10 Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports (Buying Guide)

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No hassle, No Worries, Simply the Delicious Smoky Food: Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports  

Who doesn’t like a good piece of juicy and smoked pork? But sometimes, smoking can be challenging. To simplify your grilling experience, you must read these best electric smokers consumer reports.

We have got you a list full of great electric smokers of various reputed brands. These will not just look great in your backyard but also provide you with some great meals that you can enjoy with your friends and family. These electric smokers are low maintenance, easy to clean, and are made with durable materials. They are also manufactured with various fascinating features. 

So without any further due, let’s dig in.  

No hassle, No Worries, Simply the Delicious Smoky Food: Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports  

Who doesn’t like a good piece of juicy and smoked pork? But sometimes, smoking can be challenging. By now, you must have known one or two things if you have read any best electric smokers consumer reports. 

To simplify your grilling experience, you must read these best electric smokers consumer reports.

We have got you a list full of great electric smokers of various reputed brands. These will not just look great in your backyard but also provide you with some great meals that you can enjoy with your friends and family. These electric smokers are low maintenance, easy to clean, and are made with durable materials. They are also manufactured with various fascinating features. 

So without any further due, let’s dig in.  

What Is The Best Electric Smoker?

Here We Listed Some Special Features and Top Rated Electric Smokers.

Top 10 Best Electric Smokers Consumer Reports

1. Best Analog Electric Smoker: Masterbuilt Electric Smoker MB20070210

Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker


Power SourceCorded Electric
Weight49.86 Pounds
Dimensions20 x 21.69 x 40.15 inches
Fuel TypeElectric

Are you looking for something ideal for outdoor usage? Everyone loves the taste of perfectly cooked meat. We bring you the most ideal analog master-built electric smoker

Masterbuilt MB20070210 is an analog electric smoker designed to give the best performance when it comes to grilling

Shall we discuss the features in details?     

  • Temperature Control: 

When it comes to barbeque or grilling, you must know how important it is to keep the temperature in control. This electric smoker features variable temperature control. It has an easy analog dial, which gives you easy temperature settings. 

  • Front Access Grease Tray: 

Mastering the art of smoking is easy, but cleaning the grease can be challenging. This masterbuilt electric smoker has a front access grease tray.  This tray can be used to catch the excess food dripping while they cook. 

  • Three Chrome Coated Racks:

The masterbuilt electric smoker is designed to have three chrome-coated racks. These racks are so broad that you have plenty of room for three chickens, two turkeys, and three racks of pork ribs or three pork butts. 

  • Power Source: 

The iron cast smoker is entirely electric. The only power source it needs is electricity. It does not consume an excessive amount of electricity, so a waste of money.  

  •  Dimensions:

This masterbuilt smoker is great for smoking all types of meat. The weight of an electric smoker is 49.86 lbs. The dimensions are 19.88 x 20.47 x 33.26 inches. 


  • Variable temperature control 
  • Has front grease tray
  • Wide smoking racks 
  • It does not require any kind of fuel.
  • Runs through electricity
  • Energy efficient       


  • Not for indoor usage.    

2. Best Electric Pellet Smokers: Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Best Electric Pellet Smokers: Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker


Power SourceWood, Electric
Weight49.5 Pounds
Dimensions15 x 20.7 x 33.5 inches
Fuel TypeElectric

Char-broil has been America’s one of the most leading companies since 1948. Char-broil has continuously been providing its products to make you a better cook. 

The char-broil analog electric smoker helps you make smoked food easily. You can simply create tremendous and tasty meals for your friends and family using this char-broil analog electric smoker. Most importantly, who doesn’t love an electric smoker made in USA with premium technologies? 

Let us discuss the features in detail.

  • Quality Material Construction:  

The analog electric smoker is manufactured to last long and gives you excellent performance. It is also powered by a 1200-watt heating element. This makes your electric smoker study.

  • Large capacity: 

If you are looking for something specious, then this is just perfect for you. The smoker has 544 square inches of cooking space. It has three chrome-plated cooking grates that have enough space to cook everything you want.     

