How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Deck?

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Want to find out how you can extend the life of your deck? Follow these simple tips.  

If you do not take adequate care of your wood deck, it will turn grey. Thus, you need to prolong your deck’s life by implementing some simple tips. Protecting your wood deck will extend its life and maintain its natural look. 

The grey tone occurs when the wood becomes affected by the weather. The damage can be compared with the damage to our skin from the direct sunlight. So without protection, the wood deck will become dull and colorless. Just follow the instructions given below to prolong your wood deck’s life.

Types of Wood Decks

First of all, we have to know about the classifications of the wood decks. Three mostly known wood deck types are-

  • Cedar: Cedar can last up to 25 years if adequate care is taken. Decks made with cedar should be cleaned regularly.
  • Softwood: There are many modified softwoods available today. Kebony is well known for its durability and stability. These do not need regular cleaning.
  • Hardwood: Hardwood is well known for its rot-resistance. Hardwoods such as tigerwood, Batu, and ipe can stand the test of time and stay in great condition.

Stain The Wood Deck

Staining or restaining a wood deck means the procedure of protecting the look and life of your deck. To do the perfect staining of your wood deck, follow these simple steps-

  • Before applying the stain, you can let any green wood dry for about 4 to 12 months. Remember that this count of months will vary depending on the climate of your area and time of year. It is best to let the wood have a 15% less moisture reading when seasoning. The results are well worth it once the wood is seasoned perfectly. 
  • Beware of the weather and temperature. Many manufacturing companies of the wood deck have stated that their product stays in the best condition if used in 60 to 80 degrees. But the temperature should not fall below 50; also, the surface temperature can differentiate the results. Avoid staining when the wood is wet or too hot to touch. 
  • Before every staining process, you must clean the whole deck first. Do extra cleaning even when you do not see any specks of dirt in your normal vision. After proper cleaning, evaluate the deck to lighten it with a wood brightener.

So, this is it for you to know the best deck stains in the year 2020.

Cleanse Your Deck Regularly

Every wood type has a different cleaning method, but they will fall victim to weather changes and wear and tear if they are not looked after properly. The surface of the wood deck will collect debris and grime regularly. If these are left unchecked, the color of the wood starts to change. Also, the deck can be washed with pressure. 

But when you are washing it with pressure, you have to be careful not to harm the surface of the deck. Just clean the whole deck regularly unless you want to clean a huge pile of debris and dust at once. Do not clean the deck with all the furniture on top of it. Remove it to fully cleanse the deck.

Routine Inspections

If you cannot clean the wood deck regularly, then you can set a routine on a weekly basis to inspect the wood deck. While inspecting the wood deck, whenever you spot something, you have to be prepared to fix it. You have to be more cautious during spring and summer. In this way, you can point out any small flaws of the wood deck. 

Also, check the railing if it is loose or not, examine the joints, posts, and beams of the wood deck. Also, do not forget to check the hardware under the deck in the routine inspection.

Refreshing the Whole Deck

Your wood deck can be damaged by UV rays from the sun. In order to protect the wood deck from various issues, you can do the following steps. These will help in preserving and refreshing the whole deck.

Plants and Shrubs

All of your plants in a pot and focal parts add additional beauty to your deck. But this can cause stains and marks on the wood surface because of water and soil. All near trees, shrubs, and any other interesting things can become an issue further down the road if they grow close to the sides of the deck. Move around your plants every week and trim off any overgrown plants.

Power Wash

When the colder months are coming, detach any items from your deck and use a powerful cleaner to undo any deep stains, patches of mildew, or any grime that may have gathered over the season.

Sand and Repaint or Restain

All weather elements such as wind and sunlight can take part in fading your deck’s paint. Regular usage and high traffic patterns over the area of your deck will also result in areas of considerable wear. You can restore the area by sanding the existing paint or stain and repaint or restain the wood. Ensure you apply a coat of sealant on the finished deck once the paint or stain has set or dried.  

Check for Rot and Cracks

Even if you have the best schedule to check your wood deck, they will face cracks or rot eventually. In the worst-case scenario, the rotten parts or cracks can weaken the deck. Replacing those cracked boards and dry rotted areas can save you a lot of time and effort later on. 

Your wood deck is also a part of your home. Keeping it well-maintained will increase your home’s lifespan and value. Regular checking and repairing can keep the wood deck in great condition. 

Regular maintenance also helps you to keep the wood deck in good shape. You have to repair it if its wood is broken. You can fix it within a week after spotting it. If you are not sure how to repair damaged wood, then you can contact a construction professional for help.

If you notice some rotten wood on your deck, then you have to replace them immediately. Do not wait for the wood to break while using it. It may disturb your family and friends who come over to your house and may cause serious damage. So make sure that the rotten wood is replaced immediately as soon as you notice it.

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