How To Make Peanut Butter With A Vitamix Blender

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You cannot imagine a classic sandwich without peanut butter. With your Vitamix, making peanut butter is simpler than you think. Peanut butter has many health benefits that make this food an ideal food to eat. 

There are different Vitamix Blenders available and all are capable of making your peanut butter. Okay then let’s see how you can make peanut butter in your Vitamix. 

How to Make Peanut Butter With a Vitamix Blender

To get the best result from the butter make sure you add roasted peanuts. Here is the easiest peanut butter recipe for you, make sure to try this with your Vitamix. 


  • 590gm roasted peanut 


  • Add the peanuts to your Vitamix container. Attach the lid properly. 
  • Choose the variable 1 and turn on the machine. 
  • Slowly increase the speed to variable 10.
  • Use your temper so that you can push the ingredients to the blade.
  • Run the blender at a high speed for two minutes or until your butter comes in the texture you want. 
  • It’s done.
  • Store the butter in an airtight container, also, you can freeze the butter.

That’s it – a Vitamix takes less than 5 minutes to make the best peanut butter for you. And the best part is – you will get exactly the consistency you want from the butter. Now you don’t need to purchase peanut butter from any shop since making this dairy is very simple as you can see. 

Well, let’s discuss why you should get a Vitamix blender.

Why Should You Choose a Vitamix Blender to Make Peanut Butter or Other items?

Compared to other typical blenders on the market, a Vitamix blender can make peanut butter quicker and also gives the result you want. Vitamix blenders come in different models and sizes, it doesn’t matter which model you purchase – you can be sure about always getting the best results from it. 

Here are the features of Vitamix blender, that make this blender best from other blenders. 

Vitamix Motor Power 

The motor power of the Vitamix blenders makes this a high-end blender than blenders on the market. Usually, Vitamix blenders come with 2 hp high-torque motor power, as well as, the Vitamix motor base contains a cooling fan that keeps the motor base cool during the blender in use. 

While other blenders on the market don’t have the cooling fan feature, as a result, these blenders cannot be used for a long time. But you can use your Vitamix as much as you want. 

There are no chances of heating issues in the Vitamix, even though if the blender gets hot, don’t worry about it. It is designed with a thermal protection system – if the blender gets hot, this will shut off the blender automatically. 

On the flip side, other blenders don’t provide these features, so the Vitamix blenders are the best blender than others.

Vitamix blade

Vitamix blades are made from the aircraft based stainless steel material, this makes the Vitamix blade sharp and durable as well. You do not need to replace the Vitamix blades often like other blenders. 

The blade creates cyclonic action to blend any toughest items you throw into the container. Plus the blade is capable of chopping any fruits and vegetables. 

Furthermore, the blade can be used to grind any items you want. Whether its coffee beans, seeds, spices, or nuts as you can see you can make peanut butter too. 

Variable Speed Control of Vitamix 

When your blender contains variable speed settings, this makes the job easier to do. You can select the speed level according to your recipe, by this you’ll always get the consistency of the recipe you want. 

Another speed setting of Vitamix is the pulse feature – this speed setting is used to blend the toughest items usually. 

Some of the Vitamix provides presets buttons and a digital timer setting as well. The presets are very convenient as the users can do other things by setting the presets button. The blender will turn off itself once its blending is done. 


A tamper is very handy equipment in terms of pushing the items to the blade. You will get a tamper with the Vitamix blender, and the tamper is safe to use while the blender is in use. 

Most of the standard blenders don’t come with a tamper – so you can consider purchasing a Vitamix blender. 

Versatile Use of Vitamix 

From smoothies to heartiest hot soup to butter to the dough – a Vitamix can make everything in between. A Vitamix blender is the best to prepare the silky smoother than other blenders – this blender will blend all the items perfectly and give you a chunk-free smoothie that you are craving for. 

Now you don’t need a stove if you want to drink hot soup. Vitamix takes less than seven minutes to make a warm soup that you want to drink on a winter morning or evening. 

If you are a pizza lover, then kneading the dough in the Vitamix, all you need is to toss the items to the container and run the blender until the dough is made.

So do you want to eat frozen desserts? No Problem… Add the ingredients to the container and wait until your dessert is ready. A Vitamix is also capable of making baby food, puree, different sauces plus works as a food processor. 

Do you need anything else from a blender? Vitamix is a Multi-functional blender name that is ready to meet all your needs. 


Vitamix provides the best warranty than other blenders, also, this blender can last more than other blenders. Usually, Vitamix comes with a 7-year full warranty. A Vitamix can last more than a decade – just make sure you wake a little care of the machine. 


You wanted to learn how you can make peanut butter in the Vitamix, we share this. Doesn’t Vitamix provide the best operating system? We also cover the features that make the Vitamix better than others. If you have a Vitamix blender then great. 

And if you are seeking the best Vitamix blenders, then you can check two high-quality blender comparisons at Vitamix e310 vs e320 to get the best one.

However, consider your needs and budget and then make your wise purchase. 

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