10 Best Refrigerator Under 500 (Full Size Fridge 2022)

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It is almost impossible to find an ideal large-size refrigerator below $500 price. But after 2 weeks of analyzing, I have picked the ten best Refrigerators under 500.

How much Cubic Feet storage capacity and which features do you want under your budget? Would you like a Refrigerator with 10 Cubic Feet storage capacity, Energy Saving certificate, with auto defrost feature, under $500 price?

Here you are going to get the top 10 picked models under your budget. 

Keeping the budget limitation in mind, I’ve tried to suggest top models according to the best features. Also, I’ve shared an excellent buying guideline that will help you get the perfect Refrigerator for your family, office, dorm, or personal uses.

What Is The Best Refrigerator Under 500?

Which top 10 models I’ve picked for you? Check it out here at a glance before jumping on the review section. Also, it will help you to make the right decision within a short time.

1. Best For Large Family: 10 Cu Ft Galanz best Top Freezer Refrigerator For Home & Kitchen.

(A large-size standard refrigerator that comes with Energy Saving, Auto Defrost, feature.)

2. Best For Deforesting: TECCPO Best Semi-Deforesting Compact Refrigerator.

(4.5 Cu. Ft capacity quiet auto defrost small Refrigerator, also it is too lower electric cost model.)

3. Best For Travelling: DOMETIC AC/DC Best Portable Camping Fridge.

(The best portable Freezer or fridge for traveling, and it can run by solar or 12v DC battery power.)

4. Best Small Refrigerator: Northair Best Small Ideal Refrigerator With Large Freezer.

(4.5 Cu. Ft capacity ideal small Refrigerator, that has a large freezer section. )

5. Best For Reversible Door: Midea Top Selling Best Popular Mini Refrigerator Under a Lower Price.

(3.1 Cu. Ft space a popular model that comes from a top reputed brand.)

6. Best For Beverage: Antarctic Star Best Beverage refrigerators Relatively Most Lower Price.

(145 Cans capacity best glass door beverage fridge that comes with multiple features.)

7. Best For Energy Saving: MOOSOO 7.3 Storage Capacity Best Home Refrigerator.

(7.3 capacity CSA certified large Refrigerator under your budget. That enough for any large family.)

8. Best Cooler: 3.3 Cu Ft best hOmeLabs Best Little Tiny Freezer Fridge Under Lower Price.

(3.3 Cu Ft an ideal fridge without considering freezer space. It is manufactured from the popular hOmeLabs brand.)

9. Best Upright Freezer: 6.5 Cu Ft Frigidaire Dedicated Freezer Under Too Lower Price.

(A large space best dedicated upright freezer for a large family or business purpose uses.)

10. Best Cheap Refrigerator: TACKLIFE Best Portable Mini Fridge For Single Uses.

(A unique popular tiny refrigerator with a freezer, a Beverage storage door, and two shelves fridge section. Its price is around $100.)

10 Best Refrigerator Reviews Which Are Under $500 Price

Here you are going to get an in-depth review of the ten you have checked out above. I’ve described every Refrigerator’s features, advantages, and disadvantages frankly and straightforward. So you can keep confidence in my guideline.

1. Best For Large Family: 10 Cu Ft Galanz best Top Freezer Refrigerator For Home & Kitchen.

10 Cu Ft Galanz best Top Freezer Refrigerator For Home & Kitchen.

Our breakfast, dinner, lunch, or snack is dependent on a refrigerator. So, according to Good housekeeping, an ideal refrigerator is like the Sun of a family. But getting an ideal large-size fridge under $500 is almost impossible. So after many hours of searching, I got the best full-size Refrigerator under 500 dollar price for you.

10 Cubic Feet internal storage capacity Galanz GLR10TS5F is the best for a large family. Also, Galanz offers 12 Cu Ft if you increase your budget a little bit.

