Home Appliances That Definitely Deserve A Long Life

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Home appliances are expensive investments, and everyone wants their devices to last for as long as possible. No homeowner wants to face an unexpected breakdown for any of their appliances, as they are expensive to repair, plus it is a hassle to find a good technician to do the job. But if you buy a home warranty package, your appliances last longer, because experienced technicians, repair or replace the device as per the need. 

Home warranties repair or replace your appliances if they are malfunctioning due to normal wear and tear. They are not at all expensive and usually cost between $300-$700 annually, depending on the company. A service call fee ranging from $50-$125, also needs to be paid each time a technician repairs or replaces an appliance, this fee is also decided by the company, and stated in your contract.

Repairing any one of your major appliances without protection can cost you more than the annual premium, and deductible of a home warranty put together. This is why it is important to protect these appliances with warranties so that the longevity of them increases. 

 Now let’s take a closer look at some of the important appliances that deserve to be protected so that they last longer. 

Here’s A Look


Refrigerators are important appliances, in any home since the whole family uses it to store perishables. Make sure to adjust the settings of the refrigerator for optimal usage. Also, arrange all the items properly, so that they don’t fall out when one opens the door. They are devices that cannot be bought quite frequently, so it is vital that you treat them with care. 


Since washing dishes is a hassle, and quiet time consuming, dishwashers are essential home appliances that save you time and are extremely easy to use. Always places your dishes in the correct order so that no damage takes place when the device is in use. Also, use the device with care, and never open it while it is running.

 Dishwashers are quite expensive and also require installation which is usually an added expense. This is why you should use them appropriately so that they last longer. 


Repairing a clothes washer is not cheap, as they are big appliances that may require several parts to be replaced. Always use the right detergent, and never overload the device for the best long term functionality. Occasionally cleanse the insides of your washers, to avoid any bacteria and foul odors from developing. This is one such device that needs to last for a long period of time as washing clothes is an essential activity that must be done.

 Built-in Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are essential devices, as they help homeowners heat food. Many a time you use your ovens to heat or cook food at odd hours for those midnight cravings. These appliances deserve a long life, but if not maintained properly, they do get spoilt easily. No one wants to keep buying microwaves every two years, which is why you must use the correct dishes for heating food, and never overload the device. 

There are different types of microwaves, if you want to know every type then check out guide about microwave types in detail on mrmicrowave.uk

Garage Door Openers

Many may not realize the importance of a garage door opener, but it is an essential part of everyday life. No one wants to come home after a hard day of work to find their garage door stuck or only opening halfway. Since these devices are quite expensive to replace, it is necessary that you maintain them with care for long term usage.

Top Home Warranty Companies Protecting These Appliances

Many top home warranty companies do offer warranty plans that protect these home items, as they are subject to damage at any point in time. These plans not only repair the components of your appliances but also replace them if they are beyond repair. With these plans, you also get coverage for other appliances and systems. 

There are several other perks of warranties that customers are benefited from, such as 24/7 customer care, customizable plans, a wider network of contractors, the option to transfer a home warranty policy, etc.    


Your appliances are an essential part of your home, which is why proper care is a must. No one wants to keep purchasing new appliances frequently, as the whole process is quite burdensome. Consider getting your free home warranty quote, so that your appliances are protected, and your mind is at peace. 

Sophie Turner
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