Budget-friendly ideas to update your kitchen

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you cook, eat, socialize and spend time with family. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a kitchen that doesn’t reflect your personality or lifestyle – especially when it’s time to update the space!

The kitchen is the one room in the house that’s always being used, so it can get pretty messy and cluttered over time. Budget-friendly kitchen updates can make a world of difference in your home. 

While we all want to live in a house that is fresh and new, sometimes it’s not possible. We’re going to give you some easy tips for sprucing up this space without breaking the bank!

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Replace cabinet hardware.

Change out door knobs, drawer handles, and hinges to give your cabinets a fresh new look! For only $40 you can change the entire feel of your kitchen by changing just changing the knobs or handles on each drawer. 

Not sure which style will work best with your space? Go for something classic like polished nickel, satin brass, or oil-rubbed bronze. They are timeless looks that go well in almost any decorating scheme! 

If you’re feeling daring try some fun colored finishes like bright reds, greens, blues, pinks, or purples (the more colorful options tend to be pricier). 

If you want an inexpensive update but still want something fun perhaps consider spray painting with simpler bold colors; it doesn’t have to be perfect, just effective!

Swap out your appliances

While you can’t splurge on a full appliance makeover (yet), it is possible to bring new life into the kitchen with paint by using paint tips for the best finish on your appliances.  

Change up the color scheme in order to modernize older appliances by painting them bright colors that will pop against darker countertops or cabinets! 

If an all-white kitchen works for you, go ahead and switch everything to a monotone color palette; what’s better than having brand spanking new-looking appliances? 

Add a backsplash for an updated look and feel

Backsplashes can be the expensive necessary evil of updating your kitchen, but if you’re looking to cut costs there are ways around it! 

Swap out the materials by going with tile or glass instead of ceramic, which tends to cost more than $30 per sheet (that’s $300+ total). 

If you want to avoid all that hassle of replacing tiles, consider painting them instead. Simply paint them whatever color/style you choose and let them dry before applying grout & sealing. 

The outcome is not only budget friendly but also eliminates one step in the process as well! 

Another option for those who don’t have time or desire to create their own backsplash is to buy a peel and stick version that won’t cost more than $30!

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Consider painting your cabinets

While it may seem like an impossible task, painting your kitchen cabinets can make a world of difference for very little money! 

The best part is that you don’t have to be Picasso in order to achieve this look – most paint companies offer affordable ready-made kits right at the hardware store which means you’ll save some money on labor as well as materials. 

Pick out a bold color or just go with something as simple as white (which will allow existing decor & appliances to stand out) and then let those who know what they’re doing handle the rest. Many cabinet refinishing experts work from home so consider hiring one if you’re not confident in your painting abilities or simply don’t have the time.

Give your flooring a little TLC

While you can always completely rip up and install new floors (which tends to be expensive), it’s also possible to give existing ones some much-needed love without spending too much! 

A simple way is by filling nicks with colored caulk.  If done correctly, no one will even know that they were there! While this works best on tile and hardwood floors, laminate wood adds an extra bit of shine which makes them look just as good. This option is also great for your budget and at least $100 cheaper. 

For even less, you could also consider painting your floor black (or whatever color works best with the rest of your decor!). This may require more time and effort on the part of homeowners.

Consider reupholstering existing furniture for a new look

No matter what style or décor scheme you have in mind there is always something that can be done about old, worn-out chairs & sofas! 

A quick DIY project like slipcovering will not only give them an updated feel but it’s cost effective as well. Most stores sell pre-made patterns which simply need to be cut into fabric then sewn together – no sewing skills necessary! 

If they’re looking too ‘fitted’ try making one yourself using just a staple gun and a few yards of fabric.

Create your own light fixtures with simple hanging pendants or chandeliers

A new look doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Sometimes you can get the most bang for your buck by simply buying low-cost materials and creating them yourself! 

A perfect example is making one’s own lighting; while there are plenty of ready-made options available at craft stores they tend to be expensive (especially when purchasing multiple lights).

Instead try making it on your own using wire, paint, beads, etc. It will not only save money but also add that personal touch that makes all the difference in an often generic home décor world! 

Use wallpaper to spruce up any room

While this might not be an option for everyone, wallpaper can make all the difference when it comes to updating your kitchen! 

Not only is there a large selection of styles available but you can also get creative and create your own; simply use paint or markers to draw on the wall then apply adhesive – voila! 

For those who don’t like having tape and other adhesives around (especially with kids) try using peelable paper that won’t leave behind pesky residue (and thus cuts down on cleaning time).

Get rid of anything you don’t use

Most homeowners likely tend to collect a lot of unnecessary stuff and while it might not seem like much, all those knickknacks can really add up – especially if you have them in every room. 

For this reason, consider throwing out anything that has been sitting idle for months or even years; odds are there is something better out there than what you’ve got!


There are many ways to give your kitchen a budget-friendly update; these hacks can help you save money while giving homes that extra ‘wow factor! 

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different materials or even create something on your own.

Sophie Turner
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