  • Wood Chip Box: 

The smoker can be run on electricity or wood chips. It has a large-sized wood chip box holder. This box offers you hours of smoke without any need for a refill.

  • Door-Mounted Temperature Gauge: 

Whether you are new to smoking or not, you must know that maintaining the temperature is vital. The smoker is constructed with a door-mounted temperature gauge. It is designed in such a way that you can easily monitor the temperature inside the smoker. 

  • Water pan and Drip tray: 

No one likes a piece of steak dry, do they? To solve this issue, the char boil smoker has water and a drip tray. The aluminum steel water pan ensures that your meat does not dry up while it’s smoking. And the drip tray makes it way easier to clean the smoker.

  • Dimension: 

This digital electric smoker weighs around 49.50 lbs. And the dimension is as follows: 15.00 x 20.70 x 33.50 inches.  


  • It has a large capacity
  • It consists of a large capacity wood chip box
  • Door mounted temperature gauge for easy monitoring
  • Easy to clean 
  • Excellent smoke hollow
  • 1-year of warranty


  • Unfortunately, the temperature does not rise more than 280 degrees.     

3. Best Cheap Electric Smokers: LANDMANN MCO 32954

Best Cheap Electric Smokers: LANDMANN MCO 32954


Power SourceCorded Electric
Weight33 Pounds
Dimensions26.7 x 16.6 x 13.2 inches
Fuel TypeElectric

LANDMANN- the King of bbq industry. It has provided the best quality gas or charcoal grill, smoker, and pits for over half a century. They have a reputation for developing innovative, high-quality products at an affordable price. 

The smoker digitally powered, operatable are more handful than the analog smokers. In the buying guide section of this article, you will find more logics to purchase this outstanding electric smoker for bbq.

LANDMANN brings you a 26-inch electric smoker. It is the LANDMANN MCO 32954. The smoker will make you feel like grilling is as easy as eating a piece of cake. 

Come, let’s talk about the wonderful features that the smoker has.      

Full View Window:

If you have smoked meat before, you must know that you lose heat every time you open the smoker’s door. The LANDMANN 26-inch electric smoker has a full view window. Using this view window, you can check the progress of your meat without opening the door.  

3-in-One Combo Tray:

This 3-in-one combo tray is designed to make an ideal room for a wood chip box,  a water pan, and a greased pan. The water pan will prevent your meat from drying, and the greased pan makes it easy to clean up the smoker digital. 

Optimized Cooking Capacity:  

The smoker has three levels with plenty of space; you can bring on anything and enjoy a sizzling piece of bbq. It has three chrome-plated cooking grates, which means more smokey flavored meat.        

Easy Transport:

The LANDMANN electric smoker is designed with light-weight handles. These handles allow easy mobility. You can simply change the location of the smoker digital.

Electrically Powered:  

The smoker needs electricity to run. You can use both wood chip or electricity. It uses a 1500 watt heating element to heat the meat, adding a smoky flavor to the meat. 


This fantastic electric smoker weighs 33 lbs, and the dimensions are 20.00 x 21.69 x 40.15 inches. 


  • Made with long-lasting cast iron
  • It has a full view window, up to smoke hollow
  • Designed with 3-in-one combo tray
  • Has optimized cooking capacity
  • Easy to clean and transport      


  • The temperature does not rise past 185 degrees. 

4. Best Electric Meat Smoker: Smokehouse Big Chief


Best Electric Meat Smoker: Smokehouse Big Chief
Power SourceWood
Weight17.57 Pounds
Dimensions12.38 x 18.25 x 27.12 inches
Fuel TypeElectric

The Little Chief and Little Chief Smokers have been known for their smokers since 1968. The original Big Chief and Little Chief smokers are still in use even after 30 years. 

Smokehouse brings you the Big Chief Electric Smoker. This can be considered as the best electric smoker made in USA

We shall elaborate on the features below. 

Consistent Low Temperature :

The smoker has a consistently low temperature. The temperature is kept low so that the food does not cook; it just smokes out the meat piece. It ensures that it doesn’t ruin an expensive piece of salmon or sausage. 

