Best Plantation Shutters Reviews & Buying Guide

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You are here to play hide and seek with the sun, right!

So, what’s the solution you came up with? Curtains or awnings? The ultimate solution is in just two words, “Plantation Shutters”!

Basically, I’m going to depart all sorts of information that will help you to choose the best plantation shutters. I’ll provide a buying guide as well for that purpose!

So, without any further due let’s get to the article!

10 Best Plantation Shutters Reviews

In this part, I will review the best plantation window or door shutters of all time. I tried to review all types of shutters that will perfectly décor any kind of window or plantation you have.

1. Achim Home Furnishings:

Looking for fit blinds that resembles wood? Then only Achim Home Furnishings can meet your desires! Entirely safe for kids.

1. Achim Home Furnishings:

Cordless: Operating is totally manual as no cord is provided. Many consider this key feature because the cords often get tangled, which becomes risky for children. Just simply use your hands to operate it and see the smooth rolling of these rollers!

Slats like Wood: Enjoy using wooden furnishers without even paying the price! The 2inch slats are made of foamy vinyl, which means these are super lightweight. But these look exactly like wood; stylish and durable. These blinds are mainly popular for these pseudo wooden slats.

Controls Light: Shutters control the sunlight, and these are perfectly efficient in their job. You’ll get a dim ambience if you close the slats wholly, which will be accurate for the readers. Again, ensure the proper amount of Vitamin-D by opening the slats fully.

Easy to Mount: Easy installations attract me a lot and the others. I get screwed up while mounting any furniture one-handedly. So, trust me when I say that the installation is effortless. So, you’re saving some extra bucks by selecting this one.


In my opinion, the easy installation process is a plus point of these blinds. Besides, I like the dim ambience as I’m not too fond of whole black rooms.


The operation may seem irritating for the short people as it’s cordless.

2. Yoolax Motorized Plantation Shutters:

Remote controlled shutters!

Yes, you read that right. Yoolax has brought motorized plantation shutters that are automated and equipped with versatile features!

Yoolax Motorized Plantation Shutters

Remote Controlled: Now, you can easily operate the shutter without getting up from your bed. This automated shutter runs through a remote that controls all the functions; rolling slats, setting the timer, power shades, etc. This particular feature attracts the customers a lot as these types of shutters are hard to find.

Rechargeable Motor: The outer design doesn’t hint at the motor inside. Inside the valance is the motor, proof of a seamless design! The motor is rechargeable and can be used for 4-6months after fully charging it once. Besides, you can also link a solar panel with the motor for continuous charging.

UV Protection: Surely, the harmfulness of UV rays is needn’t be mentioned. Curtains do not save you from these rays, and hence these blinds are essential! 80% blackout prevents UV rays as well as allows light inside.

Double Layered: It’s a dual-layered shutter, a solid fabric band, and a semi-transparent sheet. A shading effect is created because the shades and privacy are maintained well, along with a dim ambience. The layers are arranged horizontally, and hence the exposure is minimum despite the presence of a transparent layer.


Flexible to use as it’s remote-controlled. The motor being rechargeable ensures its longevity.


Do not wholly blackout the room, which can be a problem for a  nyctophile.

3. ShadesU Plantation Shutters:

ShadesU plantation shutters fit seamlessly in any décor! Be it kitchen or bathroom, it’s just perfect for any space.

ShadesU Plantation Shutters

Dual Mounting Types: You can install the shutter both inside and outside your window. Both mounting types are available, which is the best part! You can mount it even on the ceiling with a “Minka” as outside mounting is possible.

Dual Shade: Switch between day and night during daytime or night time with this double combo shutter. Both shades mix as a single piece to fully blackout the room. Dual shade is a common feature regarding blinds, as you’ve seen in the last one as well.

Thermal Insulator: I’ll recommend this shutter highly for being a thermal insulator. It shifts temperatures accordingly and precisely. So your room will remain warm in winter and moist in summer. It’ll be a great choice for aged seniors and infants.

