How To Cut Rocks with a Tile Saw

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Rocks are used for many different purposes. They can add to the beauty of your house and your ornaments. Moreover, rocks are diverse in various shapes, sizes, and colors. However, the raw form of a rock is not as beautiful as its finished form; that’s the reason for cutting rocks being so significant part of your project.

Cutting rocks maybe a satisfying job as long as you know how to cut them to your specifications. This job is not going to be a concern for you, because there are tile saws which are capable of cutting hard rocks appropriately. And this article will put forth the proper instructions about how to cut rocks with a tile saw. 

How to Cut Rocks with a Tile Saw: Clear and Concise Instructions

Other than the rocks, a wet tile saw is the key element of your project. To get the best outcome for your project, you will need a good, capable tile saw. The good news is that you will find many affordable wet tile saws out there suitable for bulk professional work and fancy domestic work alike. Grab one and follow my step-by-step guideline while cutting rocks…

Step 01: Set Up the Tile Saw

Once you get your wet tile saw, it’s time to prepare it to have your project done. Read the following instructions to set up your tile saw.

  • Set up the tile saw on a firm table positioned on a plane surface. The machine and the table should be firm and stable. Stability is required to prevent the rocks from tipping off.
  • You should select a place where you can easily connect the plug of the tile saw. 
  •  A diamond blade has to be attached to the tile saw. You need to check the blade if its edges are even or not. If the blade has some rough and irregular edges, replace it with another one, or smoothen it.
  • Diamond-tipped blades are perfect for cutting those hard rocks.
  • Another essential task is to put enough water in the reservoir. The blade should be immersed in water as water keeps the blade cool.

Step 02: Prepare the Rocks

  • Rocks can form different shapes and sizes. Mark the rocks according to the shapes and sizes you want them to develop. Use a permanent marker in marking them.
  • Keep the rocks in a vessel of water for a while. Then place them on the table.

Step 03: Start cutting

Position yourself on the opposite side of the rock. After that, place the rock in the right place. Then turn on the power switch of the tile saw. Wait until the blade reaches its highest speed. Then firmly pull the rock as it gets in contact with the blade.

Make sure you pull the rock according to the lines you’ve drawn to get your desired shapes. As the rock goes in contact with the blade, you get the fantastic cut. It’s very satisfactory to watch!

You can pull or push the rocks, but pulling is preferred because it saves you from the splashes coming out of the tile saw. You can wear a rain-coat, I suggest, to further protect yourself from splashes. But this is not a too serious thing to be concerned about. 

If you notice any redness or spark in the process of cutting, stop working, and wait for a while. It’s okay to work slowly to protect yourself. When it’s ready to work again, go for it.

Safety Measures

A wet tile saw is a powerful machine with a round blade. To work with this type of device, you need to maintain safety precautions as you don’t want to end up hurting yourself. Wear a pair of hand gloves to protect your hands. Wear a mask and earbuds, and glass to save your nose, ears, and eyes.

Keep an extra bucket of water to avoid water shortage when the saw is running. If you have a bulk project of cutting a lot of rocks, you will need more water. Remember, running a tile saw dry might damage the blade, rocks, or machine itself.

Cut Rocks like a pro!

That is how easy and straightforward it is to cut rocks with a wet tile saw. Once you learn the A to Z process that you have just read, it becomes a satisfying job as you try to form different shapes of rocks with a tile saw. Mastering the whole process may take some time, but the outcome is always priceless.

Now that you know how to cut rocks with a tile saw, you will be able to cut rocks as precisely as a craftsman.

Go wolves when you work with a wet tile saw.

Sophie Turner
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