Expert Advice: Why Switch To Steam Cleaners For Your Home

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The cleaning chemicals we use within our homes are extremely dangerous, many are highly poisonous which can lead to death if accidentally confused. Is there a need for these chemicals within our home? Can we still achieve the same level of cleaning results without the use of dangerous cleaning products?  

Steam cleaning products are fast becoming the most popular option for homeowners who are looking for a safer way to keep their home clean. Offering exceptional health benefits and improved performance, it’s hard to see these cleaning products going anywhere any time soon. Never have there been such advancements to the cleaning technology we use and the future for the cleaning industry will be very exciting. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the key reasons why you should consider upgrading to steam cleaning products and why this small change today will have a lasting impact on how safe your home is. 

Child-Friendly Domestics Cleaning

One of the biggest fears amongst parents is that the kids will get hold of something they shouldn’t have. With cleaning chemicals being so deadly it’s so important that this doesn’t happen. Luckily, steam cleaners do not require any harmful chemicals to deliver excellent cleaning results. All they require is a fresh tank of water upon every use and a source of power to boil this water. 

By eliminating the harmful chemicals for your cleaning routine, you are making your home extremely safer for young children. I know what you thinking, there are always going to be a need for some chemicals in the home, well with the range of attachments that come with steam cleaners nearly all of your home can be cleaned chemical-free. 

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

By eliminating cleaning chemicals from your routine, you will be reducing your impact on the environment, therefore creating an environmentally friendly cleaning routine. There are very few studies out there that document the harm these cleaning chemicals are having upon our globe, but there is one clear thing, these cleaning chemicals are harmful to humans so there are harmful to the living creators all around us.

Another important factor to consider when evaluating the environmentally friendliness is the containers these chemicals are stored within. Commonly, these chemically will be stored in much thicker, corrosion-resistant bottles. These bottles are very hard to recycle and end up in our landfill sites more often than not. When comparing the environmental impact of these cleaning products to steam cleaning its an obvious which is the better option. 

Killing Bacteria In The Home

Now let’s get into the effectiveness of steam cleaners. Studies have shown the steam cleaner will kill 99.99% of bacteria making it the perfect keeping the home clean and safe on a day to day basis. This is very impressive results when you consider the device is only using heat and water to deliver these results. It just goes to show you that you don’t need to apply deadly cleaning chemicals to all corners of your house to achieve a truly clean house. 

Improved Allergies Relief 

Did you know that by cleaning your home with a steam cleaner will dramatically reduce dust mite allergy symptoms? Well, now you do. The dry vapour steam penetrates deep into the fibres of your carpets, mattresses and bedding which killing dust mites and their eggs. The perfect solution for someone who is looking for a way to tackle their allergies head-on. 

To summarise, steam cleaners are an amazing option for homeowners who are looking to improving their cleaning routine and make the home a safer place for all. They offer an exceptional range of benefits which leave the traditional cleaning chemicals struggling to compare. For businesses who hire commercial cleaning Southampton make sure you speak to them about making the switch today. 

Sophie Turner
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