10 Best Handheld Shower Head Consumer Reports (Most Durable Rain Shower)

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Experimenting with new things in life is essential because we all need changes. I know it must be boring using the same standard shower every day?

Handheld showers can be a great alternative if you’ve already read any best handheld shower head consumer reports earlier. So, rather than going with the typical shower every day, try something different!

To give you the ultimate experience and fun showering, we’ve got the complete list of the best handheld showerheads. You can find any type of handheld shower head you want. We’ve selected the most comprehensive range of handheld showers with top-quality features and, of course, at an affordable price. 

So, let’s get a step ahead for making your shower journey a bit joyful and thrilling.

List of Top Shower head with handheld combo

Here We Short Listed Top 10 best shower heads, You Can Choose any Products From the list.

  • Best dual shower head: AquaDance High-Pressure 6-Setting
  • Most adaptable handheld showers: Moen 26112 Engage Magnetix
  • Best high-pressure handheld shower: Nosame Filter Handheld Shower Head
  • Best luxury shower head: AquaDance 7″ Premium
  • Best delta faucet: Hopopro 2021 Upgraded High-Pressure
  • Best Commercial shower head: Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead
  • Best For high-pressure handheld showerhead: HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head
  • Best Shower Heads Combo: Bright Showers Brushed nickel Showerheads
  • Best filter head shower: Luxsego Shower Head
  • Best rainfall shower combo: DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head/Handheld Combo:

Handheld Shower Heads Comparison Table

Best Handheld Shower Heads Style Setting Type Finish Type
AquaDance High-Pressure 6-Setting Spiral Style Handheld Showerhead Full Body Brushed
Moen 26112 Engage Magnetix Showerhead Massage Chrome
Nosame Filter Handheld Shower Head Handheld Shower Head Rain, Massage Chrome
AquaDance 7″ Premium Rainfall & Handheld Rain, Pause, Massage Brushed
Hopopro 2021 Upgraded High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head Rain, Pause, Massage, Full ABS chrome
Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead 4″ + 4″ High-Pressure Luxury Shower Combo Rain, Pause, Massage, Full Chrome
HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head Adjustable Shower bracket Powerful Rain, Massage, Mixed Chrome
Bright Showers Brushed nickel Showerheads Rainfall+Handheld Rain, Full Brushed
Luxsego Shower Head FSH-001 Rain, Massage, Full Brushed
DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head/Handheld Combo: Handheld Shower Head Rain, Massage Chrome

10 Best Handheld Shower Heads Consumer Reports

1. Best dual shower head: AquaDance High-Pressure 6-Setting Full Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower Head

AquaDance High-Pressure 6-Setting Full Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower Head:

Are you looking for a showerhead that is easy to install and you can use with fewer maintenance costs? We know it can be often exhausting calling a plumber again and again for different showerheads problems.

The AquaDance Full Brushed Nickel hand shower head is your preferred type of shower head, which you are precisely looking for.

Let’s talk about your upcoming favorite shower head in detail.

  • Materials:

AquaDance handheld showerhead includes stainless shower hose, which is 5 feet for ultra flexibility with brushed nickel plated premium ABS.

  • Dual Design and Style:

It’s a deluxe six setting 3.5″ faced handheld shower. You can use it both as a dual showerhead with both overhead or handheld style. It includes a high-power click lever dial with an economic grip handle for which it’s easier to press and carry on. The whole surface of this handheld showerhead features brushed nickel finishing giving it a classy look. Indeed, the best dual shower head.

  • Water pressure and flow efficiency:

This handheld water pressure shower is specifically designed to regulate your water pressure and flow efficiency. Its flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute, and water consumption with 2 gallons per minute. The water pressure will be desirable regardless of its settings.

  • Adjustable and free-angle overhead: 

This showerhead got a hand-free operation, which lets you point the shower head anywhere you want at your desired angle. Overall, you don’t need to worry about the area of its installment or anything else.

