How to clean carpet with a vacuum cleaner

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These days it’s somewhat hard to tell a clean carpet from a dirty carpet because of the way that modern carpet is made. Below are some of the ways on how to clean carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Why Is Not Vacuuming Bad For Your Carpet?

Not vacuuming is not a good thing because of the effects that dirt and debris can have on your carpet. When left settled into the fibers of the carpet, dirt and debris can rip and tear at it leaving and damaged and worn out. Dirt particles have sharp edges that can cut into the individual fibers of the carpet and wreak havoc on them. Over time, your carpet will look worse and worse each day if you fail to clean it.

Everyday foot traffic can damage the carpet also. Heavy footsteps can press down carpet strands and damage them. If this is allowed to go on without vacuuming, the rate at which carpet wears out will continually increase. Vacuuming carpet essentially “fluffs” carpet much like a pillow and gets the individual carpet fibers standing upright again, leaving your carpet looking more full and like-new.

Focus On High Traffic Areas First

High traffic areas are the most critical of the health of your carpet. Pay close attention to these areas and take care of them first. If you only have a short time to complete your vacuuming task, consider hitting these areas and worry about areas that see little foot traffic second.

Proper Vacuum Cleaner height Settings

Most vacuums come with a carpet height setting that dictates how much space comes between the rollers and the floor surface. For thick carpets, the highest setting should be used to be the most effective. For short carpets and hardwood floors, the lowest possible setting is preferable.

Choosing the right Vacuum Cleaner

Proper cleaning of the carpet in your home also starts with choosing the right vacuum cleaner for the job. One of the most important factors that you must focus on when selecting a vacuum cleaner for your home is suction power. Thicker carpets will require a higher level of suction, while holmes with short carpet will require less suction power.

If your home has a lot of small nooks and crannies that need to be vacuumed, or if you have a lot of stairs and elevated carpeted surfaces, then you might consider alternatives such as the backpack vacuum for an increased level of ease of use.

Ensuring that your Vacuum Cleaner runs effectively

Properly vacuuming carpet not only includes vacuuming techniques, but it also includes making sure that your equipment is running properly. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner is free of clogs and that the rollers are not constricted by strands of hair, string, or other debris items of substantial length. You can increase suction power by ensuring that all filters are cleaned, hoses are cleared, all storage tanks are emptied, and all bags (if equipped) are emptied as well.

Vacuum cleaning a home is a process that homeowners use to keep their houses free from small particles, dirt, and dust. Failure to avoid vacuuming a room can lead to unwanted problems, which sometimes can be a health concern. It is advised for homeowners to vacuum their houses regularly; at least a couple times per week. The reason for this is that vacuuming is an easy, effective way of removing dry soils from your home and can increase the life of your carpet.

To vacuum a carpet, the vacuum machine is pushed over the carpet several times to remove any undesirable material. While vacuuming the carpet, the machine is moved in all directions to cover all areas of the room. The device should be moved more often over areas of higher traffic while areas of less traffic will be vacuumed over for a smaller amount of time. Some vacuums have sensors for detecting areas of high dirt and cleaner areas.

The canister vacuum and the bag vacuum are the two main types of vacuum machines. These vacuums are both very effective for vacuuming carpets. The canister type of vacuum can also be used for vacuuming bare floors, every nook, and cranny of the house and staircases.

A plus of the canister vacuum type is that it does not involve the use of a vacuum bag, while its con is that it is a little more difficult to dispose of the content. In the canister vacuum, it is required to keep the filter and dust containers clean.

The above problem is not experienced in the bag type of vacuum cleaner. This is because it stores every dirt and dust particle right inside the bag, though it is a little difficult to retrieve tiny objects that are caught up in the vacuum. It also requires changing the bags regularly, so it is not as cost-effective since you will need to continue to buy new bags. If it is a bagged vacuum, the bag needs to be less than half full for the best results.

With the right assortment of attachments for your vacuum, it is a lot easier to reach all edges of the carpet and even other hard to reach places without carpeting.


vacuuming the carpet is a very good way of keeping it clean. This should be done very regularly to achieve the maximum result.

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