Best beverage fridge consumer reports (Buying Guide)

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The beverage refrigerator is necessary for those who love wine. It ensures you can enjoy your favorite wine in the comfort of home. However, the bottle of wine should be stored in a cool, humid place where the aroma and taste of the wine intact. In this best beverage fridge consumer reports, I have discussed everything that you have to know before purchasing a beverage fridge

List Of Top Rated Beverage fridge Consumer report

  1. Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan 
  2. Ivation 62 Can Beverage Refrigerator 
  3. FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS462 Portable Personal Fridge/Cooler
  4. OMMO 6 L/8 Can Portable Beverage Fridge
  5. NewAir 60 Can Beverage Fridge 
  6. Vremi 1.7 Cubic Feet Beverage Cooler
  7. Comfee 115-120 Can Beverage Cooler/Refrigerator
  8. Whynter BR-062WS Beverage Refrigerator
  9. Coca-Cola Retro Vending Thermoelectric Mini Fridge
  10. EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD Outdoor Beverage Cooler 

10 Best beverage fridge consumer reports of 2021

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan

 Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan

Ivation 62 Can Beverage Refrigerator

Ivation 62 Can Beverage Refrigerator

FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS462 Portable Personal Fridge/Cooler

 FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS462  Portable Personal Fridge/Cooler

*Product key features

  • Holds 12 cans or 9 liters
  • Vibration free thermoelectric cooling system making it quiet and efficient
  • Compact and portable design with a convenient carrying handle
  • Heavy duty locking latch and door hinge
  • Easy to clean, fully insulated interior make cleaning quick and easy

OMMO 6 L/8 Can Portable Beverage Fridge

OMMO 6 L/8 Can Portable Beverage Fridge

NewAir 60 Can Beverage Fridge

 NewAir 60 Can Beverage Fridge

*Product key features

  • Compact Design Holds 60 Standard Cans
  • Double-Paned Glass Door Keeps It Cold
  • Small Refrigerator, Big Benefits
  • Set It and Forget It

Vremi 1.7 Cubic Feet Beverage Cooler

Vremi 1.7 Cubic Feet Beverage Cooler

Comfee 115-120 Can Beverage Cooler/Refrigerator

 Comfee 115-120 Can Beverage Cooler/Refrigerator

*Product key features

ColorStainless Steel
Model NameCRV115TAST
Item Dimensions LxWxH17.32 x 18.89 x 33.1 inches
Capacity3.2 Cubic Feet

Whynter BR-062WS Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter BR-062WS Beverage Refrigerator

Coca-Cola Retro Vending Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

 Coca-Cola Retro Vending  Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

Product Key Features

  • EYE-CATCHING RETRO STYLE – Unique retro vending machine style mini-fridge with window display and Coca-Cola logo makes a great showpiece for any home, dorm, office, or games room
  • PUSH BUTTON “VENDING” – Delight your guests by dispensing cans of cold Coca-Cola with the push of a button
  • ECO-FRIENDLY COOLING – CFC-free thermoelectric semiconductor module effectively keeps items cool to 32°F (18°C) below room temperature
  • PERFECT FOR STUDENTS – Slim profile cooler fits easily on a desk or beside your bed for easy access whenever you need a cool drink
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE – 12V DC/110V AC capable for use at home, dorm, cottage, or office or on the go in your truck, boat, trailer, or RV

EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD Outdoor Beverage Cooler

 EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD  Outdoor Beverage Cooler

What makes a refrigerator a wine fridge?

Wine coolers or wine refrigerators are composed of two types of generator Thermoelectric and Compressor. Maximum wine refrigerators are mechanized by the thermoelectric system. The thermoelectric generator has no moving parts because of its slid elements. They are vibration-free, stay quiet, and do not overheat as much as the compressor generator. Thermoelectric fridges are pricey than their capability, though they are not much expensive. 

Compressor fridges are not good for wine because of its vibrations but it is less expensive. Nowadays, you can find many compressor fridges that come with advanced technology to reduce vibrations. Wine fridges do not need to reach colder temperatures when the general fridge needs it.

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Types of Wine Fridges

1. Built-In Wine Fridges

If you conscious about to use your floor space properly than this type of wine fridges is appropriate for you. These types are the most expensive wine fridges. You can accommodate in your living room or inside the cabinet of their kitchen. The capacity of these wine fridges is small while comparing with other wine fridges. The cooling method composes of a compressor or thermoelectric system. 

2. Freestanding Wine Fridges

These types of wine fridges are pretty much comparable to your regular refrigerators. You can easily find different size of free-standing wine fridges such as small, medium, and large. The fridges are conducted with either a base of a compressor or a thermoelectric system. You can choose these type fridges if you have a large number and different types of wine collection. You can put your free-standing cooler anywhere in your house.

