Top 6 Kitchen Improvement Ideas – That Could Increase Your Home’s Value

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Kitchen remodeling has always been a nice little trick homeowners use to increase the value of their homes.

So, does that mean you can spend lavish amounts of money on A+ Construction & Remodeling because it will repay itself when you place it on the market?

Sadly, that is no longer true. If anything, a survey by Remodeling magazine’s team of professional real estate practitioners found that the returns on 21 popular remodeling projects have been on a downward spiral since 2018.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of renovations to make, here are the top 6 kitchen enhancements that have improved the value of people’s homes.

1. Paint

As the go-to move to instantly improve a kitchen, a new lick of paint should enhance any kitchen’s look. Repainting the kitchen walls can give it a clean, new look.

A great tip homeowners have used is picking a color that matches the decor of the home. It is not a great look if your kitchen seemed like it was hacked from another house and glued to your home.

The same thought goes for your appliances. You want them to match the kitchen’s color scheme as well.

You may think it’s a little overboard replacing appliances simply because their colors do not match the kitchen’s color scheme or decor, and you would be right. Instead, a clever way of resolving this is repainting them.

Kitchen renovators with old or color-clashing appliances have sent them to local body shops to give them a new coat of paint.

2. Improve the air quality inside the kitchen

Like any other room inside the home, your kitchen needs excellent air quality. If anything, your kitchen needs it more since gas stoves generate air pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

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You may think using electric burners will do the trick of eliminating the fumes, but all they do is reduce the harmful gases produced.

While cooking vents work great in taking out the toxic fumes from cooking, they do nothing for improving the kitchen’s air quality.

Sure, opening a window would help, but it’s not an option when you have extreme weather conditions outside, such as snow, extreme cold, or heavy rainfall.

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In such cases, your best solution is using an AC or HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

An AC system will do a great job at sucking fresh air into your kitchen, exchanging and replacing the stale air, all while regulating temperature and humidity.

This ensures the kitchen gets high quality, moisture free, and temperature-controlled air, free from smoke, dust, heat, airborne bacteria, and unpleasant smells.

3. Refinish the cabinets

With time, kitchen cabinets will have a layer of grime and look dull, yet others may be broken. One way homeowners have tackled this issue is by refinishing the cabinets.

That means renovating the cabinets till they look like new. The same goes for cabinets that have an outdated appearance, requiring you to modernize them. A great refinishing job will give the cabinetry a new lease of life and extend their lifespan.

The process will involve scrubbing and sanding off the surface to remove grime. Next, you would have to strip the surface to remove the paint or finish.

Once that’s done, you will have a clean slate where you can repaint, splatter a different colored paint, or add new details to the wood before painting. Add a flash of style by going for tasteful handles and knobs.

Alternatively, you can go for an entirely different finish. For instance, the recent trend among homeowners is going for doorless cabinets.

Newly done cabinetry should improve a kitchen’s aesthetics and home value.

4. Lighting

Good lighting can change the mood and look of any room, and the kitchen is no different.

Natural light is best, so for most homeowners, adding a window or enlarging an existing window is a great option, or even a skylight can channel natural light into the space.

If letting natural light into the kitchen is not an option, some homeowners have turned to light fixtures. That means choosing the right fixtures to ensure adequate lighting.

Additionally, adding attractive lighting fixtures, such as under-the-counter lights, will improve the mood in the kitchen.

5. Upgrade countertops

It’s no secret that a good countertop can act as a focal point in any kitchen and impact its perceived value.

There’s no shortage of countertop material as homeowners don’t know whether to choose marble, granite, wood, glass, and stainless steel.

The right countertop sits high in the subjective list, but trends suggest a preference for quartz, as it has the durability of stone and costs the same as granite.

6. Redo the floors

As with the cabinets, the kitchen floor will collect grime and dirt over the years. Whether it’s tile or stone, the floor will need some cleaning to regain its original luster.

A good scrubbing that clears the grime can restore kitchens with tile floors that are not badly off. Cleaning and polishing natural stone can achieve the same results.

If the floor is in a terrible state, such as patches and holes, it might need a complete make-over. Homeowners can choose between natural wood, that promises the best returns on investment at 106%, laminate or vinyl flooring that offers the same look at a fraction of the price.

Bottom Line

There are a few ways a homeowner can increase their home’s value, and one of the best is a kitchen renovation. Just be aware that spending cash on kitchen improvements does not always translate to an equal increase in home value. So research, plan and make sure you are doing the right improvements. 

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