How to Wire a Ceiling Fan with a Remote to a Wall Switch

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It is fun switching a ceiling fan with a remote sitting on your couch. You don’t need to move anymore to get enjoy the air from your ceiling fan now! Do you want to know how to wire a ceiling fan with a remote to a wall switch? 

Let us tell you the easy method of using a remote control with the wall switch and turn the fan on! All you have to do is understand the wires, go through the twists and screws, work a little hard and you are ready, my friend! 

Let us check it out! 

Step by Step Wiring a Ceiling Fan to a Wall switch 

Now that you can switch the ceiling fan on without moving, why will you get up? Let’s check the easy steps to make it done! 

Step 1: Leaning the Basics 

First of all, you have to learn the basics of a ceiling fan remote control kit. Go through the wires and identify them properly. Check which one is from the ceiling fan electrical box. Also, check the ones that are connected to the ceiling bracket and the ceiling fan. Before everything, you must know about the fan wires. The black and blue wires are ungrounded while the white and green/yellow ones are grounded. On the other hand, identify the ceiling bracket wires too. The bare copper one along with the green/yellow ones is grounded. In some cases, the wires can be different too in terms of the electrical box wires. Here, the black and red ones are ungrounded. The white and green/yellow ones are grounded. Check the manual or talk with a professional for more information

Now that you have learned about the wires and their colors, you have to search for the orange wire nuts. These will be inside the hardware bag. There are start marks there to identify them. These are the twist-on connectors. With the help of these, you will be able to fasten the wire’s bare-metal end. All you need to do is turn them clockwise and soon, they will be tight! Get a wire nut on your hands and work for connecting them to the control system of your fan. This will take a while and so, you must be careful. 

Step 2: Preparations 

Once you know the basics, it is time for you to switch the power to the fan off to install the ceiling fan with light and remote. Go through the circuit and switch the breaker that is connected to it. 

Step 3: Test the Power 

Everybody who knows how to wire a ceiling fan with a remote to a wall switch knows electrical power can hurt you if you work with the connections on. You must double-check the power before you start the procedure. You have to test the wires in your fan and the fixture electrical box so that you can confirm if the power is off or not. Sometimes, you will find an existing fixture or fan mounted to your electrical box. In that case, you have to remove the motor cover or unit. Make sure you do not touch the wires. 

Here, a non-contact voltage tester can be helpful. Check if your tester indicated a voltage or not. If you see voltage, you have to go through the service panel once again and turn the breakers off. Now, start testing the wires that are connected to the watch switch. Go through the ON and OFF both positions. Take off the old fan if you had any. 

Step 4: Straighten the Wires  

Go through every circuit wire that is connected to the electrical box. All you have to do is straighten them. However, do not damage them, keep them in good condition. More or less 0.5 to ¾ inches of insulation should be stripped from the end; ensure it. If there are any damaged portions, trim them down. Now, start re-striping the end once again. For this, you will need wire strippers. 

Step 5: Connect the Three Wires

Once you are done with straightening the wires and stripping them down, you have to go through the ground wire that comes from the ceiling fan. In this case, you have to check the fan’s hanger bracket carefully. Mostly, this wire is connected to the hanger bracket of your ceiling fan. This wire is connected from the ceiling fan to the circuit ground wire. And then, it goes to the electrical box. However, it only goes to the electrical box if the box is constructed with metal. There will be a pigtail wire for the proper connection to the box. Now, you must check the three wires that are present there. Get a wire connector and add these three wires. Make sure that the pigtail wire is secured to the box. For this, you will surely need some screws or clips. 

Step 6: Connect the other Wires 

This is time for connecting the other wires to the circuit wires. Go through the manufacturer’s wiring diagram and it will help you connect the wires. The white (neutral) wires will be connected with the same colored one. The black (hot) one will go with the same colored one. In this step, all you need to do is connect the wires and that’s all! 

Step 7: The Electrical Box 

When you are done, you have to check the box carefully and get all the wires inside the electrical box with care. In this case, checking the installation process of the fan is necessary. Go through the methods mentioned there and complete the process. 

Step 8: Switch Wiring 

Now, you have to check the switch wiring. This is necessary if you plan to replace the previous switch. You will get two cables there. One of them provides incoming power and the opposite one is connected to the fan. Go through the black wires of both of the cables and take them to one of the terminals on your switch. Keep in mind that one wire will go in each terminal. Take a pigtail and connect the ground wires with it. Now, you have to add the pigtail to the ground screw on your switch. In the case of metal boxes, two pigtails are required. One of them will be connected to the box here. Check the white wires and add them up. These will not be connected to the switch. Take the switch and mount it to the box first. Now, it is time for you to install the cover plate with screws. 

Step 9: Get Back Power 

Switch the circuit breaker on and get the power back. Check if the fan is working properly or not. Yes, you are done! You have completed the installation process! 

Wrap Up 

If you ever get into a dilemma about how you can wire a ceiling fan with a remote to the wall switch, you can go through the easy process we have mentioned. Yes, this is a tricky method and so, you have to be very careful about the whole process when you are working on it. 

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