How to Use A Vacuum Sealer – Vacuum sealing tips 2022

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Nowadays we live in modern society, and there is less Me Time. Especially for working women or moms. Isn’t it? All-day they have something to do. In this case, if you can successfully preserve food for a couple of days without losing the original taste. Its time and money-saving. Fortunately, you can do it, if you know how to use a vacuum sealer well. Also, you can preserve food to use it in the future.

Vacuum Sealing comes up as the most essential and popular preservation process that not only saves the quality of foods but also saves your valuable time. You can put the food in different sizes or shapes of packages as well.

It is quite impossible to preserve food without using a vacuum sealer. The other preservation processes are lengthy and time-consuming. So it is essential to know how to use a vacuum sealer properly.

A process packing foods has less chance to get contaminated. Because a vacuum sealer helps to packet or wrap the food from it’s all sides and most importantly, it removes air from the package, which reduces the chance of contamination of your food.

What is Vacuum Sealer

Before dive into how to use a vacuum sealer, let’s know what a vacuum sealer is? And the actual process of it.

A vacuum sealer is one kind of machine that is used to preserve or store foods for a reasonable amount of time. Vacuum sealing refers to a process in which a vacuum sealer is used to wipe out air from the packet so that any kind of bacteria, micro-organisms, or evaporation can’t affect the quality of that food.

In this process, you have to put your food in a plastic bag and then seal it from all sides using a vacuum sealer. You can seal any kind of foods easily using a vacuum sealer. I found it very easy and comfortable using a vacuum sealer to seal my foods. I preserved various kinds of foods without any difficulties.

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How to Use A Vacuum Sealer?

10 Steps Using A Vacuum Sealer:

Using a vacuum sealer is pretty straightforward. Here I point out the steps in serial.

  1. Collect plastic bags with texture on one or both sides.
  2. If the food is wet, then freeze it first after that put it in the plastic bag.
  3. If the food is in liquid form, then use a can. Fill the box with the food and put that can in the plastic bag.
  4. Don’t fill the plastic bag to the top. Leave at least 2-3 inches from the top.
  5. Pull up the lid of the vacuum sealer.
  6. Place the open top of the plastic bag in the vacuum chamber. Try to keep the plastic bag in a straight position; otherwise, the bag won’t be adequately sealed.
  7. Now close the lid of the vacuum sealer correctly and from both sides.
  8. Press the seal button.
  9. After the sealing process is done, the vacuum sealer will stop automatically.
  10. . Now open the lid and take out the plastic bag from the vacuum chamber.

This is how to use a vacuum sealer. But always remember to give the vacuum sealer some time to get cool after sealing is done. Generally, it takes 30-40 seconds for the vacuum sealer to cool down.

How to use vacuum sealer machine

How to use vacuum sealer bags:

There is the other type of vacuum sealing bags in the market, such as:

Standard Chamber Vacuum Sealer Bags: These bags come with an open side and the sealed sides. These bags need to be sealed before using for food sealing.

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Zip Lock Bags: These bags come with a zipper on their top. These bags are used for packaging foods or medicines that require an often opening and closing.

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Sous Vide Sealer Bags: These bags can stand high temperatures. These bags are used to seal the food in its hot temperature just after the cooking is finished. Sous void sealer bags can absorb the heat from the food quickly.

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Vacuum Sealer Bag Rolls: These bags come in a roll. They come in a coil or a tube so that the users can cut bags from the coil according to their needs.

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Vacuum sealing tips and tricks:

Some essential tips and tricks make the vacuum sealing more accessible and exciting. These tricks can save anyone from extra tasks. Some tips and tricks for vacuum sealing are given below:

  • Freeze the moist or wet foods before vacuum sealing. Pickles, Fruit jams, Sauces-these foods need to be freeze before vacuum sealing. These wet foods prevent vacuum sealer from sealing the food properly and causes many complications.
  • Some foods, like meat and fish, should be cooked first before freezing. It gets easy to reheat these foods in cooked form rather than the raw form.
  • The life of dry foods can be extended by sealing them with the help of a vacuum sealer. The dry foods stay in their better quality in a sealed bag rather than just in a box.
  • Juices or other drinks can be preserved in a can. But it is always better to put the box in a vacuum sealer bag and sealed it with a vacuum sealer.
  • Never try to fill the bags with maximum food. Because it makes the cleaning task more difficult, and it also increases the chance of wasting food. Always leave 2-3 inches space.
  • If the sealing is not successful or not in the right position, then reseal it. Don’t try to open the seal instead of resealing. Resealing saves a lot of time.
  • Try to keep the plastic bag smooth and dull. It helps the sealing process to be more efficient.
  • The foods that have pointy edges can pierce the plastic bag. So, wrap them in a tissue paper and then put in the containers.
  • You can also preserve stock oil, vinegar, or wine for future use. Sealing these items extend their life for a more extended time.

How to Maintain A Vacuum Sealer?

Save from the water: A vacuum sealer can get a long life if it is used with proper care. It is an electronic machine. So, water or any kind of liquid things can harm vacuum sealers. While sealing wet foods or drinks, not a single drop of that liquid should enter the vacuum chamber.

Keep it in a dry place: Don’t keep running the vacuum sealer when there is no need for it. After using the vacuum sealer, switch off and keep it in a dry place away from the sunlight or any other thing that generates heat.

Give a break: When sealing a lot of foods, all in once, give a 30-second break after every 2-3 minutes of usage.

Cleaning is important: Clean the vacuum sealer from time to time. Every time a vacuum sealer is used, try to clean it before and after the sealing is done. It’s better to wrap the vacuum sealer in with a plastic cover or a towel when it is off so that the dust doesn’t get on the vacuum sealer.

The importance of knowing how to use a vacuum sealer

Where other packet processes take a lot of time, here, a vacuum sealer does it quicker than others. So, you can save a lot of time. Take the task of seasonal foods in another season. It is quite handy for traveling too. There are many advantages and benefits of a Vacuum Sealer. Here are some of the advantages that a vacuum sealer gives you:

The Versatile Use of Vacuum Sealer: It can help you to preserve almost all can kinds of food, whether it is dry or liquid. The packages food can be resealed after open if necessary. Also, medicines can be sealed by using a vacuum sealer.

Saves Time and Food Quality: Vacuum Sealer saves time and requires a straightforward process. It effectively keeps food hygienic, fresh, clean, and germs free for a long time.

Reasonable Price: A vacuum sealer comes at various price tags. You can easily find a different brand, model, and feature in your local market and online store. You can buy a portable vacuum sealer less than a hundred dollars. The chamber vacuum sealers that are usually used in the kitchens are between 100 and 150 dollars. So, it’s never too expensive, according to the service it provides.

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Available: A vacuum sealer is well known all over the world. You can buy vacuum sealers from their near-by shops. Some buy online. It doesn’t matter where you are buying it. Vacuum sealers are found with the same quality in both markets and online stores.


A vacuum sealer is very popular in the kitchens. It added a new dimension to food preservation. It keeps your food healthy and in the best quality without costing too much, just within minutes in an efficient way.

Maintaining a vacuum sealer is much easier than you can imagine. Just keep it safe from any fluids, give a 30-second break between every operation.

It reduces your labor in sealing your food. Without any difficulty, you can seal a lot of foods in one attempt. If you know how to use a vacuum sealer, then it will serve you for a more extended period.

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