  • Straightforward to install: 

You can easily install this handheld shower by yourself without the help of any plumber as it fits any kind of standard shower arm. 

  • A great package: 

AquaDance handheld shower comes with a fantastic gift featuring handheld shower, shower hose, washer, plumber’s tape, overhead bracket.


  • Optimizes water pressure and flow efficiency
  • Easy to install and use it
  • Adjustable overhead with the desired angle
  • Has dual features 


  • The hose may be weak sometimes if the quality is not good.

2. Most adaptable handheld showers: Moen 26112 Engage Magnetix Six-Function Handheld Showerhead:

Moen 26112 Engage Magnetix Six-Function Handheld Showerhead:

Melon Engage Magnetix handheld shower is an excellent reflective mirror look alike. Perfect for any decorating style. So if you are having difficulties choosing the best-suited shower head for your bathroom, then it is the right choice!

This six functioned handheld showerhead will be the most effortless shower head you’ll use.

Let’s get to know properly about it in details: 

  • Unique Magnetic Base: 

Often it is seen that most of the handheld showers are very hard to detach. But this handheld shower has a unique magnetic docking system, for which it’s easier for you to separate with less effort. The magnetic docking system allows you to replace it to the dock with the cinch of a magnet.

  • Versatile Design and Style:

It is one of the most adaptable handheld showers, which goes with any style. You’ll love its chrome finishing, which will give it a reflective look like the mirror. Also, its dual shower head with multiple settings provides flexibility and convenience.

  • Flexibility and Comfort: 

This handheld shower features a kink-free metal hose, which gives it the utmost flexibility. So don’t worry about any kind of breakage because you’ll get an extended reach with a lifetime warranty.

  • Easy to install and remove:

Although it doesn’t come with plumbers tape, still it’s easy for you to install this handheld shower faucet because you can install it without plumbers tape. If you insert the given rubber gaskets as shown, there will be no leakage. 

  • Dimension:

It has a total weight of 1.87 pounds, which is pretty lightweight compared to an average handheld shower. Its flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute, with 2 gallons of water consumption per minute. 


  • The hose is extremely flexible compared to a typical shower’s hose
  • The most effortless handheld shower to use
  • Water pressure is adequate 
  • Easy to detach 
  • Lightweight and accessible 


  • It usually doesn’t come with plumbers tape

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3. Best high-pressure handheld shower: Nosame Filter Handheld Shower Head

Nosame Filter Handheld Shower Head:

Everybody would want a showerhead, which has some health benefits. If you’re also one of them, then the Nosame Filter handheld shower faucet is an excellent choice for you.

With the favorable health benefits, this handheld shower is also the best in a water pressure shower.

Let’s know more about this health-friendly handheld shower in details: 

  • Eco-Friendly Materials:

This handheld shower is built with stainless steel with eco-friendly ABS materials. Through the ABS material, the shower is comfortable to remove and clean.

  • High-pressure design :

It features a micro nozzle technology, making the outlet holes smaller and denser. The spot increases the water flow speed, let alone the water pressure making it the best high-pressure handheld shower. Moreover, it saves up to 30% of water. 

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  • Filtration method:

Showers often contain different impurities, and it’s hard to clean all types of handheld showers. But this high-pressure handheld shower has multi-layer filter protection to remove excess contaminants. Also, it helps to soften hard water, providing different good qualities to the skin and hair of your body.

  • Best shower experience:

 Nosame handheld shower includes three modes: rainfall shower, jetting spray way, and message. All these three modes will give you the best shower experience you can get ever.  Undoubtedly its three methods are counted as the best shower heads dual.

  • Easy Installation: 

Using one of the easiest ways, you can install this handheld shower. Just screw onto any standard shower hose because it can connect to any standard shower hose very easily.


