Automatic Fire Alarm System

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Fire alarm systems are one of the important components of a safety system. Fire can result from cooking food, lighting systems, electrical distribution or heating something. For prevention and protection from the damage caused by fire, every building and house must contain fire alarms.

In the industry, many companies and brands provide fire protection services and devices to detect and prevent the fire.PH EL & Sikring is one of the experienced brands working in the industry since 1957. It has highly trained staff that can handle the largest and difficult fire protection contracts.

The fire alarm system’s main purpose is to detect the fire at its earliest stage and inform the occupants of a building about the danger. Earliest the fire is detected, more is the time for fire controllers to control the situation with minimum damage.

Components of Automatic Fire Alarm System

Several components are working together to detect and prevent the loss from the fire around. A typical fire alarm system consists of the following parts:

1.  Control panel

It is the main part of the fire alarm. It controls initiating devices and upon the fire stimulus, activates the notification devices to notify the surrounding about the danger.

2.  Detectors or Alarm initiating devices

These sensitive devices detect the fire signal and send a message to the control panel for further action. There are many types of initiating devices. It may be a manual one that includes a pull station or maybe an automatic one that becomes active when the fire starts.

3.  Notification devices

Notification devices have one of the most important roles in a fire alarm that is to notify the surrounding area about the danger when a fire starts. Different kinds of alarms are used for this purpose. These include:

●     Sirens

●     Voice alarms

●     Optical alarms or flash alarms

●     Bells

●     Horns

●     Strobes etc.

4.  Primary power supply

The power company supplies AC power of 120 to 240 volts.

5.  Backup power supply

In case of power breakdown, there is a backup supply of 6 to 12 volts by batteries.

Benefits of Automatic Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm has many benefits. It detects the fire and protects from damage fire may cause to human beings and the buildings. Following are some of the advantages of this system.

    Early detection

As soon as the fire is detected, it is easy to control.

    Avoid smoke inhalation

Smoke inhalation is dangerous for human health as it is a leading cause of death due to fires.

    Insurance discounts

You can save insurance money if your house has installed the fire alarm. Many homeowners give discounts when fire alarms are installed there.

    Placement flexibility

You can fix a fire alarm anywhere you want. However, its working can be maximized if installed near the fire hazard places like the kitchen, etc.

    Easy to operate

Its working principle is so easy that detectors themselves detect the fire and notify the people around.


 Its price is reasonable. Also, you don’t need professionals for its instalment.

    Low maintenance

Just like its price and working principle, it also requires just a little maintenance.

For all these benefits, it becomes one of the best life security devices you can opt for. 

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