irons, there are conventional ones, cordless models, and steam generators available in the market. With each type of steam irons, comes different pros and cons as well. Apart from the types mentioned, there are other kinds available as well, but those are preferred by people who do not prefer the conventional style of ironing using an ironing board.  These types include vertical steam irons and garment steamers. 

Types of Steam Irons

Conventional Steam Irons

Pros: When it comes to affordability, conventional steam irons will be your go-to products and the cherry on the top will be that they are generally very easy to use, carry and store as well. So, all the more reason to buy them, if you are a travel freak. All you need is an ironing board and you shall be good to perform your ironing duties.  

Cons: Although steam irons do produce both heat and steam yet they are not as much as that of a steam generator. This means that it will take more time to iron your garments by a normal steam iron than using a steam generator. Apart from that, when the water tank is filled to the fill, it may leak as well. So, we advise to fill the tank 80%. 

Steam Generators

Pros: Steam generators generate most heat than any other iron available in the market They quite easily straighten out the creases and smoothens out the wrinkles using the power of its great steam emanation. Plus, the water tank is large enough to not require recurring refills. 

Cons: They might be a little expensive financially and a bit massive and difficult to carry physically. So, if you are not a professional ironer, then this machine would definitely hinder your movement around the ironing board. Moreover, since they keep generating heavy steam, so their noise, at times, is hard to bear. Our piece of advice would be to look for a sturdy ironing board, if you plan on buying this heavy generator.

Steam Generators

Cordless Irons

Pros: Irons belonging to this kind do not take as long as a normal steam iron to press garments. Apart from that, these irons do not have a power cord attached, which makes it all the easier to move around the board without any hassle. Since they have no cord attached, they are quite lightweight as well and are usually preferred during traveling. 

Also, these irons are very safe to use due to its cordless feature. For more precautions you can check the complete advices about ironing safety on

Cons: Though they do smoothen out the wrinkles in no time yet their heat diminishes during the use as well. This type does not have a variety of models available to choose from. As for their batteries, they are not replaceable, so just use them with care as they last. 

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Cordless Irons


The specifications that were once available in the costly of all steam irons are now present at the cheapest of all rates. But if you are interested in getting yourself some expensive irons, then a garment steamer or a vertical steam machine may be your best pick. However, cordless and conventional steam irons are not costly, and you can easily afford ones with quite decent features.   

Different Features

It is quite important to understand here that no two steam irons are the same. They are made for different functions, with different designs made for different purposes. Some might be specialized in conserving energy while others at ironing specific type of clothes or ironing for hours at a stretch. They may differ in specifications including auto off, anti-dripping, anti calc, steam burst options etc. Some include indicating lights on them, some have clearly marked settings on their body while others are too complicated with settings options to handle. Our advice here would be to go through the instructions manual after buying an iron and use each in accordance with its in

You need to determine various features across a variety of steam irons and see which one best fits your usage. This is the reason why most reviewing experts recommend to compare the features of top steam irons in your budget and go for the best one available. You can also look for ironing guides to know as to iron different kinds of fabrics. 

Look for all the options that are available before you make a purchase. And before proceeding, follow the checklist of points which we have provided to ensure that you get yourself the best steam iron – one that is worth your money and your effort.

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