3. Countertop Wine fridges

In three types of wine fridges, countertop wine fridges are the smallest in size. These coolers are very perfect for people who want to collect a small number of wines. A countertop wine fridge is so small that you can put it on the table, inside the cabinet or on the countertop on our kitchen. Most of the countertop fridges use a thermoelectric mechanism to avoid noise and vibration.

Benefits of Wine Refrigerators Fridge

Wine refrigerators are constructed not only to store your wine but also to age your wine. Aging your wine is as important as storing wine. Wine fridges maintain the flavor and quality of the wine. according to an affordable price, the wine cooler is manageable to every home. Some of the advantages are given below.

1. An ideal temperature to accumulate wine

Wine Refrigerators are composed of compatible temperatures between 45 to 65-degree F. Temperature stability is the most important thing for wine to keep age along with its flavor. Because of consistent temperature, the regular refrigerator is not appropriate for wine storing. Regular refrigerators set with a temperature of below 40-degree F. Low temperature will stunt the growth of wine. The wine cooler maintains an adjustable and consistent temperature to keep its flavor and age it.

2. No natural light

Wine does not have a good relation with natural light, which means natural light is harmful to wine. Though dark and wide bottles of wine always maintain the attitude of stability. In this case, best wine fridge consumer reports present for you solid or glass doors with a light protection system to avoid the damage of wine.

3. No compressor vibration

The thermoelectric mechanism always avoids vibration. Vibration can destroy the natural procedure of aging of wine, as like as extra heat can damage wine and prematurely ruined it.

4. Fulfill storage needs

Wine fridge helps to maintain wine in good quality and cool your wine to enjoy it when you drink. For storing with shortening, wine coolers present great weather for aging. Wine fridges can fulfill the storehouse and needs of aging of the maximum people who love wine.

5. Maintain the wine environment

For the storage of wine, the wine cooler is perfect to keep an ideal and dedicated environment for your wine. The regular refrigerator allows you to store different types of products, so every time you take different things, the temperature can be change. A wine cooler is a perfect place to preserve wine appropriate in a cool, quiet, place without a natural or bright light.

Benefits of a wine fridge vs regular refrigerators

The wine fridges have some advantages with some substitute uses that make it a perfect candidate for storing different types of wine.

1. Friendly with the environment

Both the thermoelectric and the compressor-based wine cooler are eco-friendly. In their cooling system, they have no harmful chemicals. Normally using a metal rod can change the temperature between inner and outer, for this, the coolers can maintain a more environmentally friendly system.

2. Good for regular use

Comparing to a normal refrigerator, wine cooler has a perfect preservation system for wine. In a wine cellar, it can be saved for a couple of years. Refrigerators’ temperature is not perfect for wine, because it issues too cold to good for wine. 

3. Less expensive 

A wine cooler is not more expensive like a refrigerator or wine cellar. The cost of regular refrigerators is depending on their size, adjustability, and quantity. On the other hand, the wine cooler is used for only cooling wines.

4. Low maintenance

Wine coolers are not only less expensive to get, but also small cost for maintenance. The element of making a cooler is not expensive, because it requires simple low-costing components. So, having affordable elements inside the cooler, make it low cost for maintaining than the refrigerator. 

5. Storage

The storage system of the wine fridge is shaped to preserve the maximum number of wines. The storage is only designed to keep wine, on the other hand, the refrigerator does not have designed for wine storage.

6. Portable

Wine coolers are small in sizes which get extra benefits to it. It is easy to install anywhere in your house anytime. You can set it such as in your bookshelves, on your office table, in the cupboards and other places.

Compressor vs. Thermoelectric Technology

The thermoelectric system has compelling benefits than compressor system based on controls, reliability, efficiency, installation, and maintenance,

1. Installation

The thermoelectric system is small, needs little surface for mounting than the compressor system. A compressor-based system is required in a fixed adaptation when shipping or installing, otherwise, it may damage. Compressors are larger and heavier than the thermoelectric system. A single number of thermoelectric systems composes can be used in top or mounted on the door vertically or horizontally. Multiple adaption installation systems can be used by one model in a thermoelectric system, while multiple orientation installation cannot accommodate by the compressor system.

2. Vibration

The thermoelectric system serves with no sound and no vibration. The compressor system has parts that move and make cycles vibration when started.

3. Power

The cooling system of a compressor is more powerful than a thermoelectric system. That’s why large wine coolers contain a compressor system.

4. Sensitivity of temperature

The thermoelectric system does not cool as the compressor does. This system is not fit for general uses. On the other hand, the compression system is perfect for typical weather.

