How to Build a Commercial Pressure Washer

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A pressure washer is a device that efficiently cleans a surface, saving time and energy. It’s quite easy and convenient to build a commercial pressure washer when you cannot afford to buy one.

Why do you need to build a pressure washer when you can buy one?

We all know the benefits of having a pressure washer, but not all can afford to buy one. Building a commercial pressure washer needs a pump, an engine, few hoses, a spray gun, and necessary nozzles. Apart from the above components, we need a strong metal frame for those components to sit on. 

Can I build a commercial pressure washer?

You don’t have to be an expert to build your own pressure washer. You just need to have a basic idea about joining different components of a machine. Before you build your own pressure washer, you need to have all the parts of a machine. You can buy these parts from the market, or you can also order them online. So, buy them and get back to the real business of making a commercial pressure washer.

Which pressure washer is rated for commercial use?

Power washing machines are categorized into two types, residential pressure washers and commercial pressure washers. The main difference between these two categories is the power. A residential device contains less power, somewhere below 2500 PSI, whereas a commercial pressure washer contains over 2500 PSI. Generally, commercial machines use gasoline to generate power. Depending on the types of work, people buy various machines. But, most of them buy a commercial pressure washer of 3000 to 4000 PSI with 3-4 GPM as it can do most of the heavy-duty cleanings.

What Do I need to build a commercial Pressure Washer?

The main components needed to build a commercial pressure washer are a powerful machine that can run by either gasoline or electricity and a powerful pump to generate more than 3000 PSI pressure. Apart from these two main parts, we also need a high-pressure garden hose, a spray gun, some nozzles, and a strong metal frame to place all the parts on it. If you can manage wheels attached to the frame, it will be easier to carry the machine to places. You also need a toolbox for tightening the screws.

How to Build a Commercial Pressure Washer

When you have all the required components, you can start building your own commercial pressure washer.

At first, you put the engine on the frame and attach it with some screws tightly. All the components need to be attached firmly so that they don’t come off while using. Next, place it in such a way so that you can place the pump beside it and attach it with its rotating rod.

Now place the pump beside the engine and attach it with the engine firmly. When the engine runs, it’ll propel the pump to generate pressure. After that, fix the pump with the frame using some screws. It has to be carefully done because the pump will vibrate while running.

In the next step, attach the garden hose to the pump inlet and the water source, which can be a reservoir tank or a faucet. Connect one end of the high-pressure hose to the pump’s outlet and the other end to a spray gun. Attach the required nozzle at the top of your spray gun, and your commercial pressure washer building is done.

Now it’s time to run the setup and check if it’s working properly. Connect the power supply; if you have an electric engine connect the power cord to the power source, or if you have a gas engine, fill the tank with gasoline. Turn on the water supply and start the engine. Wait for few minutes before you spray water for the machine to settle down. Now spray water by pulling the trigger of your spray gun. You can check its water pressure with a pressure gauge.

Which one is best: To Buy or To Build?

A customized machine is always best as you can make it according to your own need. But, if you cannot build it perfectly, it’ll not provide you the optimum service. On the other hand, factory-built pressure washers go through multiple checking and inspection to ensure the best service. So you can easily depend on a purchased machine, and you get warranty service where their experts will repair your machine in case of any problem.


Pressure washer machines have brought a revolution to the cleaning sector. They save your valuable time and energy; you can actually clean a lot within a short time. Moreover, the cleaning of a power washer is much effective than a conventional method. To avail of these benefits, you need to have a pressure washer; if you cannot afford to buy one, you can build one. However, building a commercial pressure washer is quite easy and cost-effective nowadays, and for that, users tend to build their own machines.

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