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Designing your bathroom can be an exciting and fulfilling project. For most people, a dream bathroom is one that combines style, functionality, elegance, a touch of luxury and practical utility. 

Whether you’re planning a new build or give your old bathroom a fresh makeover, redesigning for a Wow factor, or need a more serviceable space, one of the key aspects is placement of the important elements. 

Making The Most of Your Bathroom Project

Planning is a crucial part of the process. Remember that your bathroom is a space where specific functions are carried out at certain times. It is used regularly and often shared by several people. Besides dealing with multiple uses, it has to remain clean, fresh and hygienic at all times. 

Safety is also a huge concern, as a large number of accidents happen in bathrooms. Slip and fall and electric shock accidents can happen unless the bathroom is kept dry and safe. 

You can draw up a list of must-haves for your bathroom. This may include the toilet and sink, shower, storage, bath, accessories, mirrors, heaters/dryers, power sockets, lighting, shelving, bath or home-spa etc. 

Apart from these basic features, if you have seniors or persons with disability using the bathroom, they may require specially designed elements and assistive technology. 

The bathroom vanity and mirrors are an important part of the detailing in your bathroom. Make sure that you pay enough attention to this feature while designing your bathroom. You can easily install a bathroom vanity mirror to suit your requirements. 

How To Select The Right Bathroom Vanity Mirror?

Mirrors are a must-have in every bathroom. You can have wall mounted, decorative and accessory, full-length, free-standing, pivot mirrors, mirrors attached to the medicine cabinet, and a mirror attached to the door. 

You can select the shape according to your taste and preference. Square, oval, rectangle, round, hexagonal, octagonal, or round. The space limitations may also help you to decide the shape and size. 

While a mirror is a staple feature of every bathroom, no matter what its size and shape, a vanity mirror is a slightly different product. 

These mirrors, apart from offering a bright and reflective surface, are specially designed to help you while grooming, shaving, applying make-up or styling your hair. A vanity mirror is a great bathroom accessory that ensures you look your best before you step out to face the world. 

It can be lighted so that the focus remains crystal clear. It helps you to concentrate on the area of your face that you’re working on, whether it’s to apply make-up or shave, to achieve the best results. Good lighting and a well-positioned vanity mirror show the details of your face or the area you’re working on. 

You can install LED strip lighting around the edges of the mirror, or get task lighting that you can adjust according to the need. Badly lit vanity mirrors don’t serve their purpose. 

There are different types of vanity mirrors:

Extendable Mirrors: If you want a multipurpose portable or movable mirror, these are a good option. They help you focus on finer details, while shaving or applying make-up. You can fix them to the wall or leave them free standing. 

Round Mirror: These too help to draw focus to the face and hair. Some of them can be flipped to convex and concave formats for better utility. 

Double and Triple Mirror: These mirrors give a good effect from different angles. It’s great when you want to get views from different perspectives. 

How To Install Your Bathroom Vanity Mirror?

This project has to be approached in a systematic manner. You can use hanging or mounting hooks, cleats, double sided tape or adhesives. 

Positioning the mirror is very important. It should be based on the height of the shortest adult person who will be using it. This makes viewing convenient. 

Another important factor to consider is how much of splash you’ll get from the sink. Mirrors that are positioned too close to the sink and the tap are difficult to keep clean. Water spots are not easy to remove and they make your mirror look messy and dirty. Positioning the mirror above the sink is not compulsory – this may come as a surprise to you.  If it’s not convenient or possible due to space restrictions, place your mirror elsewhere and get used to brushing your teeth without staring at your reflection. 

Lighting is another parameter to consider. Wall lights, sconces, task lighting, strip lighting, 

Large, Heavy Frames: If your mirror is large (more than 2 or 3 feet in length and breadth) and heavy (more than 6 kilos), it’s very important that you hang it keeping safety and support in mind. Before you purchase the mirror, check if the wall can support such a heavy weight. Weigh the mirror so that when you choose the hooks, they are sturdy enough. You may have to attach the right kind of D-rings that are also strong enough. Mark the spot where you want to hang the mirror. Get help from friends or family to help you position the mirror and hold it firmly till the task is complete. 

Make sure that the frames are made of waterproof materials, because bathrooms provide a damp and moist environment. While wood looks great, it can rot or become a breeding ground for fungus and mold, or warp due to moisture. Metals can rust and lose their shape. 

Light Frames or Frameless: These mirrors require cleats above and below. Thin framed mirrors that weigh about 2-4 kilos and frameless mirrors can be supported by these cleats. You can attach the cleats to the wall with the help of a power-drill. Once they’re in place, you can fix the mirror correctly. 

Small, light Mirrors or Frameless: Flat, small or frameless mirrors are easy to hang. You need to find the right adhesive. Ensure that the rear of the mirror is clean and dust-free. Mark the right position where the mirror must be hung. Apply the adhesive according to the instructions on the tube. Press the mirror into place and ensure that none of the adhesive oozes out from the sides. Hold the mirror firmly in place so that the adhesive can act. Apply sellotape or duct tape overnight around the sides of the mirror. This will allow the adhesive to set properly. 

Once you’ve attached the mirror vanity, you can accessorize with the right lighting, shelves, and nick-knacks.


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