Smoke Ventilation: 

The smoker is designed with a premium ventilation system, ensuring that smoke circulation occurs the right way. It ensures that you get the smokey flavor deep inside your meat. It gives the meat the right texture that you would want.

Large capacity: 

Feel free to feed your entire family. It can smoke up to 50 lbs at once. You can smoke anything like a fresh catch of salmon or your favorite sausages. It will smoke your meat in no time. 

Chrome-plated grills and drip pan: 

The Big Chief smoker is designed with chrome-plated grills and a drip pan. The grills will not disappoint you, no matter what you smoke. The drip pan will reduce half your cleaning work. The drip pan is also dishwasher safe. So, it is very easy to clean.   


The Smokehouse electric smoker is 17.57 lbs. Pretty light-weight. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information on the size of the smoker digital.       


  • Easy slide chrome-plate and dishwasher safe drip plate 
  • Built with durable aluminum
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Smoke hollow with premium materials
  • No assembly required    
  • Two years of warranty 


  • Not ideal for thick slices of meat 

5. Best Digital Electric Smoker: Bradley BTDS76P 990216

  Best Digital Electric Smoker: Bradley BTDS76P 990216


Power SourceElectric
Weight57.5 Pounds
Dimensions14 x 17 x 31 inches
Fuel TypeElectric


An investment in excellent quality. If you are simply looking for something that delivers pure smoke every time you use it, then you are in the right place.

Bradly brings you the most satisfactory digital electric smoker called the Bradley BTDS76P digital smoker. 

Let’s describe the smoker in details:

Epoxy Steel Construction: 

The Bradley electric smoker is made of the highest quality material. It is manufactured with epoxy steel powder and has a polish of stainless steel interior. It is just an ideal smoker for outdoor usage. 

Clean smoke Technology: 

The smoker is designed with Cleansmoke technology. This ensures a 100% utilization of natural wood smoke. The Bradley owners are bound to experience great food with a high-quality smokey flavor.

Natural Wood Bisquettes: 

The electric smoker comes with natural 12 varieties of wood bisquettes. In our opinion, these bisquettes are way better than wood chips. They are designed in such a way that they will burn for a precise amount of time and will extinguish before they turn into ash. 

Smoke Vent: 

Bradley electric smoker can be called the game-changer in the world. It is designed with a smoke vent. This smoke vent helps to release the dirty smoke out of the smoker.

Total Digital Control: 

This outdoor barbeque smoker can be considered to be a completely digital electric smoker. The smoker has controls for temperature, time, and smoke. You just simply choose how long you want your food to cook for. It will automatically turn off on its own.

MultiRack design: 

The smoker has plenty of room for pretty much everything. Bring on the chicken, pork, fish, and more. It provides 8 hours of service, and the temperature can be raised to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. 


The Bradley smoker measures 17 by 14 by 31 inches and has a width of 24 inches when the generator is attached. The smoker weighs 57.7 pounds.


  • Made of highest quality material
  • Has multiple racks 
  • Ideal for an outdoor barbeque
  • Easy to control
  • Temperature can rise to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • It is quite costly    

6. Best Electric Smoker With Wifi: Masterbuilt MB20073519

Best Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker: Masterbuilt MB20073519


Power SourceElectric
Item Weight54 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH19.88 x 20.66 x 33.46 inches
Fuel TypeElectric

The Masterbuilt MB20073519 is a digital smoker with Bluetooth. It is ideal for you whether you are a pro or a novice. Smokers electrically powered are more vulnerable to circuit malfunctions, but this excellent digital electric smoker conquers all pitfalls of a troublesome smoker. 

Suppose you are concerned about the fact that what is the best electric smoker with wifi, then let us tell you that you don’t really need wifi in your smoker digital. The detail could be found in the buying guide section. 

Yes, you can always pay for some extra bugs, but in the end, it will just be a waste of money. Please give us the opportunity to elaborate on the details of the smoker to you.

Bluetooth Smart Technology:

The masterbuilt electric smoker is featured to have Bluetooth connectivity. This feature offers you the privilege of controlling the smoker even from a distance. You can also control temperature, the lighting, monitor the temperature of meat, and the power of on or off. 

