How safe are smart door locks?

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The latest crime statistics show that in every 40 seconds, a burglary has been committed in the USA. Most of these occur during the daytime between 10:00 to 3:00 when people try to protect their homes with cameras, fancy doors, and windows. 

There’s a new breed of security tech hoping to help reduce breakings and keep your property safe. Smart Lock is a connected bit of tech that makes it possible to enter your home using secure apps on your smartphone or using a key fob. So the question will surely emerge on your mind: how safe are smart door locks? Let’s discuss the question further…

How safe are smart door locks? – Know before it’s too late

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Now the question is, are these locks as secure as good old-fashioned lock keys? Well, let’s talk about the types of security these smart locks offer. 

You might find two different types of smart locks on the market. You will be able to remotely lock, unlock, or completely disable the system via a smartphone.

  • A smart lock that fits over your existing lock

 It’s about converting your normal lock to a smart lock. You leave your key in the cylinder of your inside lock then you can open and secure your door via the app, a fob, or a keypad. So, the safety of the product depends on the cylinder’s toughness.  

This smart lock’s strength will fully depend on your existing lock’s build quality. It might be a fancy-looking smart lock, but it won’t be able to provide you any physical resistance when struck with a hammer or rod. It would take less than 5 minutes for a bugler to break in. This lock is relatively ineffective when it comes to providing adequate security.

  • A complete smart lock mechanism, replacing your old locks

This smart lock will come as a complete package. It won’t rely on how good is your installed lock as it will be completely replacing the whole lock system. This smart lock is controlled via an app, and you can send virtual keys to family and friends to let them in when you’re not home. 

This one is a bit different; there’s no key to it. So it’s purely a smart lock. This kind of smart lock will be the most robust, it will be able to endure physical attacks. These smart locks will resist any kind of force entry for a longer period. It will be able to send you a notification or alert the local authority if someone is trying to force their way through. It will be a great security system for your household.  

About buying the smart door locks

The most common fault in these smart locks is that they can be subject to and pretty vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A programmer can easily hack the system and break in. The manufacturing teams are identifying flaws in the smart lock to get them fixed.

With a smart lock, you can check if it’s locked or lock it from the other side of the world with the mobile app. A major vulnerability of that, in so many cases, the connection from your phone through the cloud to the lock, actually doesn’t check security properly. So a programmer can remotely unlock everything pretty easily. 

The problem is that a small number of manufacturers are about to get it right, but most aren’t. The cybersecurity issue for a smart lock is quite troublesome. The trouble is smart lock vendors forgetting mechanical bits, and then the mechanical manufacturers of locks forget the smart bits; it’s finding organizations that put those both together and do it right, and this isn’t easy. Some regulations have been applied to smart lock manufacturing. Hopefully, it will force all manufacturers to get it right.

Final words

I believe you got the gist of how safe are smart door locks? When it comes to buying a smart lock, buying the complete package with locks and other mechanisms is highly recommended. Always check the cyber strength and reviews of the smart lock you are thinking about buying. Best of luck; hopefully, you will be able to boost your home safety level with a smart lock.

Sophie Turner
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