High Quality Materials: The shutter is wholly Polyester made. High quality polyesters do not crack easily and aren’t heavy at all. Many prefer wood to maintain a traditional look, but wood isn’t long-lasting. During the rainy and winter season, the woody ones cannot survive. So, the Polyester used in this shutter expresses its durability.


Maintains temperature well, and high-quality materials are used, making it durable.


The valance isn’t wide enough.

4. Windowsandgarden Plantation Shutters:

Wide, classy and sustainable are these shutters from windows and garden! The blinds are so elegant that you can select them even for hotel rooms and office spaces.

Windowsandgarden Plantation Shutters

Bottom-Up: The direction is from bottom to top. It has a one-way direction type. No cords are present, which makes the operation a bit difficult. But the absence of cords ensures the safety of kids as well. The bottom to up direction actually seemed less convenient to me.

Classic Design: Kudos to their creative minds! The combination of the slats is mind-boggling. Two different pieces of slats combine into a single one. Hence, the shutters seem elegant, with a single color all over the body. Perfect for meeting rooms or office decors.

Controls Dirt: The wait’s over for the atopic people! Allergies occur mainly through the dirt. But surprisingly, these shutters prevent dust and dirt and allow the gentle breeze to waft simultaneously. Thus, your house will remain dust-free to some extent.

Temperature Control: It’s a common yet useful feature. The shutter acts like an insulator that doesn’t absorb heat due to sunlight. As a result, the room does not become warm when you close it fully. But, again, in winter, it creates a favorable environment.


The design is indeed very elegant, and its mechanism in reducing the entry of dirt is remarkable.


It’s one-directional (bottom to top), which is inconvenient.

5. Foiresoft Plantation Shutters:

Have a very irregular size of your windows? Then Foiresoft shutters are the ultimate solution! Of course, your preferences are their choices, so what’s stopping you?

Foiresoft Plantation Shutters

Wide Valance: Provides a wide valance in both length and thickness. The upper part bears a spacious casing for curtains, and the lower part acts as a frame for keeping small tubs of plants. The framework seemed very useful to me for decorating purposes.

Durable and Odorless: Many shutters smell very bad while unpacking. The smell does not go even after a single wash. The smell’s due to the use of low quality materials or specifically plastics. Luckily, these are odorless as top quality Polyester is used.

Dim Lit: A dim lit vibe is hard to get in the daytime. The dual shaded slats(opaque and solid bands) provide a low light environment in the daytime. Shaded shutters are common in the market as it’s a key feature in every blind

Customization Available: Who doesn’t like customizations? But only some companies take the headache! So, it stands as the best part of this shutter. You can customize width from 10″ to 110″ and height from 20″ to 115″, which is insane. But, they’ve been quite generous in this regard as 110″ or 115″ is not a size someone would need.


You can get any sized shutters for your windows. In addition, these are durable and Odorless.


The cord does not roll smoothly, which is irritating.

6. LUCKUP Plantation Shutters:

Unique black and white rollers in LUCKUP plantation shutters are easy to clean and ensure a deep sleep by blacking out. Let’s know more!

LUCKUP Plantation Shutters

Zebra Rollers: The stripes are unique as they are black and white and arranged horizontally. The stripes look like zebra stripes, and hence it’s called zebra roller. The nyctophiles are going to love this product, no doubt.

Black Out State: Get no light environment even in the daytime. The previous ones blacked out only 50% to 80%, so this one is better as it blacks out wholly. But, again, you can get a dim view by closing it half. So, light density management is mainly manual.

Chain Connector: Cords are preferable by all, but some people buy cordless ones due to the safety of the children. The cords get entangled, and children can even choke. So, in this case, to ensure total safety, they’ve provided a chain buckle to hold the chains. Besides, the chains are sturdy and stiff, which prevents tangling.