Four chrome-plated smoking Racks: 

When looking for a digital electric smoker, you must ensure that it has plenty of room for the amount of meat you want to cook. In this very case, the smoker has got your back. It is designed with four chrome-plated smoking racks. These racks are so vast and spacious that you can cook any type of meat using them at once. Such as six chickens or two turkeys at once. 

Patented side wood chip refill system:

Nowadays, digital electricity comes with various types of wood chip refill systems. The smoker has a patented side wood chip refill system. This means you can refill the smoker without opening the door. So, you won’t lose any heat. 

Meat probe Thermometer:

If you know one or two things about smoking, you must understand that setting up the temperature is the most formidable job, and it requires monitoring. Well, half of your job is done when you get this electric smoker. It comes with a meat probe thermometer that ensures that your meat is being cooked at a perfect temperature, and you get to enjoy an ideal meal. 

Thermostat Control: 

Getting perfectly smoked meat every time can be challenging, but Masterbuilt has made it way more comfortable. The smoker features a thermostat control that ensures even smoking in all parts. It also keeps the smoking temperature consistent, so you get perfect results every time. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy control using Bluetooth
  • Has a meat probe thermometer
  • The thermostat keeps the temperature consistent.
  • Multiple chrome-plated racks


  • The smoker cannot be stored outdoors.

7. Best electric smokers under 400: Masterbuilt MB20051316


Best electric smokers under 400: Masterbuilt MB20051316 Propane Smoker
Power SourcePropane
Weight92 Pounds
Dimensions22.8 x 28.7 x 53 inches
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas

You must be wondering that another Masterbuilt? Well, yes. Masterbuilt always ends up making excellent types of smokers that are ideal for all kinds of people. So, now we are here to talk about the Masterbuilt MB20051316 Propane Smoker. This super-efficient electric smoker made in USA and complies with highest grades of Quality Assurance (QA).

The smoker masterbuilt is the market leader of 2021.

A 40-inch smoker that has a 15,750 BTU stainless steel burner that will make smoking effortless. So aren’t you excited to know more about it? Let’s dig in. 

Temperature Sensor:

The smoker masterbuilt comes with a temperature sensor that controls the temperature and keeps it at your desired temperature. As the temperature remains under control, the meat is adequately cooked and remains tender. 

Multiple Smoking Rack:

Are you worried about the racks or space inside the smoker? Nothing to worry about the Masterbuilt smoker is designed with four chrome-coated racks that have plenty of room to cook pretty much anything you want. 

Thermostat Control:

No monitoring is required. The thermostat control ensures to keep the temperature consistent. You can simply choose your desired temperature, and it will maintain it. You will not have to face the hassle of adjusting the temperature over time. 

Safe Shut Off:

As the smoker masterbuilt uses a burner, ensuring safety comes first. So the manufacturers have included a safety shut off valve, which will tend to turn off automatically if the flame is extinguished for any reason so that you can enjoy the bbq and remain safe. 


This is a 92 lbs smoker, and the size details are 22.80 x 28.70 x 53.00 inches.


  • Designed with a temperature control sensor
  • Has thermostat control
  • Safe shut off ensures safety.
  • Multiple rack system 
  • Runs on propane 
  • Great Smoke hollow


  • It takes 30-40 minutes to assemble. 

8. Best electric meat smoker for fish: Royal Gourmet SE2801


Power SourceElectric
Dimensions37.1 x 19 x 20.6 inches
Fuel TypeElectric

The modern time smoker is here. Royal Gourmet presents the Royal gourmet SE2801 electric smoker. Royal Gourmet is a professional grill supplier and smoker. Their innovative team works to provide the best range of electric smokers or smokers electric.

The Royal Gourmet SE2801 Electric smoker is a 28-inch analog electric smoker. It is a multi-purpose smoker with various exciting features. 

We will be elaborating further below.    

Cooking Surface:

The Royal Gourmet has a large cooking surface. It has a total cooking area of 457.86 sq inch. It is designed with three chrome-plated racks for slow cooking. You can also adjust the racks height according to the food you want to accommodate inside them. 

Grease Management System:

Smoking is easy until the cleaning part cones in. but the Royal Gourmet has taken care of that. They have designed a grease management tray. The aluminum tray gathers all the oil residue, which is located under the smoker. 

