How To Clean Shark Cordless Vacuum?

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Shark cordless vacuum is comparatively new in the market. It cleans your home for you, but you need to clean the machine afterward. To get the best performance, you need to know how to clean Shark cordless vacuum.

Separate the filter pads and canister and wash them separately. Use warm water to clean thoroughly. If the debris stuck on the fielder pads doesn’t come off easily, use a soft brush and gently remove them. The dust canister can be cleaned with warm water. But avoid using any kind of soap. After the cleaning is done, air dry all the parts and reassemble the machine. 

The Shark cordless vacuum has proven its efficiency quickly after its launch and won consumers’ trust. But to keep it running in good condition, cleaning the machine from time to time is essential. 

Disassembling The Parts of Shark Cordless Vacuum

Before you start cleaning your Shark cordless vacuum, you must separate each part of the machine. Disassembling parts in a Shark cordless vacuum is not that difficult. 

Here are a few pointers to get you up to speed:

Separating The Floor Nozzle

You can separate the soft roller and brush roller in a Shark cordless vacuum. Even though various budget cordless vacuum cleaners have different ways to separate them, some standard procedures exist. 

To split the soft roller in the NV 800 series, you will find an eject button. Just pushing it downward will separate the soft roller from the machine. 

In other models, you can take out the soft roller by just pressing a small clip inside the cap of the brush roller. You will find the eject button to open the brush roller on the other side. Although you cannot completely detach it from the machine’s body, it will give more access to clean the vacuum. 

Opening The Dust Canister And Filter Pads

To open the dust canister, you will first have to detach it from the wand. 

There is a pull switch on the upper side of the wand. That will help you get the motor part separated from the floor nozzle. You can then empty the dust can and open up the dust canister’s back. 

Taking Out The Filer Pads

After you have opened the back of the dust canister, there’s a ribbon to pull. When you remove the ribbon, you will take out the filter pad known as a pre-motor filter. 

The pre-motor filter is composed of two types of filters. One is a foam filter, and the other is a felt filter—both of these need to be cleaned. 

Also, you will see that there is lots of debris and dust accumulated at the back of the dust canister. 

There is also a post-motor vacuum attached to the main body. You can just grab and pull it out. This works as a barrier between the dust particle and the motor.

Once you separate all these parts of the Shark cordless vacuum, they are ready to be cleaned. 

You might think that the separation process requires some profound technical expertise. But the truth is that you can get all the guidelines from the user manual. The separation process will take a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes if you know what you’re doing! 

How To Clean The Parts Of Shark Cordless Vacuum

The cleaning process should start with cleaning the filters and end with cleaning the flow nozzle. Let’s learn about the inside-out process that you should keep in mind while cleaning your Shark cordless vacuum.

Cleaning The Filter

There are two types of filters in the Shark cordless vacuum. They are the pre-motor vacuum And post-motor vacuum. Both of these vacuums are washable. 

The pre-motor filter stops the small dust particle from getting into the vacuum’s motor and keeps it safe. Therefore at the end of the use, lots of dust and debris accumulate on it. 

Manufacturers of Shark vacuum advise that you should clean it at least once a month. Cleaning it once a week is better. 

To clean the pre-motor filter, soak the filter pads in warm water. Manufacturers advise not to use any kind of soap or cleanser with the filters. Soap can clog up the filter, and thus, the vacuum will not work correctly. 

You can clean the post-motor filter in the same way. A good practice is to clean the post-motor filter at least twice a year. 

After washing both of these filters, you will have to dry them. Manufacturers of the machine suggest not to put the filters in your cloth dryer. It can harm the post-motor filter, and the pre-motor filter will shrink. You can put them in your dish rack or under the sun for air drying. 

Cleaning The Dust Canister

There are two types of cleaning for dust canisters. The first is to empty them regularly, and the other is periodic cleaning.