The Refrigerator has a 2.42 Cu Ft freezer section and a 7.42 fridge section. The two shelves and a door space 2.42 cu ft freezer section are perfect for storing a whole month’s frozen food. And the four shelves and door storage with a crisper drawer 7.42 cu ft storage fridge section is enough for a whole month’s vegetable, fruit, drink, or daily snack.

A refrigerator is one of the most expensive electric consumes appliances in a household. A typical full-size fridge takes $150 yearly energy cost in a year. So focusing on energy cost another important matter. 

The Galanz has achieved energy start certified from the US government. That means it consumes the highest $39 electric energy cost. So it is too affordable for use in a large family.

A lower noise compressor and auto deforesting feature will also give you an excellent experience for long-last using.

Top Features

  • Total Capacity: 10 Cubic Feet.
  • Freezer: 2.42 Cubic Feet.
  • Defrost Type: Automatic.
  • Energy Saving: Yes.
  • Door Type: left to right.


  • Large storage capacity for many items. 
  • Highest $39 yearly electric cost.
  • Excellent design and high-capacity top Freezer.
  • Quiet and powerful compressor.
  • Dual Door with additional storage.


  • There’s no fan cooling the compressor on the back.
  • Doesn’t have a door handle.

2. Best For Deforesting: TECCPO Best Semi-Defrosting Compact Refrigerator.

TECCPO Best Semi-Defrosting Compact Refrigerator.

Normally a small fridge doesn’t come with defrosting feature. But defrosting is a too useful feature for easy releasing frozen food. Also, it will save your maintaining time.

The TECCPO Small Refrigerator has come with one click defrosting feature. The 4.5 Cu. Ft capacity fridge is best for a lower budget and under a low price.

The fridge section has 4 shelves and a vegetable drawer that perfect for storing a lot of vegetables and fruits. And one door storage has been designed for storing 25-30 Cans.

The best compact Refrigerator has perfect any portable space in your home, dorm, or office. The fridge has come with two moving wheels that will easily allow you to move anywhere with less effort. Also, the adjustable twist bottom leg is perfect for keeping a stand in any uneven places.

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The fridge has an energy start feature that will consume only $27 yearly energy cost. And the 35 dB super silent noise is perfect for keeping in your bedroom too. Considering the overall feature and price is cool. 

The problem is that the fridge has come with only 0.49 Cu Ft storage capacity. It isn’t enough for a large family. But without considering freezer space, it’s the coolest one for you.

Top Features:

  • Total Capacity: 4.5 Cubic Feet.
  • Freezer: 0.49 Cubic Feet.
  • Defrost Type: Semi-Automatic.
  • Energy Saving: Yes.
  • Door Type: Reversible.


  • Highest $27 yearly electric cost.
  • Two bottom wheels for easily moving anywhere.
  • Comes with an easily removable door seal.
  • Adjustable legs for a freestanding place.
  • Unlimited support with two years warranty.


  • Freezer space too small that can hold only 14 liters of frozen food.

3. Best For Travelling: DOMETIC AC/DC Best Portable Camping Fridge.

DOMETIC AC/DC Best Portable Camping Fridge.

Do you like traveling? During travel time, a refrigerator can give you a great experience. So would you want to add a fridge or Freezer with your trip?

After research on all portable fridges, I got that the DOMETIC CC32-ACDC is best for traveling.

The DOMETIC can be ideal as a fridge or Freezer for its temperature setting. By changing the temperature setting with an easy touch button, you can convert it from fridge to Freezer. 

It can reach the highest -16.11°C temperature to hold high frozen food. Or you can keep as 10°C modes for cooling drinks, and it will save energy. Also, you can keep it within -16 °C to 10°C at any temperature point, as you need. 

The best portable Refrigerator has featured AC/DC power. So while you are on a long trip, a normal 12v DC battery, solar power, a portable Generator, or your Car is its power source.

Also, if you focus on weight, the fridge weight is only 25 lbs that perfect for traveling. So if you target a portable freezer or fridge for camping, the DOMETIC CC32-ACDC is recommended for you.