  • Has eco-friendly materials
  • Removes excess impurities and brings smoothness to your skin
  • Laser perforated tech increases water pressure with water flow by saving 30% water
  • It is easy to install
  • Includes three modes for the best shower experience


  • No hoes included but can be fitted with any standard shower hose

4. Best luxury shower head: AquaDance 7″ Premium High-Pressure Handheld Shower:

AquaDance 7" Premium High-Pressure Handheld Shower:

Looking for a showerhead where you can get multiple features? Then we present you one of our promising picks like this remarkable handheld shower from our best handheld shower head consumer reports

AquaDance high-pressure handheld shower is the best luxury shower head you can get with extraordinary qualities. 

Let’s check out some details about it:

  • Materials:

It includes a Stainless Steel shower hose. The handheld shower is brushed with Nickel-plated premium ABS. It has a large 7-inch face for drenching flow coverage with a high power click lever dial and rub-clean jets.

  • 6-settings shower head:

This handheld shower has a total of six settings, which include power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, rainfall shower, rain mist, and water-saving pause mode. These six settings will give you an extraordinary level of feeling during the shower.

  • Most comfortable settings: 

It can be used as both an overhead or handheld shower. With its adjustable overhead bracket, you can freely point it anywhere. The clean rub jets help to clean quickly and prevent lime buildup. There’s also an economic grip handle for which you can hold it easily. 

  • Dimension:

It has a total weight of 2.3 pounds with a size between 4-7 inches. The shower hose has a length of 5 feet. 

  • Packaging items:

AquaDance handheld shower comes with a special gift box designed in the USA. The package includes a three-way water diverter, shower hose, washers, plumbers tape with an installation menu too.

  • Easy installation:

You can easily install it in minutes effortlessly, just with four hand-tighten connections. Also, it is easily fitted with any standard shower arm too.


  • Has an extensive drenching flow coverage
  • It is lightweight with a modern design
  • It has a total of six stunning settings with multi functions
  • It can be used as a dual shower head with both handheld and overhead style
  • It has an excellent rainfall shower combo 


  • The shower hose can be a bit on the short, although it depends on your height 

5. Best delta faucet: Hopopro 2021 Upgraded High-Pressure Shower Hand Held: 

Hopopro 2021 Upgraded High-Pressure Shower Hand Held:

Hopopro is one of the well-known brands when it comes to showerheads giving you the best delta faucet. Now, Hopopro is back with its new upgraded high-pressure shower handheld.

It has superior materials with a variety of qualities too. Overall this handheld shower will give you the full experience of the best luxury shower head.

Let us elaborate its features in details:

  • Exceptional Materials:

 This showerhead includes high-quality ABS chrome as it’s material. Its chrome-plated surface gives it various qualities like lightweight, durability, rustproof, and fade-proof.

  • Upgraded six functions:

The 2021 upgraded handheld shower comes with a wide range of accessories. You’ll get unique benefits from each function. Some mentionable ones are stainless steel hose, adjustable overhead bracket, rubber washers, etc.

  • Six styles spray with particular functions:

This handheld shower features six spray styles, including rain, massage, bubble, bubble oxygenation, massage & bubble, rain & bubble oxygenation also water-saving mode. Each spraying style will give you a different experience. The water-saving method helps to pause water during the shower.

  • Self-cleaning silicon jet: 

Hopopro’s handheld shower has a silvery color with 39 self-cleaning silicon jet nozzles for manageable use. The nozzles have 15 ABS for ultra comfort. The water outlets don’t get blocked easily due to this silicon jet. You can enjoy a carefree shower without any worries.

  • Package items: 

The package of this handheld shower comes with a shower hose, bracket, rubber washers, Teflon tape with an installation guide.


  • Features high-quality ABS chrome
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • Includes 39 self-cleaning silicon jet
  • Has six upgraded functions 
  • Can be installed or removed within minutes


  • The tape which comes with the package can be a little thin

6. Best Commercial shower head: Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo:

Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo:

Are you looking for a short shower to use that you can get at a reasonable price? Then Hydroluxe handheld shower faucet should be on your list of preferences.

Hydroluxe handheld showers prime feature is installing it with the easiest way. Also, it has other functional aspects to work smoothly.

