Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (s5003d)

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The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (s5003d) is one of the best upright floor steamers that offers a good mix of power steam blasting functions and flexible cleaning pads. Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System comes with a stunning design from one of the most popular manufacturers.

It is a fast way to clean all of your sealed hard floors without smells from harsh chemicals. It has a two-sided cleaning pad that efficiently absorbent and reusable. With the help of Touch-Free Technology, you can clean your floors in the highest setting.

Continue reading to discover Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System is the right steam mop for you.

  • The 1,200-Watt the boiler produces interruption steam for cleaning
  • The lightweight body build so you can quickly move
  • 200˚F steam temperatures eliminate almost 99% of germ
  • Blasts steam directly work well onto heavily stained areas
  • Three levels of control the system allows you to adjust the amount of flow
  • You can easily detach cleaning pad or attached with a press of a button
  • Washable dirt grip the pad can dry your floors in a few seconds
  • The 22-foot power cord allows you to reach most of the areas

You can clean your floor without the use of detergents. It effectively uses heated vapors to dissolve and dislodge stuff. After that dual-sided Dirt Grip pads absorbed and caught up all the debris. Since it does not use toxic chemicals, so you get rooms that are left smelling fresher. Rightly so, most of the parents consider Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (s5003d) is child-friendly.

You can use it to clean up all the hard floors such as tile, slate, marble, and vinyl or wood-laminate Rugs as these floors type tend to dry in a matter of seconds. It can produce satisfactory results in some other places like bath, kitchen cabinets, appliance exteriors, and shower stalls.

You know that excessive steam can lead to excess moisture infiltrate into the narrowest cracks and joints. Sealed hardwood floors can be steamed without issue. Also, you should avoid commercial carpet as it deposits much more moisture. You can see the best results on hard floors as microfiber dry mops are safest on wooden and laminate flooring.

A Proper Steamer:

You can call Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System s5003d is a pepper steamer on the market. The lightweight, slim plastic body makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and fixtures.

Another feature is that you can fold up the mop head to stored almost anywhere. Its 22-foot power cord has sufficient to reach most of the space in your room. So you are free to stop and re-plug the unit continually. Isn’t it great?

The special touch-free operation lets you handle easily and avoid grappling with a dirty cleaning pad. You can successfully control the released steam, adjusting the flow and location.

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System allows you to sweep across flat surfaces as with a conventional wet mop. The operation is tranquil that no one is disturbed while this model is working at full power.

Just push its release the button you can remove the pad, then the head will unfold and immediately any the dirty cloth will readily fall off.

You can apply the steam to bath tile walls. Though there is no steam on/off switch but has a button to control the flow. A pair of 13 x 7-inch ‘Dirt Grip’ cleaning pads successfully mounted on a swivel and flipped to expose the other cleaning surface. The water reservoir is not detachable, but you can quickly empty it by the single push.

Performance with Convenience:

Shark Genius s5003d can boil the full water tank less than 30 seconds. The hot vapor eliminating almost 99% of all harmful germs.

The forceful hot mist performs well and leaving the treated surface dry in a few seconds. It deals with dirt and oily films, along with a bit of hand brushing. If you get stronger blasts by a swivel, the mop heads to the rear, directly exposing the ‘blast” channel.

The flipped pads with blasts of vapor are works well on grout lines surrounding tiles. The technique is not recommended on unsealed wooden floorboards and fixtures.

Each fabric pad cleans well at catching dust, hairs, and so on. The compatible replacements are available at most hardware stores and online. So don’t worry.

Shark genius steam pocket mop system reviews (s5003d):

With the help of a shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d), you cab done all your floor cleaning task pretty quick, in an efficient way without the smell of chemicals or residues of cleaning solution. After properly use a shark genius steam pocket mop system, you will get your floors sparkling clean. It comes with a double-sided cleaning pad that has a highly absorbent ability and reusable facility. It has a Touch-Free integrated technology, so you do not need to touch the pad to clean when it’s dirty.

Also, this shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d) comes with an easy control panel so that you can use it according to the surface you mop and severity of dirt build-up clean up; You can smoothly clean all type of floor on the highest setting. When the extra mess on your floor, you can spray a quick burst of steam to loosen stuck-on grease and grime. The lightweight design of the shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d) has a steam mop with electrical cable, that effectively reducing the number of times you have to switch the electrical outlet. Also, a reasonably large water tank is easy to refill, and you do not need to remove it only to add water.

