How Car Dealership Commercial Cleaning Can Raise Your CSI Scores

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If you work in the auto sales industry, you know that Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores are very important when it comes to the success of a dealership. Having a good score can literally make or break a car dealership, and that’s why it is such a strong focus for many people in the industry. Below is some helpful info about CSI scores, how you can improve them, and how you can maintain them once you reach a good score. 

What is the CSI?

First, let’s talk a bit about the CSI and what it means. The CSI is a scale used to rate car dealerships, and it is one of the main ways that manufacturers rank their locations. When a customer interacts with a dealership (usually through a car purchase), they will be asked to fill out a survey via mail, phone, or web. The survey contains a series of questions that usually ask the customer to give a score between one and ten. Once the survey is completed and returned, the company can use those scores combined with others to give an overall rating to the dealership. A CSI score doesn’t really reflect how well a dealership takes care of cars, it instead shows how well they take care of their customers.

The CSI rating can be especially helpful for executives who may not have any direct contact with local dealerships to get a sense of how each location is performing. Execs do tend to pay attention to CSI scores, and if one dealership’s ratings are dropping it could lead to cut funding and loss of jobs. On the flip side, higher CSI ratings could mean bonuses for the sales staff and an inventory stocked with in-demand vehicles. A low CSI can also cause your brand to lose loyalty and customers – because anyone with an internet connection can find the manufacturer’s CSI ratings. Customers have the power to call you out or build you up with a simple review every time they do business with you. And as many people know, a bad brand reputation can seriously decrease cash flow. 

For the above reasons, it is important to take steps to raise your CSI score as soon as you notice a downward trend!

How commercial cleaning can raise your dealership’s CSI scores:

Every car dealership is looking for ways to raise their CSI score and bump them ahead of the competitor. Many dealerships offer top quality service, customized shopping experiences, and bonuses to entice customers to keep coming back. The dealerships who do these things the best are rewarded with high CSI scores and higher sales. But it’s not all about grand gifts and spectacular experiences for your customers – sometimes it pays to go back to basics. This is where a commercial cleaning company comes in!

Not all CSI questions are about personal interactions with the dealership’s employees – some cover items such as how clean and presentable the waiting room or washrooms were. If your customer is met with a disorganized counter or a messy washroom stall, chances are that will taint their entire experience at your dealership. One negative element can change their entire survey response and cost you money.

By hiring a professional commercial cleaning team, you are setting up your dealership to be sparkling clean and ready to greet any customer. Not only does this make an impression on your clients, but a clean space can boost morale amongst your staff and help them give customers their very best service. Many studies have shown that a clean workplace boosts productivity and happiness among employees, and when you care for your employees, they will in turn care for your customers.

An alarming number of dealerships undertake their own cleaning, which means that staff are focused less on selling cars and more on keeping the space clean. When you let the professionals handle the cleaning, you are actually taking advantage of an affordable way to maximize sales potential for your dealership. 

How the Fantastic Cleaning team can help:

Whether you are looking to boost your CSI, or maybe you already have a great score and want to keep it, Fantastic Cleaning team can help. Their professional janitorial services can keep your car dealership running smoothly and looking great. Here are some ways that choosing Fantastic Cleaning can benefit you:

  • They create a plan with you that allows our staff to do their work without disrupting the dealership environment, your customers, or your employees.
  • They offer both janitorial services and commercial deep cleaning services to suit the needs of your company. 
  • Outsourcing janitorial work to them will save your employees time and it will save you money that might have been spent on cleaning supplies or employee time.
  • You can place your trust in professionals who have the tools, skills, and experience to properly clean your dealership.
  • With less time spent thinking about cleanliness, you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. 
  • Their team has the experience to understand the specialized janitorial needs of car dealerships and sales offices.

Not every cleaning service will be the right fit, and choosing the right partner is essential to achieving the CSI ratings that you seek. The Fantastic Cleaning team is proud to work with the auto sales industry and help them provide the best possible customer experience to all of their clients. 

Sophie Turner
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