We should know more about this comfortable using shower in details:

  • Materials:

It mainly includes a stainless steel hose. You’ll also get to see chrome plated with premium ABS materials. It also has chrome in its finishing too.

  • Shape & Size: 

This handheld shower is round in shape with a total weight of 1.5 pounds. It is relatively lightweight and reliable. Also, it is a total of 4 inches with a hose whose length is 5 feet.

  • Luxury Shower Combo:

The handheld shower has featured a three-way hose combo. It is specially chosen from 24 full combined water flow patterns. The luxury shower combo also includes five complete settings: high power shower head and hand shower. Undoubtedly one of the best luxury showerheads.

  • Five complete settings:

Unlike the other showers from our list, this handheld shower got five complete settings like a power rain shower, massage, rain/massage, and water-saving economy rain. You can experience different ultimate feelings during the shower.

  • Comfort & Durability:

Various items have been included in this handheld shower for your excellent comfort and support. It has clean rub jets for which it will be easier for you to clean. Also, the angle-adjustable overhead bracket lets you point it in any direction. 

  • Easy Installation:

You can install this handheld shower with the standard process. You’ll get a conical brass hose nut with it through which you can tighten the handheld shower with an easy hand. The installation of this shower is tool-free, so you’ll need no plumber.


  • Easy to install and fits any standard shower arm
  • Angel adjustable for which it can be pointed towards any direction
  • Works as a multi-functioned handheld shower 
  • It has a graceful chrome finishing
  • It includes a high-pressure luxury shower combo


  • You may have to remove the water flow restrictor if you have high water pressure

7. Best For high-pressure handheld showerhead: HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head: 

HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head:

This showerhead from HO2ME is a high-pressure handheld that gives you the experience of a good shower. So if you’re one of those people who are looking for a high-pressure handheld showerhead, then it is the ideal choice for you.

HO2ME brings you this extraordinary high pressure, which will be a complete relief against low pressure. As you pour the water on yourself, you’ll slowly feel the water pressure boosting.

  • Materials:

As usual, this handheld shower is built with a stainless steel hose. Also, it includes a very impressive chrome-plated premium ABS.

  • Dimension:

This handheld shower has only 5 ounces, which is extremely lightweight when it comes to a standard showerhead. Also, it can flow to 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

  • High pressure handheld with a powerful spray setting: 

Its high-pressure handheld system with a powerful spray will give you the feeling of the best shower experience. If you have a water pipe that offers a low pressure, then the powerful spray will instantly increase the flow of your low-pressure tube into high pressure. 

  • Soften Rubber Jet Nozzle:

Often it is seen that in most of the handheld showers, there remains a lot of waste products or buildup minerals. But due to a rubber jet nozzle, this shower faucet prevents the blockage of these build up minerals and other wastes. Also, it’s easier for you to clean. 

  •  Durability:

The body of this showerhead includes high-grade ABS engineering plastic making it the strongest. Also, it’s bracket mount is very robust. The stainless steel hose has solid brass connection fittings for which the handheld shower won’t get cracked.

  • Package Includes:

You will get this handheld shower in a fantastic full package. The package includes many things, including a flexible shower bracket, stainless steel with an extra hose, a water flow regulator, with a guidebook. 


  • It gives high-pressure water flow with a powerful spray setting
  • Prevents the growth of various sorts of dirt in the showerhead
  • Very lightweight and durable
  • It has embellishment chrome finishing for extra protection


  • The shower hose may lose its color

8. Best Shower Heads Combo: Bright Showers Brushed nickel Showerheads combo: 

Bright Showers Brushed nickel Showerheads combo:

Bright has always been the most successful brand for various showerheads. This time Bright brings you these fantastic shower heads combo with unique settings!

This shower head combo with its perfect brushed nickel finishing will definitely win your heart

Let’s get to know more about this fantastic shower in details:

  • Materials:

It features a stainless steel hose with brushed nickel plated premium ABS. The premium ABS is heat resistant solid full-body, which includes a solid ABS mount with a brass ball joint.

