How to Clean Shower Head Without Vinegar? 6 Easy Hacks to Try

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Will you wish to try the DIY about how to clean shower head without vinegar? Then, let’s reveal these secret hacks today that most people may not know.

To clean the clogged, dirty shower head using vinegar is easy, though. What if you are not available with vinegar. Or, you don’t like the smell of vinegar.

So, thinking about the interest like you, we have done some experiments on cleaning the shower head without using any vinegar. Eureka!  We got some practical and effective methods.

Let’s know them.

How to Clean Shower Head Without Vinegar?

Nobody likes to have a bath under the nasty, rusty showerhead. And for a healthy bath, you sometimes need to clean the shower heads manually. 

Here we show you 6 easy and affordable DIYs to try and clean it without a hitch.

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Cleaning Hack-1: Using Lime Juice

Well, our first method is about how to clean a shower head with lemon juice. We all know that lime juice efficiently works against rust and dust. And using lime juice, you can easily clean the showerhead.

Check out the steps for using lime juice.

Step-1: Cut a Lemon & Squeeze out the Juice

Take a whole lemon and cut it. Then squeeze out the juice from it.

Step-2: Mix the Lime Juice with Some Water

Mix the lime juice with some little amount of water. And make a mixture. Don’t add too much water and make the mixture thinner.

Step-3: Take a Scrubber or Toothbrush & Rub

Take out the showerhead. Take a toothbrush, dip into the lime mixture, and rub on the showerhead.

You can use any scrubber if you have and gently rub over the entire head. Keep scrubbing until you see the shine back again. Lemon has citric acid into it that helps effectively to remove any rust and dirt.

Step-4: Wash the Shower Head 

Now, wash it out clearly and attach the showerhead. Run the water to clear out excess lime, if there remains any.

Don’t scrub too roughly that compels to take out the metal coating.

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Cleaning Hack-2: Using Baking Soda

The next affordable hack to try is cleaning with baking soda. Yes, many of the housewives know this hack of cleaning tarnish with baking soda. Here, people use vinegar mostly. 

But we will show you the process on how to clean a shower head with baking soda and without any vinegar.

Let’s see the method.

Step-1: Take some baking soda & liquid detergent into a Ziplock Bag 

Take some amount of baking soda and add some liquid detergent with it. Then, take this mixture into a ziplock bag or plastic bag.

Step-2: Dip the Shower Head into the Bag  

Dip the showerhead into this bag and wrap the bag around it correctly on the showerhead pipe. 

If you wish, don’t need to remove the showerhead. You can wrap it around the pipe and hang on the bag. Just make sure the entire shower head sink into the solution.

Leave it like this for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step-3: Take out the Bag & Clean the Faucet  

Take out the bag and gently rub to remove the excessive dirt. Run the water to clean if there remains any baking soda inside the faucet.

Baking soda works nicely for clearing the clogged shower head and running the water like new again.

Cleaning Hack-3: Use Coka Cola

Yes, you read it right. Using cold drinks like Coca-Cola, you can clean your rusty, clogged shower head. And who can not be available with CokaCola at home?

The process of using Coca-Cola is the same as shown in hack-2.  Still, we are showing a brief look for the steps.

  • Take a half-liter of Cokacola in a Ziplock bag.
  • Wrap the bag over the showerhead with the head dipped inside the Coke.
  • Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Take out the bag and rub the showerhead.
  • Wash away with clean water.
  • Run the shower to remove excess residue.

And find your shower head clean, tarnish-free again.  The Carbon-Di-Oxide and the Nitrogen gas inside Coke helps to fade away the tarnish and clog fast.

Cleaning Hack-4: Use Bleach

Bleach is a natural stain fader. So, know how to clean the rain shower head using bleach. It works effectively, but you must wear safety gloves before using bleach.

Bleach contains a harmful chemical that can cause harm to your skin if rubbed. So, use it carefully.

Have a look at the steps.

  • Take a 1:2 ratio of bleach and water into a spray bottle.
  • Now shake the bottle and make the mixture.
  • Spray some mix all over the showerhead.
  • Take a brush or scrubber and rub over the shower faucet.
  • If you can not manage a spray bottle, take the mixture in a bowl that won’t be for using any food containing.
  • Stop rubbing, when you see the stains fading out.
  • Wash away the faucet and run the water. There should not remain any bleach residue on and inside the shower faucet. Be careful here.

Keep a proper ventilation system when working with bleach. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves.

Cleaning Hack-5: Clean Using Oven Cleaner

After reading this method of using oven cleaner, many may be itching their head. But don’t be surprised, an oven cleaner works effectively for cleaning the rusty showerhead. 

So, this DIY hack is for the people who have an oven cleaner at home. And you can quickly kill two birds with one shot.

Let’s how to use the oven cleaner to clean shower head.

  • Spray some amount of oven cleaner over the showerhead and faucet.
  • Keep it like this for 15minutes to soften the dirt.
  • Take a stiff brush or any soft scrubber and rub over the shower faucet.
  • Keep rubbing until it becomes clean and shiny.
  • Wash away with water and also run the shower to check.

So, this is very easy to clean the showerhead with the oven cleaner you use to clean a nasty oven.

Cleaning Hack-6: Clean Using Any Detergent

Well, cleaning the rusty and clogged shower faucet using regular detergent is challenging enough. But if your shower is not that much rusty, try this method. 

It is the most common method that anyone knows and can try. Let’s see how to clean using detergent.

  • Take some warm water in a bowl.
  • Mix some regular detergent powder or any liquid detergent with the water.
  • Take a stiff brush, or a toothbrush, or a scrubber and dip into the mixture.
  • Rub over the showerhead and keep rubbing.
  • This process needs a little patience as it takes time to fade out the dirt. But warm water can help to fasten the cleaning process.
  • Wash away with clear water. 
  • Run the shower to clean it entirely.

Be careful while using warm water. Don’t spill hot water on your body part.

Final Verdict

It is mandatory to clean the showerhead once in a month. No matter it lies in the bathroom and water always runs through it. 

This water can sometimes leave some iron or other dirt that clog the faucet also make it rusty.

In this article, we have shown six ways on how to clean shower head without vinegar. Most people know the use of vinegar. But if you don’t like using vinegar, check these hacks and clean your shower head.

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