Top Features:

  • Total Capacity: 39 cans or 31 Liters.
  • Freezer: Fridge/Freezer Both.
  • Defrost Type: Manual.
  • Power: AC and 12v DC.
  • Door Type: Push Up.


  • A best portable model for traveling or camping. 
  • Comes with two handles for easy carry.
  • It can run with AC or DC, both powered.
  • Easy controlling the digital display.
  • It is an ideal fridge or Freezer both.


  • Space is a little lower comparing the price.

4. Best Small Refrigerator: Northair Best Small Ideal Refrigerator With Large Freezer.

Northair Best Small Ideal Refrigerator With Large Freezer.

If your family is small or in a dormitory and office, a 4.5 Cu Ft storage capacity refrigerator can be enough. Cause in a single-family, office or dorm has not much space. So the Northair best small fridge with Freezer is the perfect solution for you. Comparing to other compact models, this Refrigerator’s freezer section is too larger. 

The freezer section is 1.35 Cu Ft with a door space, which is enough for storing much-frozen food. Normally a small fridge has a single door, and the freezer section has an inner part. So to get out frozen food, need to open the whole Refrigerator, which causes to loss of extra energy.  

But the good news is, its freezer door section is separate. 

The high efficient 3.16 Cu Ft fridge section can reach near 0 C temperature that ensures keeping fresh your fruit, vegetable, or drinks. Also, the max -18°C power freezer section gives the guarantee for holding high frozen food month after month.

The highly efficient energy star-certified silent compressor assures using it year after year without any hassle. Plus, most portable Refrigerator doesn’t come with interior lighting. However, it isn’t the most important feature but so useful. So it comes with an excellent interior light that will help find out food at night.

Considering overall, the Northair is an excellent pick under budget, and the problem is it a manual deforest Refrigerator. So you need to deforesting it manually every 2-3 months later.

Top Features:

  • Total Capacity: 4.5 Cu Ft.
  • Freezer: 1.35 Cubic Feet.
  • Defrost Type: Manual.
  • Door Type: Not Reversible.


  • 7 adjustable temperature controlling setting. 
  • Interior Lighting. 
  • Thirty days risk-free return guarantee.
  • Powerful energy-saving quiet compressor.
  • Has a large freezer comparing to a small model.


  • Manual Deforest

5. Best For Reversible Door: Midea Top Selling Best Popular Mini Refrigerator Under a Lower Price. 

Midea Top Selling Best Popular Mini Refrigerator Under a Lower Price.

Midea is a popular household appliance brand since 1968. So, peoples trust the Media brand with their eyes closed. And Midea is my first choice brand for the best mini-fridge. So after a lot of research on all Midea’s models, I got 3.1 Cu Ft capacity WHD-113FSS1 is the best compact mini-fridge.

This compact mini fridge price is under $200 that is a budget-friendly and energy-efficient one for you. Also, it comes with a freezer, so you can call it the best mini Refrigerator.

The freezer section is almost 1 Cubic Foot, or it can hold 25-28 liters of frozen foods, that enough for a small family. Or for storing a whole week’s non-vegetarian foods for a large family.

Also, the 3 shelves with a vegetable drawer Fridge section come with an inner light and seven adjusting temperature points, which will allow you to control custom temperature. And the freezer and fridge both section has additional door space too for holding extra foods or drinks.

An excellent coolest of Midea is the reversible door. Many guys want a reversible door feature with their Refrigerator. So if you like this feature, it’s an excellent perfect model for you.

Although it isn’t an automatic defrost refrigerator for the semi-deforests opportunity, you don’t need too much caring for it. Also, the leg has an adjusting feature; it can be standing even in an uneven place.

Top Features:

  • Total Capacity: 3.1 Cu Ft.
  • Freezer: 0.9 Cu Ft.
  • Defrost Type: Partial-Automatic.
  • Energy Saving: Yes.
  • Door Type: Reversible.