  • Dual combo:

This showerhead has a dual combo, including a brushed nickel body and grey showerheads with handheld spray. The brushed nickel finishing gives it an authentic look.

  •  Design & Style:

With high-quality materials, this shower head combo also has a stunning design. It’s brushed nickel color is the star. Moreover, The stainless shower hose got a brushed nickel finish. There is an anti-twist conical but which connects with the handheld showerhead. One of the best handheld showerheads in case of design!

  • Two settings spray and rain shower:

It is a large handheld shower with two settings of a rain shower style that allows you to take a spa-like bath at home. Simply turn on the shower and experience each drop of the rainfall by yourself. Besides, it has two settings for spray, easy to change.

  • Dimension:

The total weight of this handheld showerhead combo is 2.44 pounds. It can flow 1.8 gallons of water per minute.

  • Easy Installation:

Like other showerheads from our list, you can also install this showerhead combo very quickly with three hand-tighten connections. There’s no necessity for a plumber or any other tools. Also, it fits any standard shower arm.

  • Package Includes:

The package of this shower head combo comes in a strong box with beautiful wrapping, which is perfect for a gift. The package includes a rain shower head, handheld showerhead, stainless steel hose, and a Teflon thread seal tape.


  • Each showerhead can be used together or separately
  • Has two settings for both rain and spray system
  • Includes heat resistant ABS solid full body
  • Easy to install with there hand-tighten connections
  • Angel adjustable and durable


  • No shower arm included in the packaging 

9. Best filter head shower: Luxsego Shower Head

Luxsego Shower Head:

Are you looking for a showerhead that can purify your water, mainly when the typical water system of your house contains a lot of specks of dirt and minerals? Then Luxsego’s showerhead will be an excellent choice for you undoubtedly!

Luxsego’s handheld shower is the best filter head shower that will effectively remove all the typical problems which you usually face in the case of a showerhead. Indeed one of the best handheld showerheads.

Let’s see the details:

  • Materials: 

It is built with stainless steel with ABS. The stainless steel is robust and sturdy. You don’t have to worry about how well it will last.

  • Unique Bread:

Luxsego’s handheld showerhead has a unique material on it, special bread. These loaves of bread act as a double filter system. This dual filter system makes your water more cleaner and helps the water to smooth your skin too. You’ll feel the difference by yourself once you start using this showerhead.

  • Three setting spray:

This handheld showerhead is more than dual settings. You can get a total of three setting sprays, including a rainfall shower, jetting, and massage. These three setting sprays are perfect for everyone, like children, adults, or pets. Experience the best shower heads dual with your full family.

  • Great Design:

This showerhead got a fantastic design with its absolute full solid body. The body is relatively healthy, and there’s not any leakage. Also, the blue color will give it a classy look. The double filter system has a high density, but it’s easy to clean.

  • High pressure handheld but also water-saving:

It is a high-pressure handheld shower. It’s a micro nozzle technology that makes its outer holes small and dense, which ultimately increases the water pressure. It also saves 30% of water, even if it’s a high-pressure shower head.

  • Packaging Includes:

This handheld showerhead comes in an eco craft box which includes a shower bracket, a shower hose, Teflon tape with an instruction. 


  • A great spa-like experience shower head
  • It has a micro nozzle technology that increases the water pressure
  • Saves up to 30% of water
  • It includes a full solid body, which is durable and strong 
  • It has a double filter system, which makes the water clean and smooth


  • The spray area is a bit narrow

10. Best rainfall shower combo: DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head/Handheld Combo:

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Shower Head/Handheld Combo:

DreamSpa rainfall handheld shower head combo will give you a luxurious shower experience, which will make you feel like no less than a King! 

The handheld shower head combo with push-button flow control is the most easily shower you will ever use. Also, it got a classy design that will suit your bathroom easily.

