How to Make Your Home More Warmer and Cozier For Winter

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It’s that time of the year – when chills go down our spine due to cool wind, when it’s excruciating having to get up in the morning knowing it’s still pitch dark, and when we need to completely replace our closet. Winter. Like it or not, winter is the time when all turns sour, dull, and a little bit distant, but that’s only the weather. Your mind, soul, and your home should embrace the cheering part of this season – blush red colors, the smells of pine trees and cinnamon, and of course, the pure, cozy, white embellishments. If you are looking forward to the upcoming winter and its delights, like most of us, here are some rather nifty ways to spruce up your home and make it warmer and cozier.

Add cushioning delights

One of the simplest, yet really dazzling things you could do is to warm up your chairs. Literally, you only need to place faux fur cushions, or have a carpenter attach faux fur covers to the existing chairs, and voila! To invite the wintry feel, you can also color the chairs blue or silver, but cozy cushions will do the trick.

Place a stylish woolen carpet

Place a stylish woolen carpet

Nothing exudes warmth more than wool. If you don’t want to utterly reshape the home’s look but only add a few wintry elements, adding a cozy carpet or rug to bare floors is the way to go. Wool might be the best choice, plus those carpets come in a range of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. However, the best idea might be to add a soft underfoot where you spend most of your time at, like in the kitchen. Hence, you can place a nice rug between the sink and cooking area to keep your feet warm and look astonishing at the same time.

Hang a few wintry ornaments on the walls

Even though hanging a seasonal wreath embellished with red lace, pine cones, and snowflakes will surely show off the wintry feel, hanging some other sophisticated ornaments can also invigorate the cozy feel. Focus on hanging silver hand-crafted art like the SkullBliss has to offer and you will invite an authentic interior appeal while at the same time sticking to the seasonal notions. 

Splash out warm hues

Once the nightfall starts earlier than during the summer, even the brightness of homes can look tedious and grey. Winter days seem never-ending, so to bright it up you may want to splash out some colorful and vibrant hues. Gold, red, and emerald green are the symbolic colors of December, so you can place some decorative elements like huge candles, vases, picture frames, or flower pots in these hues. With a few holiday-themed accents in vibrant colors, you will warm up the coolest of the homes. 

Bring out the idyllic winter textiles

You want your rooms to exude the warmth, purity, and calmness that winter brings, and the most mesmerizing way to achieve that effect is by placing some warm textiles. Swap your linen and silk sheets and curtain with flannel, wool, cotton, or microfibre. Bring out the plush blankets and toss them out on a sofa to keep your feet warm. Some of the textiles like flannel act as insulation so there’s an added hint to make your home feel warmer.

Embrace the wonderful scents

Another way to revitalize your home in a warmer and cozier appeal is by adding some scents. In contrast to visual effect, enlivening all your other senses is an authentic and rather imaginative way to make your house feel cozy. You can both humidify and revive the ambient by adding diffusers. Aromatherapy scents in candles and diffusers maximally open up your senses, what is more, they invite winter in. Use jolly winter scents like spicy cinnamon, juicy plum, sweet vanilla to keep the space enliven and warm.

Sprinkle holiday spirit throughout

After spending a whole day out at a chilly temperature, there is nothing like coming to a warm and festive home. Adding the feeling of warmth and coziness during the winter period has to go hand in hand with holidays. Display red or emerald green candles, or hang a strand of decorative lights to invite holiday spirit in. Again you can light up scented candles that exuded the smells of icy evergreen trees, fresh eucalyptus, or frosty air.

Dim the lights

You will add glow and coziness to a room by making the lights softer and dimmer. The idea is to create an atmosphere as if you were to have a fireplace lit up all night. Unless you have a fireplace, you can place candles instead. Or even better, adjust your existing lightning features by adding the lampshade, covering it up with a fancy cloth, or replacing them with adjustable shading diffusers or warmer LED bulbs. You will create a soft, warm, and welcoming cave-like feel that will make your home cozier during long winter days.

Bake some fresh goodies

Hot cross buns, cinnamon rolls, gingerbread cookies, crispy chocolate muffins, you name it. Among many other ways to revive your home with a warmer and cozier feel, baking fresh goods immediately brings out your inner child and loving childhood memories. Baking delicious winter cookies don’t take much effort or time but it certainly invites that tucked-in feeling we all strive for. If you want to give your home a sense of warmth this winter, get some interesting recipes and get down on business. 

Warm your guest’s heart with a cheering mat

Not all people are keen on holiday decorations, however, most of us like to be pampered during this magnificent season, and above all to feel warm and welcomed as a guest. If you aren’t fond of wintry décor, but you desire to have a charming and cozy wintry feel, just invest in a nice winter-inspired doormat. Choose a red or green one with various golden embellishments, and warm up your guest even before they enter your home.

Winter may be long and cold, but you will undoubtedly warm it up with the above-mentioned ideas. Open-up your living area and make transform it into a cozy and relaxing space everybody dreams about.

Sophie Turner
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