  • A top-rated mini-refrigerator that comes from the best brand.
  • Excellent design and durable metal body.
  • Two Separate reversible doors.
  • 12 Month support from the manufacturer.


  • Doesn’t have any door handles.

6. Best For Beverage: Antarctic Star Best Beverage refrigerators Relatively Most Lower Price.

Antarctic Star Best Beverage or wine refrigerators Relatively Most Lower Price.

Are you planning to store drinks in the Refrigerator? A dedicated beverage fridge is best for you. A dedicated beverage refrigerator can store many Cans, Soda comparing to a regular one.

So after much research on all beverage fridges here, I got the best price and high efficient model for you. 

4.5 Cu.ft interior space 12oz or 145 Cans capacity Antarctic Star is the best model under the price. Comparing the price and quality, this model is a unique one than others. The fridge comes with a high-power compressor that is super quiet and can reach 0ºC temperature within a short time.

It has featured with touch LED display; there has an easy touch temperature up-down, light, and lock button that’s easy to operate with one touch. So maintenance is too easy than others.

If you look at its body, construction is made of a stainless steel frame. So it too durability for randomly using. A strong and clear double glass has been used in the door frame. So you can excellently display your drinks in the fridge.

Also, the blue color interior light will look more colorfully. So, the fridge has been recommended for use for Bar or Shop from me. 

Top Features:

  • Total Capacity: 4.5 Cu Ft or 145 Cans.
  • Freezer: No freezer.
  • Defrost Type: Doesn’t needs.
  • Door Type: Not Reversible, with lock.


  • The best deal for Beverage, Drink, Fridge. 
  • Excellent looking with colorful interior LED. 
  • The door is made of durable thick clear glass. 
  • Easy touch temperature controlling, lock-unlock, Lighting touch button.


  • Shelves are made of wire which becomes slightly curved under high pressure.

7. Best For Energy Saving: MOOSOO 7.3 Storage Capacity Best Home Refrigerator.

MOOSOO 7.3 Storage Capacity Best Home Refrigerator.

You will find a top-quality medium standard size refrigerator under $500 price. But all medium size refrigerator doesn’t come with energy efficiency feature. So it uses too expensive too considering energy cost.

So a high-energy saver refrigerator can be perfect if you considering the electric cost. CSA certificated, 7.3 Cu ft capacity, the MOOSOO is perfect as the best high energy-efficient Refrigerator. The large-size Refrigerator only spent 0.94kWh of electric energy per day.

The Freezer section is 1.55 Cu Ft capacity that’s enough for a lot of frozen food. And the 5.75 Cft storage space fridge is much for household use.

Considering overall, the MOOSOO is perfect on all sides. The special recommending features are energy saver, quiet compressor, and large capacity under your budget. So I will recommend it using in your kitchen.

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MOOSOO’s compressor has made advanced technology that can make a high cooling frozen points within a short time. Even in hot weather, its compressor works well and gives high performance. The problem is the freezer door doesn’t come with additional space. And it isn’t an auto defrosting feature, so you have to face the manual foresting problem.

Top Features:

  • Total Capacity: 7.3 Cu Ft.
  • Freezer: 1.55 Cu Ft.
  • Defrost Type: Manual.
  • Energy Saving: Yes.
  • Door Type: Not Reversible.


  • A best large storage space refrigerator.
  • A top energy-saving model as a large size.
  • Comes with many shelves and a crisper drawer.
  • 1.55 Cu Ft enough freezer space for storing much food.
  • Included an ice cube box.


  • Manual Deforesting
  • Does Not have a freezer door section.

8. Best Cooler: 3.3 Cu Ft best hOmeLabs Best Little Tiny Freezer Fridge Under Lower Price.

3.3 Cu Ft best hOmeLabs Best Little Tiny Freezer Fridge Under Lower Price.

hOmeLabs is one of the popular US-based brands for home and kitchen appliances. Also, the brand has gained a reputation for portable fridges. So you can keep considering in hOmeLabs Refrigerator.

