How Do You Organize Mops and Brooms?

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Mops and brooms are the most essential cleaning tools, but they can also make your house unorganized. Your house will look messy and chaotic because of messy mops and tools. So, it is necessary to organize these cleaning tools to have a neat and organized home.

Maximum users of these cleaning tools may have the query about How Do You Organize Mops and Brooms? Well, you can organize your cleaning tools like mops and brooms by using different types of mop and broom organizers. You can use a closet, cabinet, mop holders, broom holders, sliding storage, and others to organize your mops and brooms.

What Things You Need to Organize Mops and Brooms

How Do You Organize Mops and Brooms?

Well-organized mops and brooms will increase the beauty of your house. However, to organize your cleaning tools, you will need some organizing stuff. Below I have added a list of the best mop and broom holder and other organizing stuff.

  • You can mount a broom holder and mop holder on the wall, inside the cupboards, cabinets and shelves to organize your mops and brooms.
  • Use a whole broom closet to organize mops and brooms.
  • You can organize your cleaning tools inside a cabinet.
  • To organize mops and brooms, you can use sliding storage.
  • If you have a pantry, then use it to keep your mops and brooms.
  • You can use zip tiles to organize these cleaning tools.
  • Use a pullout rack inside the cabinet to store mops and brooms.

How Do You Store Your Mops and Brooms?

Every person wants to have a well-organized house. But when you think about a well-maintained and organized home, the first thing you need to know about How Do You Organize Mops and Brooms? So, let’s have a look at how to manage your cleaning supplies.

1. Make a Broom Closet

You can use a whole closet for storing cleaning tools like mops and brooms. The broom closet should have racks, hooks, and shelves to store all kinds of cleaning stuff. You can also use the closet door to hang your mops and brooms easily. To hang your cleaning tools try to mount the best mop and broom holder on the broom closet. 

2. Use the Cabinet Door

If you have a large cabinet, then set a mop broom holder on the cabinet door to hang your mops and brooms. These mop holders or broom holders come with rubber grips to hold the mops and brooms tightly. You can also make shelves on the cabinet door to store your cleaning tools. To hang the long-handled mops and brooms, try to use a thin broom and mop cabinets.

3. Use a Part of the Large Pantry

If there is a large pantry in your home, then you don’t need other space to store cleaning tools like mops and brooms. You can add shelves and hooks to hold your cleaning supplies.

4. Pegboard Wall to Hang Cleaning Tools

If there is a laundry room in your home, then set a pegboard on the wall to organize your cleaning stuff, including brooms and mops. By using a pegboard, you can easily find all your cleaning tools in one place quickly.

5. Sliding Storage

Try to use a sliding broom holder and mop holder to store your mops and brooms if you don’t have extra space to set a cabinet and broom closet. For example, you can place sliding storage between the wall and other things like the fridge. Using the sliding storage will help to hide your mops and brooms.

6. Wall Cabinet

You can make a wall cabinet to store your cleaning supplies, and it will not take extra floor space to build a broom cabinet. Installing a shallow wall cabinet will be a perfect place to store and hide mops and brooms.

Benefits of Organizing Mops and Brooms

Benefits of Organizing Mops and Brooms

Cleaning a home needs different types of house tools and cleaning tools like brooms, mops, and others. The more cleaning tools you use, the more mess will create. So, to avoid an unorganized home, you need to organize your cleaning products. Organizing mops and brooms also have some benefits, such as.

  • Your house will look well maintained and organized if you organize your cleaning supplies.
  • You can easily find your well-organized cleaning tools while cleaning the home.
  • If you store your cleaning products properly, they will last longer.
  • Long-handled mops and brooms will not fall down if they are well-organized
  • Organized cleaning stuff remains fresh and hygienic.

Regular Maintaining Tips for Brooms and Mops 

As mops and brooms are essential cleaning supplies, so you should maintain them regularly and properly. In addition, all the cleaning products need proper storage and care depending on their frequent usages. Here are some tips about maintaining brooms and mops.

  • Keep your brooms and mops separated from the other cleaning tools to avoid falling down along with brooms and mops.
  • Rinse your mops with hot water and white vinegar after every usage and soak them in the detergent to make them well-cleaned.
  • Don’t store wet mops because they will create a foul smell. In addition, the dampness of the mop can damage it.
  • Before storing cleaning tools, try to wash them properly and let them air dry completely to prevent germ and bacteria from forming.
  • You can comb out your broom fiber to remove any kind of rubbish and trash.


Though mops and brooms are essential cleaning tools to clean our home, their awkward size and shape make it difficult to store them properly. However, to know the storing process of these cleaning supplies, you may ask How Do You Organize Mops and Brooms?

Well, by using different types of broom holders, broom cabinets, mop holders, separate mop and broom closets, and others, you can organize your brooms and mops.

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