Good Sealing Capability:

Getting good results from smoking can be challenging if the sealing capability of the smoker isn’t good enough. The smoker has door latches, which help to keep the door of the smoker sealed. 

Flavoring System:

This is one of the most exceptional features you would find in a smoker. You can use hickory chips or mesquite to smoke beef. They pair up quite well together. Alder can also be an option. You can also use applewood with chicken or pork.

Heat-retaining System: 

The double-wall construction ensures that the heat can be well retained within the firebox. This retaining system provides to keep the heat in control. 


 The dimension of the smoker is 37.1 x 19 x 20.6 inches


  • Spacious cooking surface
  • A fully adjustable control and temperature
  • Good heat sealing capacity
  • Easy to clean 


  • The wood chips will only flavor your food but not cook it

9. Best Electric Wood Pellet Smoker: Z GRILLS ZPG-6002E 6-in-1  Electric Smoker

Best Electric Wood Pellet Smoker: Z GRILLS ZPG-6002E 6-in-1  Electric Smoker


Power SourceWood Pellet
Dimensions46 x 22 x 46 inches
Fuel TypeWood

Z grills bring you a range of great smokers. They have a motto that goes like “set it, forget it,” which means you can enjoy grilled or smoked meat without the hassle of continually observing the smoker. 

Z Grills have got us the ZPG-600 model 2020, which is a 6-in-1 smoker, grill, bake, roast, braise, barbeque—excited to know about it more? Let’s start. 

Advanced Wood Fire Technology: 

Is there any more comfortable way to get the smokey flavor into your favorite piece of meat than using a pellet grill? Well, I guess no. Once you try it, you’ll surely know the difference. You can cook for straight 10 hours using 10 lbs of pellets. 

Electronic Auto-start Ignition:

Even if you are a beginner, do not worry. The smoker is designed with auto-start ignition, digital auto temperature control, and a real-time LED display. You can simply set the temperature and forget about it. 

Digital Temperature Control: 

The smoker is manufactured in such a way that the temperature remains precise and consistent. The digital temperature control automatically adds pellets as needed. The convection heat distribution system ensures that the food gets cooked evenly.

Large Grilling Area and Hopper Capacity: 

You can almost cook everything you want. The smoker has a cooking surface of 330 square inches where you can barbeque your food. And a 270 square inches rack for smoking or warming the food. It has a total of 600 square inch cooking area. 

The hopper capacity is around 10 lbs. It is designed with a foldable working shelf.


Unfortunately, the smoker is quite heavy, 83 lbs. And the dimension is around 46 x 22 x 46 inches


  • Advanced smoking technique
  • Easy to use 
  • Designed with digital temperature control
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Rustproof covers and racks 

Cons:     cases, the temperature might fluctuate.         

10. Best electric smokers under 300: Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal

Best electric smokers under 300: Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal


Power SourceCharcoal
Item Weight27 Pounds
Dimensions25.4 x 24.8 x 42.8 inches
Fuel TypeCharcoal

Char-Broil manufactured smokers have been the best smoker made in the USA. They have been one of the most leading brands in the USA. 

You can simply have it with the Char-broil 20-inch Bullet Smoker. It is a highly sustainable item, and it provides you a superior smoking experience. This bullet smoker has many innovative features that we shall discuss now. 

Durable Construction:

The Char-Broil 20-inch Bullet Smoker has a very durable construction. The bullet smoker is made of a porcelain-coated steel body.  And the digital electric smoker stands up to be the rusty, roof, and still, itsy to clean.

Huge Cooking Space: 

Now you can be the envy of your neighborhood with the new Char-broil bullet smoker. The smoker is designed with a 570 sq inches cooking space. It has two porcelain-coated grates, which are very easy to clean, and the food will not stick on them. 

Airflow Control:

We have already said this many times, that while you are smoking or making a barbeque, it is essential to maintain the temperature. The bullet smoker has airflow control. This airflow control simplifies the setting and supports the internal energy of the smoker.