After analyzing all hOmeLabs compact refrigerators, I got 3.3 Cubic Ft HME030210N is the best portable fridge. I don’t say that it is an ideal refrigerator, but it is a great fridge. Without considering, the freezer section is going to be an excellent coolest model at a lower price.

The freezer section is around 20 liters, but the large space fridge section can be great for heavy-duty. The fridge section comes with three customizable glass shelves that divided four spaces. These spaces are perfect for storing vegetables, fruit, or snack. The fridge’s door section has featured as storing Cans, or Pickle bottles.

There have featured 3 adjusting mechanical control temperature settings so that you can change the cooling point as needs load. However, its freezer section is tiny but powerful. It can make ice from the liquid within a few hours.

Its outside frame has made of stainless steel that makes it too strong. But metal can consume much heat within a short time, and it releases cold temperature in weather. So, you know it will be an energy-losing system. But the good news is hOmeLabs interior has covered with plastic that prevents consuming cold to metal.

Top Features:

  • Total Capacity: 3.3 Cu Ft.
  • Freezer: Doesn’t have.
  • Defrost Type: Manual.
  • Energy Saving: Yes.
  • Door Type: A Single Not Reversible.


  • The best fridge from a reliable brand. 
  • Glass shelves are easily removable and customizable.
  • The door space is designed for holding beverages or bottles.
  • Included a removable drain that needs due on deforesting time for catching waters.


  • The freezer section is small.
  • It has only a single door.

9. Best Upright Freezer: 6.5 Cu Ft Frigidaire Dedicated Freezer Under Too Lower Price.

Normally a dedicated freezer is too expensive. Cause it has features with a too powerful compressor, to bringing temperature under -0 Celcius. So finding an under lower price, a medium or large-size freezer is impossible.

So guys, if you are looking for the best Freezer under $500, Frigidaire EFRF696-AMZ is a great one for you. Don’t worry about its quality, cause Frigidaire is the top reputed, dedicated worldwide refrigerator brand.

The Freezer has a 6.5 Cu ft storage space. That perfect for storing a lot amount of frozen food for a large family or commercial uses. Its exact price is around $350, so the Freezer is a super deal for pricing, capacity, and brand.

Also, a great feature is its reversible door, cause the maximum Freezer doesn’t have this feature. And its legs are adjustable that easy to setups in any place, like a garage, shop, dorm, or kitchen. A top-quality compressor, high durability construction, ensures for using a long life like 10+ years. Also, the lower price will be a super deal if you want the best Freezer. 

Top Features:

  • Capacity: 6.5 Cu Ft.
  • Fridge Space: Doesn’t have.
  • Defrost Type: Manual.
  • Door Type: Reversible.


  • The best Freezer under the lower price, which comes from a reliable, popular brand. 
  • 6.5 Cu Ft space is enough for a large family or commercial uses. 
  • Included an internal Thermostat that allows monitoring temperature.
  • It has six sections for storing different kinds of frozen food.


  • The interior section doesn’t have an LED light.
  • Manual Deforest.

10. Best Cheap Refrigerator: TACKLIFE Best Portable Mini Fridge For Single Uses.

TACKLIFE Best Portable Mini Fridge For Single Uses.

Are you a single guy or live in a dorm? So looking for a personalized portable refrigerator at a lower price? Or If your condition like this, I will recommend choosing a micro refrigerator that has featured a freezer and fridge.

A mini-refrigerator that price is around $100 and work as a regular refrigerator, would you like it? If you feel a little curious, check out the super quiet TACKLIFE Mini Fridge.

The 1.6 Cu. Ft mini refrigerator has a tiny freezer that can hold a small amount of frozen food, but enough for a personal guy. And two fridge sections can store many fruits, vegetables, or other cold foods. Also, the door has come with additional storage space that can hold Cans, or other beverages.

