How to Use Food Saver Containers

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Does it ever happen to you like you have packed your foods for the weekend or holiday picnic and after reaching your destination, one-fifth of what you have taken secured their places in the bin?

It does happen every year by Australian households, causing a loss of $3800 or more. Among them, most of the items are vegetables and fruits.

In reality, nobody doesn’t that on purpose as a majority of the time; people don’t have the right ways of keeping their food items fresh in the first place.

So, now or then, food saver container becomes very concerning stuff for everyone, and most importantly about the fact like, how to use food saver containers?

You can use your food saver according to your desired result and the output you need. So, the usage differs from person to person, all of which can be found on their user manual. 

Besides all the other additional benefits, their center of attraction is the two modes that they provide, known as the vacuum mode and marinate mode. Set them to vacuum if you want your food to stay fresh for longer and marinate way for marinating!

Stay till the end so that you can learn all the easiest ways of using your food saver containers which you won’t find anywhere else.

How to Use Food Saver Containers?

By now, you have understood pretty well what the article is all about. Yes, it is about the rules and regulations of using the food saver containers and luring the best out of them. So, with that said, let us get started!

Firstly, you need to know the things that combine together make a perfect food saver container. Then come the methods and procedures of setting every ingredient of the food container to get the desired results.

Coming towards what the whole set contains, the very first thing that would attract anyone is the super small size of the device designed in a food saver container. It makes it so easy for anyone to store them, even if your kitchen lacks space.

Secondly, the set contains two vacuum seal bags and four containers which are more than enough for your food to be stored and preserved.

Last but not least, we forgot to mention that the food saver containers come with two unique modes for which the small device exists. The vacuum and marinate methods add entirely different dimensions than all the other types of food containers.

A quick guide of using your food saver containers according to the ingredients mentioned above is-

  1. Choose the type of container you need according to your food items, amounts, and requirements. There are four different sizes of containers available for you.
  2. Make sure the device, a central part of your food saver container, is charged correctly. It is straightforward to recharge it, and you even won’t need to refresh frequently as it will serve you for many days. But, anyway, for the charging, all you need to do is to place it inside the dock and free of all those wicked cables.
  3. Now, the thing of your consideration is that, what do you want from them? According to that, you’ll use the vacuum and marinate mode.
  4. Then, position the device or sealer over the button of your container lid and press the silver button of the device. 
  5. Then keep on waiting until the small rubber button of the device depresses, which is the signal that the container has turned into vacuum mode. For marinating mode, the very same thing is again applicable.

What are the benefits of using a food saver container?

Food saver container provides real-life advantages that no one ever wants to get deprived of. And the exciting thing is that their ranges of benefits are also unique and different from all. 

It is no longer required to say that food saver containers are indisputable in preserving foods, keeping them fresh other than maintaining, helping prevent any smell, holding the temperature up to some extent, etc.

All these things are pretty much crucial, but you’ll find most of these features on many other food containers available on the market. So, what are the real benefits of a food saver container which makes it superior and a legitimate option for you to choose?

The answer has already gone with two of the earlier mentioned details: the exclusive vacuum mode and marinate mood that any other company hardly provides. But, is that everything? Or food saver containers have got more things to serve for us?

Have patience and do not forget about the microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe features of the food saver containers that add to their list of benefits. They are further known for crack-resistant features, odor and stain-resistant options, and many more.

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Can you preserve food using vacuum mode in your food saver container?

Yes, for additional and extra preserving facilities, food saver containers have introduced the all-new vacuum mode for the very first time. 

By vacuum, it is meant that all the air inside a container is sucked off, making the container completely airtight with zero connection with the outer atmosphere or environment. 

When there is no presence of air, light, or effect of gravity inside the complete vacuum containers, the food inside them is blessed with additional durability, longer freshness, and therefore perseverance. 

There is an option of turning the top valve of the container to vacuum, which will switch the container to food preserving mode.

What are the ways of marinating your food using a food saver container?

The ways are just switching the top valve of your food saver container to the marinate option, which will start marinating your stored food.

It is as simple as putting the seal over the lid button and switching the container into a marinating option, which cuts off the total time required to naturally marinate your meat, fish, and such foods into flavorful items.

The whole hour-long process of marinating is accomplished in only minutes with the help of the marinating mode of your food saver container.

What are the key features of using food saver containers?

The key features that one will enjoy while using food saver containers are- 

  • Can taste the feeling of premium material made of Tritan.
  • Stack and Nest for ease at the organization.
  • Very long-lasting and robust vacuum seal.
  • Easy to open and close, along with flexible lids.
  • Compatibility of one another with all the models of vacuum sealers of the food saver container.


It is unwantedly true that we waste so many foods every year whereas many poor people are not getting in the right amount to eat. So, to tackle such highly sensitive scenarios, food saver containers have come to make our life easy. We have added more to your comfort zone by describing how they work and function through this article!

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