Incredible Ideas to Upgrade and Boost your Home’s Exterior

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When it comes to boosting the home’s aesthetics, many people turn to its interior. They spend all their time, energy, and resources to keep it updated.

But isn’t it embarrassing when your visitors point out cracked or broken sidewalks or driveways in your home? Improving the home’s curb appeal is no longer an option; it has become the need of the hour. And homeowners are trying their level best to add a wow factor to their outdoor space. 

But why is upgrading your home’s exterior necessary?

First impressions are the most important, especially when it comes to homes. No matter how gorgeous your home’s interior is, it is the outdoor space that’s going to make all the difference. Transforming the exterior of your house adds value to your space and helps you make the perfect first impression. Not to mention, ignoring the essential upgrades also plays an essential role in your home’s deterioration. And you wouldn’t want your home to fall apart, right?

Thus, if you are planning to level up your home’s outdoor space, here are some incredible ideas that can help. 

  • Experiment with the proportions

Several homeowners found positive results after changing the overall proportion of their property’s outdoor space. And, incorporating these popular changes in your renovation plan can be a worthwhile option when reaping benefits. 

Experimenting with the proportions creates an opportunity for achieving the perfect balance and symmetry around the space. Replacing the poorly designed extensions can be your first step in the process. You can also add a second floor or replace the existing roof if the budget allows. 

If you want to play safer with the proportions, you can also add smaller extensions at the side and back of your property. Make sure you don’t forget about matching the new elements with the original ones. 

  • Take a look at your exterior finish

Replacing the current exterior finish of your house is essential, especially if it was built around 1970 or 1980. Using the latest materials can give your stone cladding and mismatching bricks a new look and can instantly elevate your home’s look. 

In fact, opting for a neutral shade to paint your home is one of the affordable ways to give your home a brand new exterior finish. It will unify different materials and help you achieve the curb appeal you desire. 

Pay attention to the smallest material details too. For example, ensure that the fasteners or screws of your outdoor deck are covered with the appropriate decking plug systems. A smooth flawless deck surface largely contributes to your exterior finish. Plus, the decking plugs will protect fasteners from the elements, preventing corrosion.

Suppose you are looking forward to giving a dramatic and contemporary makeover to your home exterior. In that case, cladding could be your go-to option. It also acts as a protective skin for your house, shielding it from the outside elements. 

  • Pay adequate attention to the driveway

According to industry experts, ignoring one of the crucial parts of your home’s exterior affects your home’s curb appeal, taking all your hard work down the drain. 

Ensuring the upkeep of the driveway is essential, especially if it is at the front of your house. Furthermore, it will allow you to keep up with the functionality and beauty of your driveway. 

And there’s something that can fulfill your purpose. 

If you want to keep things classic, then opting for a concrete driveway could be your best bet. By creating a clean and sleek exterior, concrete driveways give your home a modern edge. Instead of dominating the overall appearance, it blends perfectly with the style of your house. 

In fact, adding exposed aggregate can also add a stylish flair to the concrete floors. It is usually used for its decorative finish and weather-resistant properties. With exposed aggregate, you have a chance to experiment with a variety of colors and textures and add customization to your driveway. If you are still confused about how much is exposed aggregate concrete  is advantageous to your driveway, consulting industry experts can be a wise decision.

  • Rethink your roof shingles

Giving a new makeover to your roof is definitely one of the best ways to upgrade the home exterior. A new roof adds novelty and charm to the outdoor space the right way. 

However, getting a new roof may not be a good idea if you have a limited budget. To avoid falling into a financial crunch, it would be best to opt for designer shingles. Such options are used to level up the curb appeal and functionality of the roof. 

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With designer tiles, you also get a chance to choose from a variety of colors and styles. All you have to do is pick the ones that match your home’s outdoor space, and you’ll be good to go. The best part of such roofing options is that the shingles are exclusively manufactured to withstand outdoor elements such as hail, high winds, and heavy snow. 

  • Play with landscape lighting

Lighting up your outdoor space is the perfect way to improve its ambiance. By incorporating various lighting elements, you tend to complement the architecture in the best way possible. 

Industry experts recommend keeping the sunshine and moonlight as the best lighting source for your outdoor space. But make sure you don’t rely completely on such lighting sources. Instead, here are some ideas that can help you light up your outdoor space perfectly. 

  • Using soft lights can help you complement the architecture flawlessly.
  • You can flaunt the trees and high bushes with ground lights if you have a beautiful garden. Adding string lights will also help you feel your garden like a beautiful extension of the home. If you want to add a dramatic effect to your garden, using tree pendants may be your go-to option. 
  • You can also create a welcoming glow at the front door with porch lights.
  • Also, if you have a pool in your backyard, bringing in pool lights could be a game-changer for you. It will help you create a modern outdoor space with a minimalist lighting plan. 

The bottom line is

An attractive home exterior allows you to add personality and charm to the property. Know that a little investment and effort now will definitely help you reap the benefits in the future. And, the tips mentioned above may help in upgrading your home exterior, the right way!

Sophie Turner
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