Easy to Clean: Hassle-free cleaning is the part that is loved by all customers truly. The fabrics do not wear off through detergents. But, of course, chemical detergents can’t be used, so neutral ones are recommended. The drying process is nothing but drying them with a dryer.


Totally safe for all due to the presence of chain buckle. Super easy cleaning procedure.


Installation tools aren’t provided hence DIY installation isn’t possible.

7. Suncraft Shutters:

Suncraft shutters are among the best plantation shutters, increasing ventilation efficiency. Amazing one for maintaining the energy efficiency of your home within the budget!

7. Suncraft Shutters:

DIY Installation: Save extra bucks by choosing this product. I found the whole process very easy and convenient, from placing the order to installation. Every part came packed separately with labels on it. Mainly, the labels made it a child’s play. You’ll surely enjoy building the shutter!

No Paint: The shutter was provided in white color to me. I thought of painting it as the raw materials do not sustain for long. But these passed the rainy season without any paint and remained the same! Besides, the white color looks nice, so you can use them for years without painting.

Increase HVAC Efficiency: HVAC refers to heat, ventilation and air condition. The blinds improve the HVAC system of your household by ensuring proper ventilation. Heat control is another prime factor of these shutters. So, it saves energy by maintaining the heat and air over the place.

Fire Retardant: Like curtains, the shutters aren’t inflammable. On the contrary, these are fire retardants. The blinds decrease the intensity of the fire by delaying the combustion. It’s mainly due to the materials used in it. Being fire retardant is the most unique and best part of these shutters.


Keeps your home management system within budget by saving energy. Moreover, it’s fire retardant.


The slats are comparatively thin.

8. SunCraft Plantation Shutters:

Good news for the day sleepers! Enjoy a deep sleep without any light sneaking through with SunCraft plantation shutters. These are waterproof, fungal resistant, and whatnot!

Waterproof: Window coverings must be waterproof; otherwise, they’ll easily get damaged due to sudden rain, snow, or fog. This particular feature makes it better than the other brands. Made with poly-resin, which is sustainable and great for highly damp areas.

Anti-Peel: Other shutters need to be painted, but the outer surface still peels off after a few days. But this brand is hassle-free as it’s anti-peel without even providing an extra layer of paint in it. Anti-peel is the main feature which attracts most people like me!

Smooth Finish: No grooves on the outer surface and smooth, shiny finishing. No extra work is to be done. These look more like the Norman plantation shutters, polished and glowing. The blinds need no painting or polishing.

Fungal Resistant: The walls get damped or even sweat due to high moisture in many regions. Consequently, many microbes attack the walls and windows. These blinds would be the finest ones in that case as these are fungal resistant. So keep your house microbe-free with these blinds.


Most importantly, the shutter is fungal resistant and waterproof—best for damp areas.


The frames aren’t sturdy enough.

9. Mid America Vinyl Shutters:

It’s a two in one offer! Get a pair of louvered shutters with the price of one in Mid America Vinyl Shutters. Budget friendly shutter with amazing features!

9. Mid America Vinyl Shutters:

Open Louvers: Here, the louvers remain as it is. You cannot close or open it in any way. So, light sneak out 50% in the daytime. The louvers are mainly angled, which allows minimum light to enter. Moreover, the slats are pretty rigid and tough.

Hardware Included: The packaging is really compact. Every small to large part was packed nicely with double packets. They also provided the hardware for the installation purpose, which I didn’t expect at all. So, the installation is a DIY. The installation was easy as the louvers were fixed, and no other chains were there.

Fade Resistant: Irrespective of the weather, the slats didn’t crack, which is amazing. The frames do not absorb moisture, so they remain the same for many long years. If you feel that the color faded away, that’ll be for dust or dirt, which will be fine after cleaning it.

Paintable: The distinguishable characteristic of this shutter is that it can be painted without being damaged. Basically, it can bear the chemicals of the paints and remains just as the same. So, you can paint it as your home décor without any worries.


Fade resistant and paintable, so it’ll be easier for the customers to select this one.


