How To Choose Right Kitchen Sink

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For choosing the right kitchen sink is one of the key tasks that you will make. It is rightly said that the kitchen mostly revolves around the sink. It makes a great impact on your daily life like cooking, washing, preparing food, and cutting. Your right selection of sink makes this task very efficient and enjoyable.

Firstly you think that how you can use the sink before selecting the right kitchen sink. There are a lot of features and characteristics that you have to consider before place the sink in your kitchen.

5 Steps To Choose Right Kitchen Sink

1. Select the Size of Sink

When selecting a sink size, there are a few things you have to ask yourself. There are two significant choices to select from. Either you have a huge sink in the kitchen or a small. Generally, you will make your mind that the large size sink required higher the amount.

You have to be realistic about how much you need the sink, too. Make sure that your lifestyle and the way you generally use your kitchen are also considered. You can usually get away with a standard size is 22 to 33 inches long if you’re not an expert chef if you have the countertop area to handle it, but it’s still easier to go larger than smaller.

Ensure that the new kitchen sink fits the existing area of cabinets. Otherwise, the custom-sized cabinets could need in some larger sinks.

2. Number of Bowls Required

There are different style of the sink are a single bowl and double bowl. A single bowl sinks commercially made as long as 33 inches, while 48 inches can be reached by a double bowl sink type. Any of those takes up a lot of real estate in the kitchen, so their preference will be dependent on how much counter space they can spare.

Would you ever meet with someone who complained about being too spacious sink? I think that you ever met someone who complained about their sink being too spacious? Oh, I don’t think so. Consider a double-bowl sink, if you have space and money. This lets you isolate dirty dishes from the available sink space which makes it much easier to clean up the whole process.

Alternatively, You can get with a large single bowl sink if you want only one large useable area without the dividing in the middle. This work great if you prefer to wash a lot of large size pans and serving dishes.

3. Materials for Sink

There are many options to choose from when it comes to good kitchen sinks like porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron, or more. Be realistic consider your budget while selecting a material, how durable you want your sink to be, how frequently you plan for cleaning, and how much maintenance you are prepared to put in. Take a look at the available material for the sink below:

Stainless Steel

When it comes to selecting a sink, stainless steel is everyone’s go-to. It’s long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean. If your kitchen sink is a little harder, investing in a stainless steel sink may be good. They look very minimalist and elegant and keeping clean would be much easier.

Cast Iron

A cast iron sink offers a traditional and elegant appearance to your kitchen. This style of sink is available in a number of colors and is simple to clean. However, stop using abrasive sponges or scrubbers to clean them, since they may get scratched or chipped. The downside with cast iron sinks is that they are heavier, installation more complicated, and costly.

Porcelain sinks

In the bathroom, porcelain sinks are super popular, but not so much in kitchens, certainly not in modern and innovative ones. That’s because, in vintage-style kitchens or those channeling a farmhouse aesthetic, porcelain sinks balance best. The farmhouse sink would offer a great example. On the other side, porcelain sinks come in almost every color that you can imagine, so if you place a lot of emphasis on customization, that’s a bonus point for you.

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Granite composite sinks

Composite granite provides a new alternative option for sinks. These sinks are extremely resistant and very durable, but not everyone loves their speckled look. These sinks are almost as inexpensive, but a little less durable than stainless steel. The best benefit of granite ceramic sinks is that they are resistant to cracks, chips, and water stains.

Natural stone sinks

Stone options are often aesthetically appealing, but in the long run, they will prove to be costly and high-maintenance. It will be prone to cracks, chips, and stains, and careful maintenance will be required.

4. Choose a Type Of Sink Installation

Under Mount

Below the countertop, an under-mounted sink is installed such that the sink drops down. For this type of sink, the apparent benefit is that you can clean a surface directly into the sink. The under-mounted sink is consistent with solid surface countertop materials such as granite, soapstone, marble, or steel sinks. It has a different modern look but these are costly as compare to top minted sinks due to the complicated installation processes. In the under-mounted sink, a stainless steel kitchen sink works great therefore they are much lighter.

Top Mount

The top mount sinks are installed in the hole of your kitchen countertop so that there is no need for help for the interior. However, It is very easy to install, but it is generally very difficult to clean these kinds of sinks.


Farmhouse sinks installed underneath the countertop, with the front uncovered and on the top of the cabinet base., they are usually wide & deep like in traditional kitchen sink, though as a modern choice it becomes more popular. It comes in both single and double bowl but a single bowl is most popular. Make sure that the base cabinet measurements are sufficient so that if the sink can be placed at the correct height.

5. Faucets and Accessories

The choice of faucet specifies the number of holes you need in the sink. Before order, the sink, select the right faucet accordingly. Extra holes for accessories such as soap dispensers and pull out hand sprays are also considered.

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