Let’s get to know more about this handheld shower in details:

  • A great shower head combo:

This handheld shower is mainly a rainfall shower combo with push-button flow control. It will offer you a luxurious, drenching rainfall experience while showering. Simply push the button flow control no need to turn or anything else. Also, you can keep it anywhere you want.

  • Materials:

Its body features chrome-plated premium ABS. Also, it includes a stainless steel hose for more durability. The finishing got a smooth chrome touch making it look elegant.

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  • Large 9-inch rain shower head:

Often many of us face different problems regarding the height of a showerhead. Gone are those days because this extra oversized handheld shower head helps the shoulder to shoulder water flow coverage. Perfect for any height person.

  • Design & Style:

You can use this as both overhead or handheld shower. It includes a 4.75-inch face that will provide a more comprehensive water flow. Moreover, it has clean rub jets for which you can clean the showerhead easily. It has a design of an oval, square shape of a very elevated design with premium chrome finishing.

  • Easy Installing:

This handheld shower head is effortless to install without any extra tools. You can connect it with any standard shower arm within minutes.


  • Rainfall shower combo which provides drenching rainfall experience 
  • Has push button for water flow control
  • High-class design with premium chrome finishing
  • Big in size and very effortless to install


  • The expansion side of the handheld is made of plastic

Why Should I choose a Handheld Shower?

Shower heads play an essential role in our daily life. A great shower after a tiring day can be a significant factor to continue your day or for a great sleep. 

To make your shower experience striking, it is necessary to choose a good shower head for yourself. If you choose a shower head that is not suitable for you according to your preferences or bathroom, then you’ll face a lot of issues.

To help you know a little bit more about handheld shower heads, we’ll discuss some essential outlines later on regarding choosing the best handheld shower head.

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How To Choose Best Handheld Shower Head – Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a handheld shower head, we all wish to buy the best one. Because purchasing a shower head, again and again, can be exhausting and tedious. 

However, it is pretty easy to choose a handheld shower if you know what you should consider. 

Let’s get to know what things you should consider to choose the best handheld shower for yourself:

  • Type of showers:

There are different types of showers which you can choose. Some of them are the single head, handheld, and ceiling shower. So, if you’re new to buying a shower head, then we would suggest that at first, you should do proper research about what type of shower you want and which shower will fit your bathroom the most.

  • The pressure of the showers:

Most people prefer different kinds of pressure in the shower. You’ll find both types of showers having high or low pressure.  One of the most important things that you should remember is to check the pressure of the home’s water pressure. If the shower head which you bought doesn’t fit with the force of the water, then it won’t work.

  • The spray of the shower:

The spray of the showerheads will provide a definite flow of water. Almost all the showerheads got a simple setting for which you can easily set the spray on the head by yourself. However, you’ll have to know at first what kind of shower head you prefer. According to that, you’ll have to fit a spray on the head. There are different kinds of spray for shower heads like large, targeted, rinse, and trembling.

  • Power consumption of showers:

If you prefer a high-pressure shower head, you must know that the more pressure, the more energy it will consume. So, if you want to save your money, one of the best ways is to choose a shower head that has a WaterSense label on it. 

Which handheld shower head has the most pressure?

We have provided the list of those handheld showers with the highest pressure in our best handheld shower head consumer report. These showerheads contain various high to medium ranges of pressures.

Most people enjoy taking a shower under high pressure handheld type because you can get a different feeling of freshness with it. 

Although it’s tough for us to suggest to you the name of a specific shower head because only you can choose the best shower head for yourself considering the amount of pressure you want. 

However, we’ll provide you some tricks through which you can increase the pressure of your shower head:

  • First, clean your showerhead properly.
  • Replace your showerhead and install a new shower pump.
  • You’ll also have to get a pressurized cylinder to increase the pressure.
  • Install a cold shower with a power shower.

What are the features of the best ionic shower head?

We’ve selected the best shower heads for you; however, all shower heads are not ionic ones.