The color of the shutter wasn’t the same as shown in the pictures.

Maintain a peaceful and quiet environment with Shutter Shack Plantation Style Shutters. Even if you’ve your home beside highways, your ears will remain safe!

10. Shutter Shack Plantation Style Shutters:

10. Shutter Shack Plantation Style Shutters:

Filler Strips Included: You’ll be glad that filler Strips are included in the packaging, and you don’t need to be pissed off looking for them. We often can’t find the matching strips, so this one’s a better option in this regard.

Sound Insulator: Most of the shutters work as sound Insulators, but we never noticed that. Particularly, this one’s awesome in this regard. The blinds divide the outer noise in half. Consequently, the elders and kids remain at peace. Mainly, the heart patients remain safe. While closed, these reduce the effect of noise pollution highly.

White Latch: No cord is chain is present, making it better than the others. Instead, they came with white latches and doorknobs. Two small knobs are provided for the opening and closing. The white latches are for moving the louvers. It’s totally manual.

Reasonable: This is a low-maintenance shutter with no extra parts like chains or valance. So, comparatively the prices are also very reasonable. You can attach these easily to your bathroom or kitchen. People usually select these as sustainable ones at an affordable price and not decorate their interiors.


Sound insulation is of top quality. However, no chains are provided, which makes it safer for kids.


These aren’t paintable, which decreases the varieties.

Types of Plantation Shutters:

While thinking about window coverings, plantation blinds strike my mind. The obvious reasons are many to be noted, but the remarkable ones are low maintenance, increased house value, looks classy, etc. But while selecting a shutter, you can’t only look into these things. The most important is the material and its sustainability.

So, to have a prior idea about the longevity of plantation shutters, take a look at the following types:

  • Vinyl Blinds: The Vinyl shutters are well known for their sustainability. You can use them for years to go with deficient maintenance. A major portion of people selects these blinds for windows, which are mainly larger in size for their stability due to PVC. As wood is very heavy, many don’t feel convenient using them, so the vinyl ones are also in demand. Further, we can classify the Vinyl shutters into 5 different types:
  • Hollow: The affordable one with the ideal features. These Vinyl shutters are mainly hollow in between, which makes them lightweight. The slats are thin but budget friendly for the same.
  • Structured Hollow: A better version of the previous one it is! It’s hollow but manufactured in a solid way. The features are advanced in every way from the hollow ones.
  • Solid: The most demanding vinyl shutter is this one. They tried to provide a cost-effective yet durable product, and so they did. These shutters are tough, rigid and compact but not hollow in any way.
  • Solid-Aluminum-Vinyl: It’s an upgraded version of the solid ones. Aluminum is used as an extra metal in the composition for rigid support.
  • Vinyl-Clad-Wooden: It’s highly durable and moisture proof. It’s actually the wood coated with vinyl. This blind is sturdy enough but has comparatively higher pricing than other types.
  • Wooden Blinds: Wood looks natural and gives your interior a gorgeous or heavy look. Same is the case with these wooden blinds. The blinds are actually raw wood nicely shaped and polished. Basswood is utilized for this purpose. Wooden slats can be easily painted as well. Another advantage is that you can shape the wood in any way as your preference which is not possible with the other ones. So, you get many scopes for your interior design. These aren’t that much moisture resistant but really sturdy.
  • Composite Blinds: Through the name, you can assume the material type. Not just a single material is used here. It’s a composition of several ones. Actually, it’s sawdust with a Vinyl coating. Its production cost is very less than the other types. Likewise, it has a very low endurance level and strength, so longevity isn’t guaranteed. Yet, people select these shutters for their living rooms or kitchen or the places where there’s no need for strong and weather-resistant ones.

Plantation Shutter Buying Guide:

While selecting plantation shutters, all we look for is the correct match with our interior and the ability to blackout. But these aren’t the only specs that can provide you with your desired shutters. Unfortunately, after a few days, you start to see rays of disappointment.