After you have used your vacuum, you need to empty the canister. Just removing the accumulated rubbish on the dust canister is enough. But if you want to take it a bit further, you can take out every dust particle using a brush. This extra care can ease out the periodic cleaning. 

When you perform a periodical clean, it means you wash it in and out. Here also, you wash it with warm water and a soft-bristled brush. 

And after the cleaning is done, make sure to dry the canister for at least 24 hours. For drying it perfectly, open up the lid and place it in an upside-down position. Let it rest near somewhere with sufficient sunlight so that there is no moisture left. 

Cleaning The Hose Pipe

You should also pay close attention to the hose pipe. They transfer all kinds of dust from the nozzle to the dust canister. It is wise not to wet them. Instead, try dry cleaning. 

With the help of long thin brushes, you can clean the inside of the hose pipe. Cleaning it properly will ensure longevity. Avoid using any kind of wet brush to clean the hose pipe. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the vacuum.

Cleaning The Floor Nozzle

The floor nozzle comprises two rollers – the soft roller and the brush roller. You can easily take off the soft roller. But the brush roller is attached with the floor nozzle in Shark cordless vacuum. 

After taking out the soft roller, soak it in the warm water. This will take out all the accumulated junks on the roller. Always remember not to use any kind of soap. 

After washing them, air dry them for at least 24 hours. Try to put them under the sunlight. This will help to get rid of any kind of microbial growth. 

Before reattaching with the nozzle, make sure that it is completely dry. Otherwise, when you use the vacuum, specks of dust will get wet and create blockage in the machine.

You cannot take out the brush roller from the nozzle. When you open the cap of the brush roller, you will find a lot of debris and hair on it. 

To clean the debris, use a tweezer. You will have to take out the strain of debris and hair one by one. This accumulated debris and hair create restrictions while cleaning with the vacuum.

Cleaning Shark cordless vacuum parts by parts is essential. This helps to clean it thoroughly. Assemble back all the elements one by one after you are done with the cleaning process. Before working with the vacuum again, make sure the parts are correctly placed in the proper arrangement. 

Maintenance Tips

All these cleaning techniques mentioned here are for periodic cleaning. But some day-to-day maintenance will lower the effort in this cleaning process. 

Here are a few tips on how to keep the vacuum cleaner up and tidy:

  • After using the vacuum every time, make sure to empty the dust canister.
  • Clean the dust canister with a soft bristle brush once every two or three days.
  • Avoid using the vacuum on wet surfaces. Shark cordless vacuum cleaners are not experts in wet cleaning.
  • Choose a suitable hair protector for your floor nozzle. This will cause less friction in the brush roller.
  • Change the filter pad once a year. 
  • Look for any kind of damage on the parts of the shark cordless vacuum if you are having issues with your cleaning.
  • Store your Shark vacuum cleaner in a clean and dry place.

These small tips and tricks will help you preserve your vacuum cleaner’s longevity. They will also ensure top-notch cleaning performance from the machine without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you wash a Shark cordless vacuum?

Yes, you can wash your Shark cordless vacuum. But make sure not to use any kind of soap. Also, air-dry them afterward. Cleaning the machine parts with your bare hands is also completely fine.

Is a Shark cordless vacuum worth it?

Among the cheap cordless vacuum cleaners, Shark cordless vacuum is one of the best in the market. Their machines perform the cleaning job almost perfectly, and they are easy to clean as well.

How much does the Shark vacuum cordless cost?

Cordless vacuum cleaners can be expensive. Some models can cost you over 300 dollars. But as a company boasting budget cordless vacuum cleaners, Shark starts their pricing for the machines at 200 to 250 dollars.  

Final Words

It is essential to know how to clean a shark cordless vacuum cleaner. This is one of the vital maintenance processes. 

Accumulation of remaining dust particles on your vacuum will tamper with its performance. Try to clean the machine as frequently as possible to get its best performance. Know your vacuum cleaner inside out and enjoy a clean, dust-free home! 

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