Is Your Cordless Impact Driver Socket Ready?

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Most people prefer to purchase a cordless driver, and the reason is they offer great versatility. However, when you have a dedicated impact driver, your project will be a lot effortless and efficient.

You can use the in screwing down plywood, building decks, or anything where you need to put long extensive screws into wood. 

It’s specially made to do screwing in wood or sheet metal screws. The amazing thing is you can also use them in turning bolt if you just add an impact-rated socket. When driving fasteners, they can do it much faster compared to a cordless drill.

Before you purchase your cordless impact driver, it is very important to know some of its basic features. In today’s article, we will take a look into the question – Is your cordless impact driver socket ready?

Cordless Impact Driver:

So, you might have been wondering around what is actually a cordless impact driver. Let us give you a simple introduction:

A cordless impact driver is generally smaller than other types of drivers. They are also pretty lightweight and more powerful compare to those. What we found most amazing about this type is its quick-release mechanism system, which takes just hex-shanked driver bits.

A cordless drill is used for general purposes, but an impact driver is used especially for driving threaded fasteners. The most notable difference is in its operation. An impact driver uses torque with brute force in order to do the driving more effectively than a typical drill.

The bits in the head stays mostly secure because their torque automatically rises with the resistance.

What Makes a Cordless Impact Driver Special?

Here are some key points that make the cordless impact driver stand out of the rest:

  • It doesn’t require a pilot hole to drive screws, and driving screws is pretty effortless.
  • You will feel comfortable using it even when you are working in a congested area as it comes with a compact design.
  • Working with this machine is much safer than other variants, and it reduces the chance of getting a wrist injury
  • You don’t have many risks of spoiling bits

Which One to Take Between Cordless Drill and Cordless Impact Driver:

Well, now you know what is a cordless impact driver and cordless drill, but the question is, which one should you buy?

When it comes to a cordless drill, the majority of its output torque goes directly onto the bit, but an impact driver does it in a horizontal direction. And because of that, the action modes tend to become a bit complex when you replace your drill with an impact driver.

After running some tests on both, we have extracted some of the positive sides of a cordless drill. And here are they: 

  • It’s perfect for driving holes in soft objects
  • Despite being good, in case of driving holes in soft materials, they offer a limited space
  • You can loosen or tighten bolt without needing a great deal of torque

As you can see, cordless drills are pretty much useful when it comes to drive fasteners or perform drilling operations in soft objects at a steady pace. Apart from that, the benefits can be further derived as followed. 

  • Impact drivers are very efficient in driving large fasteners
  • Driving screws into heavy objects is much easier
  • You can work easily even on stuck or tightly fitted bolts

So, it’s clear that an impact driver is much better than a drill. However, if you are into a cost-efficient project, then a cordless drill will just do fine.

But when your project includes working with heavy materials, it would be wise if you go for a cordless impact driver. Though you will have to increase the budget but trust me, it’s worth the money.

Is Your Cordless Impact Driver Socket Ready?

So, here comes the million-dollar question, is your impact driver socket ready? The answer is yes if you can find one from Bosch. They come with an EC brushless motor technology and offer great versatility. 

When you have a socket-ready feature, you won’t need any separate cordless impact wrench. It won’t require any flimsy socket adapter, either. Having a socket-ready feature makes it very user-friendly. You will be able to get your project done in no time with one of these.

As for having the best impact sockets for your impact driver, you can check out the collection here – 

Final Words:

At the end of our discussion, we hope we all can agree that having socket ready feature on your cordless impact driver is a real blessing. In today’s world, “time is money” so, what matters most is how effective and fast you can complete your projects.

The old models of drilling equipment won’t offer you much versatility nor efficiency. So, unless you into some lite projects or under a short budget, we would recommend you purchase a cordless impact driver with socket ready facility.

So, is your cordless impact driver socket ready – it is not a hard question to answer now, is it? 

Sophie Turner
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