That’s because many other features are to be kept in mind as a shutter has maximum contact with the external environment. Now, the selection may seem a whole lot tricky job to you.

So, to make your selection a bit easier, I’m pointing out some key features that are to be noticed:

  • Material: The material plays a vital role in the life span of the shutters. So, I suggest you choose between the solid vinyl and the wooden ones. This also depends on your budget. The solid vinyl ones have a good endurance level and lower pricing. Again, the wooden ones are awesome, but the prices are high, and they can’t be used in areas with a higher level of humidity. You can get more ideas from the description I’ve provided in this guide.
  • Shaded: You’ve surely come across many sorts of shutters in my guide. I’ve prioritized the shaded ones as these can provide you with the ambience of day in the night time and vice versa. The shaded ones are mainly with double layered strips, which creates a dim lit environment during day time. So, you must choose the shaded ones instead of the plains.
  • Automated: The automated ones are really convenient to use. The elderly people who live alone would find it the most comfortable one. The cordless blinds are hard to lift for short people. On the contrary, the ones with chains are unsafe for the kids as they can get entangled. In my opinion, the remote controlled shutters are the safest choice. These are reasonable too. You must keep safety in mind and choose wisely.
  • Waterproof: Most of the shutters get damaged during heavy rains or foggy winter as they absorb the water inside. Due to it, a fungal infestation is observed. So, you need to see the waterproof seal on the packaging at first and then choose the products. The waterproof ones do not absorb water and hence are long-lasting.
  • Thermal Insulation: Shutters actually acts like thermal insulators. But not all provide this facility. The blinds that have the higher ability to absorb the heat act as insulators. They actually keep the space warm in winter and cold in summer. So, you need to read the features carefully and see whether it controls the temperature or not.
  • Fire Retardant: Accidents may happen at any time. You never know when will it happen, so you need to be ready for every unwanted situation. For example, many blinds act as an extinguisher when there’s fire. The blinds reduce the combustion and reduce the spread of fire. Thus, fire retardants are a must have in every household.

Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters:

Nothing is an unmixed blessing! Both advantages and disadvantages are there in any product you’re going to buy. But all we need to do is embrace the advantages and try to adjust to the disadvantages to avail the purpose. Likewise, plantation shutters also have many pros and cons. Now, I’m listing some of them for your conscience:


  • We can get the vibe of night time during the day.
  • Increases the value of the house.
  • Easy to match with any interior.
  • Works as thermal insulator and sound insulator.
  • Low maintenance type.
  • Budget friendly than curtains or other covering types.
  • Weather resistant and waterproof.
  • Sustainable and wear proof.
  • Easy cleaning procedure.


  • Can’t block the sunlight totally.
  • Do not fit in the regular size; needs to be customized.
  • Can’t be opened totally. As a result, you can’t get a wider view of the window.
  • Not suitable for tilt-in type windows.
  • No furniture can be kept in front of it as it can hamper the functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are plantation shutters worth it?
  • Answer: A big YES to that! The advantages are too many to be cited. Be it in controlling the temperature or increasing the house value; plantation shutters are incomparable.

  • Are plantation shutters good?
  • Answer: Plantation shutters are considered the best alternative to curtains in every manner. Irrespective of some negligible disadvantages, these are quite good to go with.

  • What’s the difference between shutters and plantation shutters?
  • Answer: Plantation shutters were mainly used in the plantation homes to get proper heat and light. Plantation shutters conveniently provide more heat and light than the shutters.

  • Are shutters warmer than curtains?
  • Answer: Yes, absolutely! Shutters are made with comparatively thicker materials which help to keep them warmer than the curtains. So you will certainly feel 3 to 5 degrees warmer in shutters than the curtains.


    In my guide, I’ve tried to acknowledge you about all the matters regarding plantation shutters. I’ve tried to provide every important information through the buying guide or by pointing out the pros and cons just to help your way through. Undoubtedly, you can come up with the best plantation shutters for your home or office now. So, do share this guide with your peers!

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