How to Install Bottom Mount Drawer Slides

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Bottom mount is one of the many popular types of drawer slides that are talk of the town these days for certain reasons. After going through several trials of the mount, slide length, weight limit, and other ponderation, now that you are sure about getting a soft close bottom mount slide, things are yet a bit unsorted. 

As of now, you should get yourself to know more including how to install bottom mount drawer slides, and some frequently asked queries about it. So today, let’s talk shortly about the simple installation process and move right next to some questions that I feel people look for when trying to figure more about soft close bottom mount slides. Keep on Reading…

Install bottom mount drawer slides Process

For this process, you need a few supplies at hand. If these are not available at your place (which I doubt if you are a DIYer) then grab them from a nearby hardware store. You’ll need a combination square, level, tape measure, screwdriver or drill, saw, nails, hammer, chisel, and safety glasses of course. Don’t skip the safety glasses as handling power tools demands you to wear proper protection.

The Installation Process: –

With inset drawers, first, you want to align the front part with slide adjacently. The positioning should be across the width. In the case of a front overlay drawer, you want to notch box. So that the slide has a chance to sit adjacently with the box’s front face.

On each side, cut down a minimum of 1/8 inch wider notch for the slide. This should be toward drawer bottom depth. Using a chisel then you can take out waste. The sliding front should be retained with one screw at this point. Use a measuring tape for measuring the side of the drawer to ensure slide is parallel and centering well.

Use one screw to fix the slide to face frame’s front then. For inset drawers, fix a ¾ inch thick mounting block in the face frame to later screw slide on. The slide should be at least 1/32 inch back from the face frame’s front. To keep the upside frame clear, try angling screw a bit.

Use mounting bracket next for fixing the slide to cabinet back. This needs to be a square with the face frame. You can also mount the slide to a dust frame if there’s any. Then get some nail-in glide pads or even the self-adhesive type for adding some support to the drawer. You want to fix these onto the face frame. Right where the bottom edges of drawer side are passing. And that’s’ pretty much it.

Euro Drawer Slides Installation

Now some of you may want to install self closing bottom mount drawer slides that are European-styled ones specifically. Things are slightly different in that case, let me explain. First of all, you need to put all cabinet members as well as drawer sockets into their respective spots. 

Then for a frameless mounting, you need to decide where the drawer bottom position should be. This needs to be based on the cabinet front. Draw a reference line on the cabinet’s left and right inside face. Then place the rollers on back while drawer members are sitting onto bottom for you to mount them with screws. 

You want to keep them loosely fitted. Figure out the distance between cabinet center mounting hole and drawer front bottom. You want to shift this measurement to the cabinet’s left and right side using previously made reference line. Now align the next line with mounting hole’s center to fasten a screw. Fix the leftover screws using a level to ensure proper alignment.

In case of a face frame mounting, put socket of drawer onto the cabinet’s back. Then align the fixture of cabinet to the top of edge and use a screw for elongated hole. Use one screw to fix the drawer socket. And then make sure the cabinet fixtures are aligning well. Then you can fix the other drawer sockets with left screws.

The final step is to insert the drawer inside the cabinet. You can check how to install bottom mount drawer slides video demonstration for understanding things better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Blum Bottom Mount Drawer Slides So Hyped?

One name that always comes in many contents on this matter is Blum. And there’s a reason why people recommend the Blum slides. It’s because of their fantastic focus on providing consistent innovation in quality rich products. 

Blum is also known for valuing the customer segment more than manufacturing supplier thing. They have a very wide selection range, flexible price point as well as overall peak performance, ruling the slide industry, specifically bottom-mounted ones.

What are Bottom Mounted Roller Drawer Slides?

The mounting surface of this type is usually on bottom. However, you can still see them on the side. These are also called epoxy slides. If you are looking for fully concealed slides, then these are not very ideal for your situation.

Is It Hard to Install Soft Close Bottom Mounted Drawer Slides?

Technically, bottom-mounted slides are actually the easiest one in terms of installation. But when you want to get the soft close feature, things get a bit tricky as now there’s a need for an adapter. 

You will also require some rear mounting brackets. Not to forget this type also need proper adjustments. Because there is this proper alignment need with the soft close feature, you may find it slightly difficult. But then again, that’s the price to pay for getting really flexible slam-free drawer performance. And honesty, in that way the price is still practical.

Wrap Up

Looks like we are done talking about how to install bottom mount drawer slides including the European styles ones as well as few questions that can come to your mind. Now give enough time to yourself before actually trying it. Go ahead and research a bit more.

You may also want to check some of the best soft close drawer slides and pick one for your cabinet a bit sensibly. These are my favorite because of that no slamming thing. And might impress you as well. Finally, if you feel like such installation is not your cup of tea, there’s always the option of calling a professional for help.

Are you craving some information on how to install bottom mount drawer slides? Then here’s a discussion on that plus few highly requested questions answered.

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