Ionic shower heads are usually high pressure. So, if the water pressure of your house is low, then you can use ionic shower heads. Ionic showerheads will increase the water pressure of the water if it is low.

If you want a suggestion of a specific shower head, then we would suggest you try the Nosame Filter handheld shower. It is the best high-pressure shower head. However, you can still try other showerheads according to your preferences.

We will help you with some characteristic of an ionic shower head through which you can choose one for you quickly:

          Ionic high-pressure handheld shower head

  • Provides high pressure of water
  • Works as a water softener 
  • Removes various ions with its ionic filter quality
  • It is easy to install 

What is the best shower head to buy – hand me a hotlist?

Choosing the best shower head is important because if you buy a shower head that is not suitable, then there will be a lot of difficulties. 

So how can you choose the best shower head for you? Well, an ideal shower head has some characteristics like:

  • Suits according to your surrounding
  • Provides water pressure according to your preference
  • It has to be long-lasting and durable
  • It has to be easy to install

The list of handheld shower heads which we’ve provided is all the best types of shower heads which you will find today.

However, we will suggest our top five from the list, which are:

  • AquaDance High-Pressure 6-Setting Full Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower Head
  • Nosame Filter Handheld Shower Head
  • AquaDance 7″ Premium High-Pressure Handheld Shower
  • Luxsego ShowerHead
  • HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

The above shower heads, which we have mentioned, possess all the qualities of an ideal showerhead. Indeed the best handheld shower heads.

What is the best shower head with handheld combo & why?

A great shower head combo can be an ultimate package of ALL IN ONE. As you know, a shower head combo includes a lot of other things besides a shower too. Also, you can find dual shower heads, which you can use as both overhead or handheld

In our list, we have provided some best shower head combos with handheld showers too. They are:

  • Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo: A simple shower head combo that is easy to use with five complete settings. The best part of this combo is installing it most efficiently, yet it will give you the feel of a luxurious shower experience.
  • Bright Shower Heads Combo: With one of the best brands, this shower head combo will be the most suitable with your interior design with its brushed nickel finishing. Also, it has other unique settings that will definitely win your heart.
  • DreamSpa Luxury Shower Head Combo: If you want to experience a luxurious shower, then this shower head combo will offer you dual settings to use it both as a handheld shower or overhead. Also, Its unique push-button flow control will help you to regulate the flow of water—one of the best shower head duals.

The above mentioned are the three best shower head combos from our list. Just go through their details from our best handheld shower head consumer report and purchase the best one for you!

Are all shower heads Universal?

The answer is Yes! According to us, almost all the shower heads are universal. 

If you have already brought some shower heads earlier, then you’ll notice that almost all of them have the same settings. You can install or use them following the same procedure. Also, the functions of most of the shower heads are also some

If you’re from the United States, then you’ll find almost all the universal shower heads that have the same connection. 1/2″ NTP is the standard universal shower head.

Besides, if you see that you got a shower arm whose plumbing is coming from your wall or ceiling, then you should know that you can easily fit any kind of shower head with it and point it wherever you want.

Which is better, Moen or Delta shower heads?

Among Moen or Delta shower heads, which one is better? It depends on what kind of shower head you prefer for yourself.

So, if you are confused between choosing, we will help you to select the best one which goes with your preference

  • Delta shower head: Delta shower heads are mainly known for their efficient cleaning technique. The shower head of the delta is also very flexible and easy to maintain spray. On the delta faucet, you can switch between regular spurt or spray mode. Overall, delta shower heads got a designed reflex system, and they are affordable 
  • Moen shower head: Moen shower heads offer you 50% more powerful spray than the regular standard shower head. Also, it is very much easy to clean. However, the Moen shower head can be a bit more costly than the delta.

Between Moen and Delta shower heads, whatever you choose, both of them will give you the best performance.

Handheld Shower Head Buying Guide:

Buying a shower head the first time can be a great experience until you buy the awry one. If you’re experienced too, it might sometimes be confusing choosing the best handheld shower faucet for yourself. 

