LED pot lights for home interiors

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LED pot lights or recessed lights are a popular lighting application indoors. Over the past decade almost every space switched to pot lights for ambient lighting. These fixtures have inarguably changed the trajectory of interior lighting. It is now a matter of personal style and it helps in depicting it quite well. 

What are pot lights? 

A pot light fixture is a tiny fixture where the pot is actually the housing which holds the electrical components in place. The housing basically sits inside the ceiling while the light shines downwards from the ceiling surface. These lights are also called downlights for this very reason. An average pot light housing can carry a bulb, its wiring and the trim. These housings are available in different configurations which allow easy installation of recessed lights in different places around the house. 

The different types of housings are for different ceiling designs, which are IC rated and NON IC rated. This has to be the basic configurations as these lights require clearance above the ceiling to function properly. 

  • New construction housing 

These housings are specifically for newly built ceilings and already have the clearance, joists present above the ceiling for easy installation. 

  • Remodel housing 

Remodel housing is for older ceiling designs where the joists are not exposed and it requires a little effort to locate the joists. 

  • Airtight housing 

Air tight housing is essential for spaces which are either too hot or too cold. The housing creates insulation between the fixture and ceiling to retain the integrity and maximum function of the fixture. 

  • Sloped ceiling housing 

Sloped ceiling housing is for older ceiling designs or modern architecture with low ceiling areas where every other fixture fails to comply with proper lighting requirements. In such places recessed lighting plays a key role by creating more lighting and taking up very little space. 

Recessed lighting in home interiors are an excellent choice as they can fit anywhere around the house and create the most ambient lighting setup with minimal efforts. 

In kitchens: 

Kitchens are largely task oriented spaces which also play an important role in depicting personal taste. Pot lights serve as an excellent independent fixture as well as an addition to existing layout. These lights have trims which direct the amount of light coming out of the fixture. 

For task spaces like the kitchen, extra overhead lighting serves as an important light layer. They focus on the detail and project maximum light over the task area like the kitchen counter. While for general lighting a switch of trim or a pendant light fixture is almost enough. It delivers the basic requirement of light layers for adequate brightness. 

In lounge:

Recessed lighting plays a key role in lounges or living rooms, where most of the time of an individual is spent with family. Here the lighting must be warm and ambient to create an atmosphere of ease and comfort.  These lights can switch up the entire scene with minimal efforts as they have interchangeable CCT which allows variation in colour temperature and produces glowy light which is easy on the eyes. 

There are several other elements in living rooms which require extra lighting for dramatic effect so for that reason these lights have different trim designs which are excellent for accenting or wall washing. This allows room for creativity and enhances the overall look of the room by creating more space and the area appears less cluttered. 

In bedrooms: 

The lighting in the bedroom needs specific detail as it is a resting space and bright light might just not create a very pleasant effect. To create a rather soft and decluttered space it is essential to plan a layout and choose recessed lighting with certain trim designs which not just produce general lighting but also highlight basic details of the room. 

Benefits of LED pot lights

There are undoubtedly several benefits when it comes to recess lighting and why it is a popular mode of lighting almost everywhere in the world. To begin, check this pot light installation guide here

Few of the reasons are: 

  1. More overhead space

LED pot lights are possibly the only fixtures which sit inside the ceiling and create bright light which shines from the ceiling surface whereas other light fixtures hang low and take up space in the room which is probably not the biggest advantage when it comes to low ceiling areas. For ceiling height around 8 feet or above they are excellent light fixtures which occupy no extra space. 

  1. More lumens 

LED lighting is superior to any other traditional lighting option and creates maximum lighting at the low expense of power. Even smaller wattage produces brighter lights so it reduces the number of  light fixtures to reach the total lumen requirement of a room. 

  1. Experimental lighting 

LED pot lights allow variation when it comes to creating different lighting designs. They can create all three basic layers of lighting i.e general, accent and task lighting which is doable with just a switch of a trim. There are several different trim designs available in different finishes to match any room’s layout. 

  1. Low energy consumption 

LED pot lights produce more lumens at the expense of low energy. With low power consumption they save a ton of electricity and these pot lights can also run on cut down voltage for specific areas which require accent lighting. This is specifically efficient and sustainable as traditional lamps require more energy and produce lesser lumens while also having a very small function life. 

These lights are economic, sustainable and allow room for experimentation for different lighting designs. 

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