How often should you do the maintenance of your AC?

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You take your car for regular refurbish. You do the gym daily to make sure you are fit and healthy. Just like anything else, your AC needs ordinary awareness, too, especially before the summer season.

Even the best of Ac’s require tune-ups occasionally; if they don’t get it, it becomes hard for them to function, resulting in energy efficiency and durability. Ac maintenance in Dubai or other hotter regions becomes more critical because AC is used throughout the calendar.

Now comes the question:

How often should you service your Ac?

There is no time for when you should service your Ac, and it also depends on where you are living and how often you are using your air conditioner. If you live in hotter regions like Asia and Dubai, you should probably get it checked after every three months. Ac maintenance in Dubai and other hotter areas becomes essential because they are in use 24/7. 

But if you live in colder or moderate temperature zones, it is probably best to get it checked every six months.

Why should you service your Ac?

To ensure that it is clean internally and operating flawlessly, and its parts are in good shape. It does not suppose to mean that you should not take care of it and leave everything to the technician. You can do half of the things like cleaning filters, which you should do, but leave the professional Ac maintenance to the technician.

Advantages of Ac support contracts:

These days, many air conditioning companies offer maintenance contracts. A customer agrees to pay a set amount of money and gets a discount on parts and accessories, priority service, and a twice-yearly inspection of the air conditioner.

Cost for the maintenance of Ac:

Cost for the maintenance of Ac varies where you live like in the U.S it costs around $140-$220. In contrast, Ac maintenance in Dubai costs AED 100-250. So it boils down to where you live and which type of maintenance you require.

Maintenance tips for air conditioner:

Change filters:

The easiest way to preserve your Ac is to change its air filters. You don’t need any professional support for this; all you need to do is locate your Ac’s filter slots, slide out the old one, and insert the new one.

Be sure to read your Ac’s manufacturer’s instructions for steps to replace the filters correctly.

Keep the area of the condenser clean.

The condenser is the outer part of your Ac, and it is exposed to dirt, stones, and every kind of overgrowth. In some cases, the overhanging of greenery can fall into condensers, resulting in mechanical damages and jams.

Clean the coils of Ac

The condenser and evaporator of the air conditioner can collect dirt with time. This dirt lessens the airflow and hence lowering its ability to absorb heat. The condenser’s coil can also become dirty as it is placed outside and needs to be checked every week. Ac maintenance in Dubai and other hot regions becomes more critical as they are used every day.

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