10 Things Bar Keepers Friend Uses Best way clean your Home Depot

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Bar Keepers Friend can assist you to wash your Home Depot within and out. We all buy frequently sprays, scrubs and sponges to clean the inferior and tactical spots in our home. We use cleaning foam to washes some of our grime as it has special formulas (though in some cases they can make it worse!) Sometimes you have classic permanently, deep cleanup. Isn’t it? Bar Keepers Friend, Powder Cleanser has been giving services since 1912.

This unadulterated product offers no objectionable claims or fancy packaging. Those products have the ability to clean effectively. Suitable for stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, and many other surfaces, this cleanser can help to make your home shine almost every inch. And the interesting thing is that you can get Bar Keepers Friend at a very low price of less than $5.

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How does the Bar Keepers Friend work?

Oxalic acid is a bit more acidic than white distilled vinegar, and there is a friction between BKF (as we affectionately call it) that helps to baking soda. Because it is so strong, you won’t want to use it on anything that is perforated like stone or fabric, but it has all sorts of uses around the kitchen.

10 Ways to Bar Keepers Friend Uses in your Home Depot

10 Ways to Bar Keepers Friend Uses in your Home Depot

  • Dishwashers
  • Stovetops
  • Sinks
  • Pots, pans, and bakeware
  • Tile
  • Bathtubs
  • Faucets
  • Shower doors
  • Grills
  • Outdoor furniture and so much more


Every time you finish your lunch or dinner, the piled plates are waiting by the sink, right?
If you want to clean all of your dishes and make sure each dish gets well clean. Remove the remaining food scraps and debris, only use a Bar Keepers friend and a damp sponge to clean the interior surfaces quickly before rinsing them off.


Bar Keepers Friend is right for kitchen surfaces like stainless-steel, ceramic, glass or maybe Korean countertops. Use it on your ceramic or stainless steel cooktop to ruin those sticky, clean stains. Use simply a light-weight sprinkle of this powder, spritz water, and a few sweats, and also the bar keepers friend will ignite your kitchen appliance in minutes.

Kitchen Sink:

If your sink suddenly pops up next to your freshly polished kitchen appliance, you’ll be able to provide a pick-me-up with a fast scrub of this product. Using just a dishcloth and some cleansing powder, you will create sticky rings and the opaque markings will disappear. Make it a good wash only when you go!

Pots, Pans and Cookware:

The exterior of your watch and pan can shine with a fast application of the bar keepers friend and a delicate scrub (just make sure to not scrub the slippery surface of your pans with this product). This method works with deadly glass and ceramic bakeware even on your vintage pyrex (first test it in an incomplete place like the bottom of the dish).


For porcelain and ceramic tiles Cleaning, you can’t beat a good scrub with this product. You can use a soft scrub brush and cleansing powder that can clean the grime and grit.

And let’s forget the grout! For stained grout, create a paste of this product and water and scrub away. For the important neat freaks (guilty), a toothbrush works wonders here!


If you have an old school porcelain tub at home, this product is a must! Scrubbing the tub with a paste of powder and water can rescue the deepest of the tubs (really)! Be ready with a decent brush and lots of elbow grease. You will easily become stubborn about how to remove the stubborn rust spots. For a little extra cleaning, rinse with water and then some vinegar (and then water again).


Got a dingy call in your kitchen or bath? Mix a little powder with water and wipe with a soft or microfiber cloth (we can’t get enough of them!).

Shower doors:

If you have glass shower doors trimmed with soap scum, don’t worry. Spray some Barkeepers friend over a wet sponge and wipe your door. For a stubborn scam, let this mixture sit on the surface for a minute and then wipe clean.


With things on the outside, try the Bar Keepers Friend on your grill base (one of the hardest to clean surfaces we can see). Make a paste of the product with some water and use a easy home robotic scrub brush to clean the grease. When you’re done, wash it thoroughly and it will look great as new! Then you’re ready to throw in some fresh corn (and more) at a barbecue.

Outdoor furniture and so much more:

If you have a metal patio set, put your hands in a bowl of this powder. A good scrub can make your furniture look as good as new, remove bad stains and rust.
And don’t stop there! Use Bar Keepers Friend to wash your metal mailbox, plant stand, metallic element siding or perhaps your boat.

You can tell that the cleaning options are huge, and we love the efficiency of this product for illuminating our dirtiest surfaces. It should be said, though it is not suitable for gold, silver or stone. You can find out more about what kind of surface you can clean and avoid this all-purpose product on this site.

Is there any other use of the BKF Soft Cleanser instead of the powder?

You can select Powder or Soft Cleanser considering the following factor:

  • What is being cleaned?
  • Is restorative cleaning? (such as a deep-cleaning)
  • Is the ease of rinsing a factor?

If you need a light-duty cleaning routine, then the Gentle Cleansing liquid is usually more than enough. If you need a deep-clean then BKF Cleanser (powder) is probably a better choice.

You may know that powders offer the flexibility of a variety of “force,” also the amount of added water determines how strong or weak the solutions are. You may find the Soft Cleanser applies such as “ready to use” for many (but not all) tasks, especially the regular cleaning tasks.

How much safe the “bar keepers friend home depot”?

Many users have a common question that is buzzing in their heads. Definitely it is a matter to concern and requires a clear answer. In this case, I have tried my best to find out all the questions related to the safety and expert answer on it. I did a little research and found that the active ingredient is oxalic acid – that is naturally derived and found in many green leafy things.

You may use various other kinds of powders, and the Holy Net Pots, Batman! Yep, it works well. But there are many ways to get your work done efficiently way, so why you bother it?

Many of use still has a stainless-steel pan were all brown on the bottom, Right? Well, after using bar keepers friend home depot does not looks “like new,” but it is pretty good. Barkeepers friend ingredients also take the ring rust from my stainless-steel kitchen sink.

You know, we eat all the time oxalic acid in spinach, carrots, and many other things. But the reason that rhubarb leaves are considered toxic-too much can cause nausea, kidney stones / fail, and even fatal.

Still, you are confused! how safe is Bar Keepers Friend? Let’s deep dive into it and find the answer.

Here’s what I’ve read about it:

  • MSDS bit dry than oxalic acid, it is not only as toxic when taken internally, but the skin, eye, and respiratory irritation dangerous
  • Oxalic acid can be absorbed through the skin
  • Commentators on the number of blog posts about BKF been quoted peeling skin after use
  • Of course, being in the form of crystals in powdered cleansers, oxalic acid may be much more concentrated than what you would find in the plant.
  • MSDS in this bar keepers friend home depot seems to indicate that the oxalic acid is only 5-10% of their weight powder. (Am I reading that correctly? What about the other 90%!)

After long research I found this:

  • The bar keepers friend ingredients are toxins. But you’re not going to drink bleach or dish soap, right?
  • It seems like it is not bio-accumulative because it is flushed out through the kidneys
  • I’m using bar keepers friend home depot before I read anything about it being a skin irritant. So, I do not use gloves. But I do not see any unusual reactions to it.
  • It also seems that it does not cause any respiratory irritants. Because of bar keepers, friend ingredients easily dissolves in water.

Final Thought:

You can see that the bar keepers friend home depot does not harm you but produce your desire result on the cleaning task. Never forget that it has the potential to be very toxic, so it is best to use it for the toughest jobs. It’s highly effective, and I think in small doses it shouldn’t pose any health hazards.

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