TACKLIFE is only 28 Lbs weight, so taking with it move anywhere is easily possible. Also it the door is reversible that allows you to set it up on the right or left. Its excellent quiet compressor is an energy star featured that won’t take much energy. And for the quiet sound, you can keep it near your bed.

It has 6 adjusting temperature control settings for maintaining cold. And for the removable shelf, it defrosting is too easy. The good news is it offers two years warranty from the vendor.

Considering the overall price, features, portability, and popularity, it’s an excellent tiny one for you. So don’t forget to check out the details on the product page.

Top Features:

  • Capacity: 1.6 Cu Ft.
  • Freezer Space: 0.6 Cu Ft.
  • Defrost Type: Manual.
  • Energy-saving: Yes.
  • Door Type: Reversible.


  • The best price mini-refrigerator.
  • It takes a little amount of energy.
  • The door space has designed for beverages.
  • Comes with a Tiny freezer, although it is a too little model.
  • A small size that can be easily carried anywhere.


  • It is too tiny a model, which isn’t perfect for a lot of items.

Refrigerator Under 500 Comparison Chart

Best Refrigerator Capacity Freezer Door Type
10 Cu Ft Galanz 10 Cubic Feet 2.42 Cubic Feet left to right
TECCPO Compact Refrigerator 4.5 Cubic Feet 0.49 Cubic Feet Reversible
DOMETIC AC/DC Camping Fridge 39 cans or 31 Liters Fridge/Freezer Both Push Up
Northair Ideal Refrigerator Freezer 4.5 Cu Ft 1.35 Cubic Feet. Not Reversible
Midea Mini Refrigerator 3.1 Cu Ft 0.9 Cu Ft Reversible
Antarctic Star Beverage refrigerator 4.5 Cu Ft or 145 Cans No freezer Not Reversible, with lock.
MOOSOO 7.3 Storage Capacity 7.3 Cu Ft 1.55 Cu Ft Not Reversible
3.3 Cu Ft best hOmeLabs 3.3 Cu Ft Doesn’t have A Single Not Reversible
6.5 Cu Ft Frigidaire Dedicated Freezer 6.5 Cu Ft Reversible
TACKLIFE Best Portable Mini Fridge 1.6 Cu Ft 0.6 Cu Ft Reversible

Which refrigerator brand is most reliable?

A refrigerator isn’t an inexpensive item; it will also be a long-term member of your family, office, or business place. So judging a perfect model from an excellent brand is important for you.

There are many types of brands that are offering high-performance and long-life refrigerators. But every type of fridge isn’t perfect for a specific brand. For example: if you are looking for an expensive smart, counter depth, or french door refrigerator, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, or GE is the right brand.

These brands’ remarkable features are large size (Like 20 Cu Ft), smart controlling, Digital Display, auto defrosting with many advanced features. 

For a mid-range capacity ideal refrigerator that price is around $1000, Samsung, Frigidaire, GE, or Maytag are the right brands.

But, I know your target is a small or mid-range model that price is under $500. So I’ve selected here right brands for you. Galanz, Midea, hOmeLabs, are the most popular and best-selling brands for this price range.

What should I look for when buying a fridge?

The brand isn’t the only one judgment before choosing the best fridge or Refrigerator. Here I’ve details describe which are an important consideration before buying a mid-range refrigerator. 

This guide will help you choose the perfect model and know how I’ve chosen these for you. So after reading this part, your confidence will increase in the reviews.


Refrigerator capacity is first considerable matter, as your demand. Cause a tiny space can store much food for a large family. But finding high storage capacity under your budget with good quality almost impossible. 

But after a lot of search and analysis, I got the two best large-size refrigerators for you. My first pick Galanz is the highest capacity one. If you research the market, you won’t find 10 Cu Ft space under $500. Probably you can get, but you can’t ensure their quality.

7.3 Cu ft space MOOSOO is also great for storage space.

Freezer Space: 

Most small refrigerators have less storage space for freezers that can hold much-frozen food. Frozen food like Fish, Meat, or Ice-Cream needs below -0 degrees celsius temperature. That can’t make a normal cooling section.