How We Tested

When the wine cooler is delivered, we should test some qualities like the building quality, the accuracy of the temperature, and capability of storage at a glance to avoid facing problems while keeping wine. Here are some consequences that we tested.

1. Constitution

We test and noticed the durability and of course about the building quality of each model. After that we examine the handle design, durability of the legs, the hinges, and the shelves’ flexibilities. We also see the racks are capable to give proper support for storing or not.

2. Starting cooldown

The thermoelectric system has sustained temperature and cool fast from the compressor system. After placed and plugged in we get our desire temperature within 2 hours. But it is always good to take 24 hours before keeping wine. Wine fridges need 2 hours for cooling. However, we should follow the timing instructions.

3. Capability

We carefully check the capacity of the cooler with their advertisement. Also notice that is there are any heat sink or the fan of the cooler compromise internal storehouse or not.

4. Consistency and accuracy

First, we use both infrared thermometer and kitchen thermometer to check the same temperature showing on the display. After that, we tested regularity of the temperature such as left, right, bottom, top of each cooler inside. The single section cooler does not keep the temperature consistency through a unit. The fan area and the ventilator make the fridge as the coldest place. 

Tips: When you arrange wine, adding wine, or taking out from there, it should be quick. The cooler needs half an hour to chilling again after opening.

5. Chilling wine

Thermoelectric and their compressor refrigerator both take enough time to manage the temperature of their internal system. 50-degree F for white wine and 60-degree F for red wine while it is in the dual-zone cooler. But for the single cooler, it was an average of 55 degrees F. The temperature was examined for two hours in every fifteen minutes. Insider air temperature taken with an infrared thermometer and also use a kitchen thermometer.

Buying Guide wine Cooler

There are lots of wine refrigerators in the market, so it is difficult to choose the right one that is perfect for you. In that case, best wine fridge consumer reports make a top 5 list considering useful features that help you to pick the right one.


Wine fridges are of different sizes of capacity having 4 bottles to 50. Some cooler also has more than 300+ bottles to reserve. If you have a pool in your ground and love to have a party very often, it is good to have a big wine refrigerator to meet the demands of your invited people. Maximum large wine fridges are freestanding wine refrigerators.

Moisture and temperature control

Low temperature is perfect for keeping wine bottles with proper moisture. Keeping moisture on the cork of the bottle can save your wine.


You must have to know dimensions before buying the fridge. Determine your needs fist such as how much space do you have in your kitchen or other places where you would like to have your wine fridge. An oversized wine fridge can make mass in your house.

Design and Digital LED control panel 

You can find many stunning designs but maximum comes in black color. But you can choice other sector such as metal racks, wooden shelves, and so on. Best wine fridge consumer reports listed the model that offer easy removal shelves system. For convenient control you can buy a model that have digital electric LED display. With the help of it you can easily change temperatures and so no. 

Avoid vibration and noise

Nowadays couples of manufacturing brands offer anti-vibration wine cooler that keeps silent. So, try to choose a thermoelectric wine fridge that does not generate much sound and vibration.

Multiple temperatures

If you are the boundless wine lover, that means you love red or white wines, occasionally champagne, you should choose the fridge having a dual or triple temperature system.

Glass doors with UV protection

UV rays are very harmful to wine. So, while purchasing a wine fridge, make sure you buy a UV protection glass door to fix the problems.

Final Verdict

Shakespeare once said, “Good wine needs no bush.” If you are a wine lover and want to enjoy the pleasant taste of your favorite wine, then consider it as an art. Wine is a beverage that can accompany any type of food. But you have to ensure the quality and taste of the wine; it is crucial. 

Best wine fridge consumer reports help you to get the best in the recent markets so that you can store both red wine or white wine in an appropriate environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should red wine be stored in a wine fridge?

Yes, you can keep the wine bottle for a long time. We know the age improves tastes, and you can get it simply using my listed wine fridge. They are long-lasting without compromising quality. Just maintain the right temperature and humidity.

Does a wine fridge use much electricity?

Wine coolers are the most energy-efficient household appliances, but there is still some model that can cost a lot of money. In this case, the best wine fridge consumer reports presented an energy-efficient model compared to a typical refrigerator.

Can you keep beer in a wine fridge?

Yes, but you have to set the temperature at which it is should store. After that, you get better drinks.

How do I increase the humidity in my wine fridge?

If the moisture level is below 50%, you should create the proper wine storage environments. You have to soak cold water using the sponge after that wring it out and place it in the refrigerator for a day. Then, check the moisture level using a hygrometer or air quality monitor and repeat the procedure if necessary.

How do I lower the humidity in my wine fridge?

You can put a baking container in it and let it absorb excess moisture. 
Also, you have to change it regularly until the humidity levels are reached the appropriate percentage. In this way, you can prevent mold growth inside the cooler.

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