Dirt Grip Pads:

The shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d) comes with two Dirt Grip pads. These pads are designed to absorb fluid and trap dirt successfully. Also, these dual-sided cleaning pads are reusable; and so you can throw one in the washing machine while you use the other one. This feature maximizes the performance and allows you to use the time in your busy schedule properly for housework. The pads’ interlocking design, not only clean your dirty floors but also produce hygienic environments and increase confidence.

Clean Floors and Clean Hands:

The shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d) is designed with the facility to attach and remove the Dirt Grip pad without using your hands. In order to secure the pad clean, just put in on the floor with the bags face in an upward direction. After that just press the release button and slide the tabs into the bag, that’s it.

Removing the Dirt Grip pad is even easier than attaching. In this case, just hold the mop on top of the dirty clothes basket and press the release button pad.

Three Steam Outputs:

Shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d) can be an ultimate cleaning solution and an efficient approach to cleaning the floor. That’s why it comes with three steam settings so that you can customize accordingly to your requirements. Additionally, the electronic control panel makes cleaning tasks easier; you can just press the steam button once for low, twice for medium or three times for high. You know that the low output is ideal for smooth floors and light cleaning.

Medium and high functionality produce enough power to remove spots and clean wood and marble effectively. You can use it for clean in high-traffic areas and sanitizes floors. When the blue light stops flashing, the steam mop is ready for use. Typically, it takes no more than 1 minute to reach operating temperature and 3 minutes to get to the sanitation temperature.

Extra Steam:

When you need an extra blast of steam; the high-output steam setting is powerful and smoothly removes stubborn dirt. Steam Blaster function gives you what you need to loosen dirt from the corners, crevices and tile grout.

Cleaning Capacity:

The shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d) offers a 12-ounce water tank. So, there is no extra hassle to frequently steps to remove the water tank; instant yon can pour water directly into the reservoir. Additionally, it comes with a 22-foot power cable, which you can so you get an extra-wide radius cleaning.


  • 11.8-ounce water capacity
  • It has a 3-level electronic steam control
  • 22 ft. long power cord
  • Washable dirt-grip pads
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • It disinfects of 99.9% of germs
  • Flippable head for easier steam release
  • Steam Blaster Technology
  • Touch-Free Technology 


  • Poor maneuverability
  • The water tank is not detachable
  • Quite pricey

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Why choose a steam mop?

If you are afraid to mop, you need a reliable steam mop system that can do most of the work with little effort from you. If you do not want to invest much money in it, then the steam mop is the best option.
You know that mop and bucket is the old system that is still the cheapest way to cleaning the floors, but the steam mop is not a significant expense. When you consider that you do not need to buy extra cleaning solution and most importantly you can save a lot of time, meanwhile, you will realize why steam mop is a good investment.

How to operate the shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d):
There are some advantages and disadvantages to operation this shark genius steam pocket mop system (s5003d). Here’s a guide of the basic operations. Follow the user manual for more detailed instructions and illustrations.

Setup –

When you want to use for the first time, just snap the top of the handle, and after that to the mop head.

Fill the tank –

Open up the mop water tank. Fill a measuring cup that came with distilled water until it reaches the fill line. When you pour the water into the tank, you should be careful because of extra water can do damage to the machine.

Attach the cleaning pad –

Lay a clean pad flat on the floor. Insert the edge of the mop head into the slot on the pad, lift the unit off the ground and fold the top of the head.

Start it up –

Plug the machine with the current AC current to turn it on.

Choose your cleaning level –

Simply press the power button one, two or three times for the various levels of steam. You will see lights to indicate what level you choose.

Start mopping –

It will take around 30 seconds to fully heat up and the steam will reach about 212 degrees F. After that, it will automatically begin to move through the cleaning pad. If you want to use Spray Blaster to target stubborn stains, flip the mop head, and aimed jets of steam in the dirt, then flip it back over, and mop heads it away.

Shutting down –

After finishing your cleaning tasks, simply unplug the machine to turn it off. Remove the pad from the handle. You can remove it right into the basket, and it’s ready to wash. Empty the remaining water from the tank over a sink or bathtub, and store the machine at your suitable place.

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Final words:

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System s5003d has excellent features. It can adequately cover large areas of hardwood surface with the medium setting. It comes one of the popular cleaning brands in the world, Shark. During cleaning performance, it produces reliable results, removing almost all debris on all tests. Also, it sanitizes your floors successfully. It takes a few seconds after plugging to start steaming. The mop dries the floors immediately. You can feel clean under your bare feet without bear down on the levels to deep clean spots. If you want to clean large areas of wood flooring; in that case, it would become handy.

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