In order so that you can start or continue your shower experience more smoothly, let’s see what things you should consider while buying a handheld shower head:

Types of shower heads:

  • Handheld shower heads: These types of shower heads will provide you a lot of additional benefits compared to a standard shower. If you think you are too busy, then these shower heads can be a great option as they’re easy to use and clean. Handheld shower heads come with more unit functions, including a massage and hose for a more flexible and excellent showering experience.
  • Fixed shower heads: These types of shower heads will provide you a rain shower fallout with spray style. You can adjust the shower heads’ height according to your shower needs. Fixed shower heads got both traditional and contemporary styles. So you’ll have to choose the style and size accordingly.
  • High-pressure shower heads: High-pressure shower heads are essential for experiencing a perfect shower. Whether you want a good shower for starting your day or to end your day, a high-pressure shower can enhance your body and mind.
  • Rain shower heads: Rain shower heads will offer you to seize the drops of rain that will make you no less feel like the real rain. Besides, a rain shower also helps to enhance your shower experience.
  • Materials:

As you’ve already seen from our best handheld shower head consumer reports that most of the shower heads are made from ABS stainless steel. The ABS is a solid polymer, making the shower heads more long-lasting. Also, it is rustproof and shock-resistant. Besides, you’ll find these ABS steel bodies in a different type of finishing, like with chrome. The more excellent polymer, the more the price. 

  • Stream rate:

Stream rate is something you should always consider while buying a shower head. An ideal shower head provides a flow rate of up to 12-17 liters per minute. This is the perfect rate to experience an excellent shower. However, you’ll also find shower heads with less flow rate, but it will also give you the experience of a good shower as it mixes the water with warm air and reduces the extra usage of water.

  • Spray Settings:

There are varieties of spray that you can choose. The spray got different functions and styles. Choose the best one according to your preference 

  • Massage spray: It offers you comfort throughout the body and helps tone your skin.
  • Mist spray: It provides beautiful drops for a soothing feeling on your skin.
  • Pulsating spray: It acts as both massage and most spray. In other words, you can say it’s an alternate.
  • Aerated spray: It is a very lightweight spray that integrates both air and water.
  • Style & Design:

You don’t have to worry about the style or design of a handheld shower head because you can find tons of designs and varieties. Also, you can find them in different shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, and other sizes too. The only thing you have to keep in mind is whether the shower bracket on the rail will be round or coned.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) About Handheld Shower

What is a handheld shower?

A handheld shower is a long flexible shower head that is easy to hold and adjustable. With a long hose and flexible hose attached at one end, you can point it in any direction you want. Besides, there is also a water outlet through which you can include a water supply.

Are expensive shower heads worth it?

Yes, if you buy an expensive shower head, then you will get many exceptional benefits that you may not get from any cheap shower head. A costly shower head can save more water, and it will also work better. Expensive shower heads may take away half of your savings, but they are worth it.

What is a good water pressure for a shower?

The water pressure of a shower can be adjusted accordingly to your preference. But if you’re concerned about your skin, then it’s better to follow a definite pressure of water, which is ideal for your body. Good water pressure for a perfect home shower should be between 45 to 55 psi.

Are rain showers any good?

If you prefer more water flow on your body, rain showers are definitely a good option. As rain showers are vast, they provide a fair amount of water to your body. However, the water pressure of a rain shower is not so good as the standard shower. The water pressure of a rain shower may be lower than a standard shower.

Can I add a handheld shower head to my existing shower head?

You can add a hand shower head to your existing shower head by a cross-tee diverter fitting. It will work with the current showerhead. Also, it includes a hose and handheld shower head as a secondary showerhead. You can connect a new handheld showerhead and hose or join the existing shower head.


So, we are done with our article. We hope that the list of handheld showers from our best handheld shower head consumer reports will help you to choose the best one for you. 

Even if you’re new to handheld showers or experienced, this article will definitely help you to continue your shower experience more pleasingly.

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