How to install Hand Held Shower Diverter

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Having many showerheads in one bathroom or when planning to install them, you require a diverter valve for your shower. Installation is so easy that even a novice can do it. This valve takes many shapes and designs so make sure you buy the right one. A shower diverter valve is affordable and is available at supply stores and hardware shops near you. However, you need to know how to install it if you are planning to have on in your shower system

Where is a diverter valve located?

A shower diverter is like a lever. It can be pulled up or pushed down. It is placed at the back of a bath tap. There are devices which do not require diverter valves. These devices are conventional and system boilers. The reason is that they store their produced water in a cylinder.

Shower diverter valve installation

Follow the installation steps below for fixing your new diverter valve:

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Stage 1

Examine the current diverter valve that you already have for your tub. The is a type known as entryway which is found in the bath spout. It is held with water pressure.

It is a spout that you can easily push up or down. This is intended to change the direction of flow of water. There is another type called a pivoting valve. It is placed next to the spigot of the tub and the head of the shower. 

Stage 2 

Remove the existing valve before fixing the new one to the shower. The door type kind of valve is removed by unscrewing the nut o the stem and remove the gathering of the diverter valve. 

Stage 3

Purchasing the new valve simply means that you need to carry the old one to the store to get the best selection of the valve for replacement more especially if it is a dual shower head with slide bar. You can opt to make arrangements to buy it online. Insist on buying an exact valve just like the old one. Being in a rude shock when they don’t match would be disappointing. 

Stage 4

The strings of the stem of the new spout or the gathering of the diverter are wrapped with at least two layers of Teflon tape. This is to prevent water that leaks from the strings.

Stage 5

At this point, you are ready to have the new valve installed. Remember not to cross the strings. You need a shower diverter to channel water in at least two ways. Many people prefer two but even three is possible. Your washroom has a section out there which is modest to a certain extent and in a piece of Vogue for your architect shower.


How much does it cost to replace shower diverter?

Fixing a shower diverter will cost you around $150 or so. $500 will be charged when the faucet has acute leaks and drips. However, a diverter which is broken costs around $125 to repair. 

Why does a shower diverter leak?

A diverter, just by its name is a valve found in the faucet of your tub whose work is to divert water from the tub to the head of the shower. This happens when you pull the shower handle. It is normal to see a small amount of water coming out of the faucet of your tub. There is no perfect seal for the valve.

Can a shower diverter be fixed? 

It is possible to fix a shower which is broken. Tighten the screws found at the back of the faceplate of the valve. Remove the whole valve if your diverter has a valve that rotates. This can be done by unscrewing the nut found at the diverter’s stem. Unscrew the threaded spout of the tub if the valve is gate-type.

Can a shower diverter cause a leak?

In normal circumstances, water is supposed to flow out at the head of the shower or the spout of the tub. Normally, diverters leak and it allows water to flow out of the spout of the tub when it is in the mode of the shower. It wastes energy and water when water is heated.


In circumstances where water is being overused on one side while the other it is not, you require a valve that points the water in a substitute head. It is affordable to replace a frail valve for your completions with another diverter for your shower. Some experts may assist in fixing the switch.

In standard bathtubs, utilize a shower diverter and later, these bathtubs convert into a shower. You can dismantle a shower diverter up or push it down because it is like a handle. This changes the flow of water from the head of the shower to the spigot.

If the head of your shower still spills while the other one is still in use, consider it wise to have your diverter valve completely replaced.

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