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So if you are planning to store many frozen foods, focus on the freezer space. Or my 9 number pick 6.5 Cu Ft Frigidaire is a dedicated freezer under a lower price.


Deforest such as a feature that does not allow ice to accumulate on the food. Also, you don’t need to cleaning frequently. 

Most of the lower price or small Refrigerator doesn’t come with an auto deforesting feature. So I can’t ensure the auto deforest feature for you. But I focused on the semi-defrost features, which can be easily defrosted by press the button.

Energy Start: 

You know that Energy Star is how important feature for saving a huge amount of electric cost. Also, Energy Star featured appliances are certified by the US government. So, it most reliable feature for efficiently uses long-term.

Before picking each model, I’ve focused on this feature. Also, my 7 number pick the MOOSOO is a dedicated energy-saving refrigerator.


If you compare a refrigerator with the human body, the compressor is like the heart. A powerful Compressor can make enough cold within a short time. 

Also, an ideal Compressor is quiet and doesn’t take much energy.

But judging its quality is too tough, so I’ve depended on it on the top brand and old users.


If you are a single person living in a little space or need to move it frequently, considering portability is important for you. My 10 number pick TACKLIFE is the best tiny Refrigerator at a too lower price. Also, DOMETIC CC32-ACDC is picked for you as the best travel refrigerator.

How to right-way defrost a refrigerator?

How to right-way defrost a refrigerator?

Already I have said before, as your budget, these models are not auto defrost. So you need to defrost it each 4-5 months later manually. If you don’t do it, there will be a lot of pressure on the compressor, and the interior will be blocked by ice accumulating. 

For right maintaining your favorite Refrigerator this tutorial is a must needed for you. Here I’ve shared the correct guideline by a few steps for manual deforesting.

Step 1: Collect all necessary Goods: Water consuming Towel, Waterproof paper, a Soft Cleaning Cloth, and a Soft Brush.

Step 2:  Remove all foods from your Refrigerator and place them in another refrigerator cause it needs almost 12-24 hours. If you don’t have another refrigerator, take preparation from 1 week ago.

Step 3: Before cleaning, move it, such as where water drip can’t damage your floor. Then keep there it overnight, leaving the door open. And the bottom of the Refrigerator keeps waterproof paper with a water-consuming towel. The waterproof paper will prevent dater dripping on the floor, and the towel absorbs all water.

Step 4: After overnight later clean all stains and remaining dirty with a soft brush. Then wash it with fresh warm water to keep it germ-free. After washing, clean it with a soft cloth and reload it.

FAQs About Refrigerator:

What is the difference between Fridge, Refrigerator, and Freezer?

The temperature causes the difference between the fridge and the Freezer. The freezer temperature is too deep under 32 F, and it can freeze liquid to ice. The fridge temperature is so cold, but it is not deep like a freezer.

And Refrigerator means that it comes with Fridge and Freezer sections both. But a dedicated freezer hasn’t a fridge section. And the Freezer hasn’t a fridge section.

How much space equals a Cubic Feet? 

In a Cu Ft space, you can place 28.3 liters of liquid or the same amount of foods. Or here can be stored 35–40 pound meat.

How long should a refrigerator last?

12 to 20 years is the average lifetime of an ideal refrigerator.

What is the best inexpensive Refrigerator?

The TACKLIFE is my best inexpensive pick.

Which brand are most reliable for a lower price?

Galanz, Midea, hOmeLabs, and Frigidaire are offering lower prices with the best quality.


After a lot of time spent finally I made a complete guide for you. I hope now you have chosen the perfect model for you. 

But are you still confused, want to know straightforward the best Refrigerator under 500 price from my research?

The Galanz GLR10TS5F is an ideal one for you. Cause you won’t find its alternative, under this price range. For its capacity, energy saving ability, auto defrost system, and many coolest features, it is a rare one.

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