Removable Ash pan: 

Can cleaning be more simple than this? The bullet smoker has a removable ash pan. You can simply remove this ash pan after hours of smoking and then simply clean the pan. 

Temperature Gauge: 

The char broil features a temperature gauge that is mounted on the lid of the smoker. The temperature gauge is easy to read. It also gives you quick and simple monitoring. 


 This light-weight smoker weighs around 27 lbs, and the smoker’s size is 25.4 x 24.8 x 42.8 inches. 


  • Huge cooking space
  • Durable porcelain-coated steel construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy temperature monitoring
  • A high-quality fire access door manages the smoke flow        


  • It is not well insulated   

How to use an electric smoker?

How to get more smoke from an electric smoker? If you have an electric smoker, you would want to get the best out of it. So, here are some tips on how you can get more smoke out of your electric smoker: 

  • Ditch the wood chip tray. A small chip tray needs to be refilled frequently. This ends up leaving your food bland.    
  • Try not to over smoke your food. When it comes to smoking, you must remember more is not more.  
  • You can also try controlling the temperature swings. The temperature inside an electric smoker is known as swinging.
  • You can try changing your vent position and then smoke. 
  • You can use aluminum foil on your grill racks to make cleaning easy       

What are the best types of wood for smoking? 

Any wood that is available at a store is more likely to be kiln-dried. This means it will burn quickly and hot; this makes it tough to control the temperature.

Here are a few types of wood you can choose for smoking:

  • Fruit woods: These woods have a mild flavor and can also be used green. 
  • Mesquite: This wood has a strong flavor and burns fast. It is the kind of wood you would like to use for grilling. 
  • Oak- Oak woods burn slow and evenly spreads heat. It is the most commonly used wood for smoking, and it has a mild flavor.
  • Hickory: Hickory has a slightly more robust flavor than oak wood. And it is also commonly used for smoking
  • Pecan: Pecan wood is typically used for shorter smokes. If you use it for a long time, it can be overpowering. 

How To Chose Best electric smokers- Buying Guide

Core material: 

The ideal core material for electric smokers is either cast iron or stainless steel. The smokers cannot be stored outdoors. The smokers are constructed then polished to keep them rust-free. 

Cooking Capacity:

Before getting yourself, a smoker checks the number of racks the smoker has. Some smokers even have a cooking space up to 300 or more sq inches. You will have plenty of room to cook 5-6 chickens at once. 

Thermostat Control:

Thermostat control is essential because it maintains the internal temperature of a smoker. It keeps the temperature consistent, and as a result, you get a piece of perfectly smoked meat. 

Wood Chip tray:

Wood chip trays are vital. You can cook or smoke meat using wood chips in your electric smoker. You can also add flavors by using different types of woods. 

Water Drip tray or Grease tray: 

Water drip trays are a sign of good manufacturing. It keeps the meat hydrated and does not let it dry out. On the other hand, a grease tray collects all the leftover oil and makes it easier to clean. 

WiFi Facilities: 

Often, we are worried about the best electric smoker with wifi facilities, but to be honest, it’s irrational. Why on earth, we do need a wifi enabled electric smoker? The answer is just to waste our hard-earned money. People love to operate an electric smoker from the nearest zone to adhere to the awesome flavors of the meat. So, keep close to your electric smoker, save some money, and no need to look for the best electric smoker with wifi. 

Common Questions About electric smokers :

What is the best electric smoker on the market?

Answer: many electric smokers can be considered as the best electric smokers on the market. From our perspective, Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker, Royal Gourmet SE2801 Electric Smoker are two of them. 

What is the best electric smoker for beginners?

Answer: Z Grill and Royal Gourmet smokers can be considered to be the best choice for beginners.

Are electric smokers worth it?

Answer: Yes, they are always worth it if you choose the right one as per your preference.

What is the best smoker for the money?

Answer: if you are looking for something inexpensive but will give you good results, we would suggest choosing the masterbuilt electric smokers. 


We have come to the very end of our article. We are sure you have already read many best electric smoker consumer reports and gathered the necessary information.

Whether you are new to smoking or you are a pro, we can assure you that the items we have reviewed today can give you a smoking or grilling experience like never before. 

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