9 Phases of Post Construction Cleanup

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Post construction cleaning can be defined as cleaning your house if it is new or has been renovated. The house or building is cleaned thoroughly. You can get the post construction cleaning service for your house, office, or any other building. You must consult a professional cleaning contractor for this purpose so that you could get quality results.

The professionals know the right tools to use for cleaning. They know what techniques and methods should be used and what should be avoided. No doubt, you will have to spend some money but you can get professional cleaning services along with remarkable outcomes.

Here are some phases of post construction cleanup that you should know

Here are some phases of post construction cleanup that you should know

1. Clean The Dirt

The first phase of post construction cleaning includes cleaning the dirt from the surfaces of items present inside your house. You need to clean all the dirt and debris. You can hire professional cleaners or do it yourself for cleaning your house or building. It is preferred to hire a professional cleaner for this purpose.

You need to remove the dirt from the walls and the roofs. You need to make the walls free from smudges, dirt, and marks. It is also considered as a part of rough cleaning where you just clean the dirt from the flooring, carpets, walls, ceiling, etc. This step is performed after framing and plumbing of electrical wires.

2. Mop The Floors

The next phase is to mop the floors. You need to mop the floors present in the interior of your house. It may include the floor of your bedroom, living room, hallway, etc. You also need to mop the floor of your kitchen and bathroom so that all the dirt could be cleaned efficiently.

You can use water or a detergent for mopping the floor. You should use warm water instead of cold water. You can use a mop for mopping. Then, you need to rinse out the water from the floor using the mop. After cleaning, let the floor dry. You can do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning contractor for this purpose.

3. Remove Large Items

The next phase is to move the large items present in the rooms. These items include those things that cannot be vacuumed such as stickers, charts, wallpapers, etc. They may also include the particles of dust that are present in the cabinets, doors, windows, etc.

You can clean the cabinets, tables, chairs, etc. at the place where they are placed. You can also move them outside the room to clean them thoroughly. It is alright if you can do it alone, but if not, you can hire professional cleaners. They can also provide you with move-out services.

4. Clean Specific Areas

In this phase, you need to clean the specific areas of your house. These areas may include the appliances present in your bathroom and kitchen. In this phase, you need to clean the doors, knobs, windows, furniture, and other equipment present in different corners of your house.

You not only have to clean them with a piece of cloth or using a vacuum but also wipe them to make them clean efficiently. In this phase, you need to clean the fans, vents, lights, and other related areas that are needed to be cleaned. You should also clean the cabinets and closets.

5. Clean Glass Areas

After cleaning the major areas of your house, you need to clean the glass areas present in your house. The glass is usually present in your windows, shower doors, insulation, conservatory, facades, etc. You can clean them yourself or can get a commercial cleaning service by hiring a professional cleaner.

You can clean the glass areas using cool and clean water along with dish soap. You need just a few drops of dish soap. You can use a piece of cloth and a sponge mop for cleaning the glass. Make sure that you rinse all the water from the glass surface using a hose.

6. Clean Imperfections

After cleaning all the specific areas, you need to clean all the imperfections. The imperfections may include the lines of dust that may occur on a surface after wiping it. You can clean it using a piece of cloth. In this phase, you review all the areas of your house along with all the items to check whether there are any dust particles or not.

In this phase, you make sure that all the corners of the interior of the house are free of debris or not. You need to check all the shelves, cabinets, and appliances whether they are cleaned efficiently or not. You must hire a professional to check the leaks, loose wires, and safety issues in your building.

7. Wipe Interior of House

In this phase, you need to wipe out the interior of your house. You can use warm water for this purpose. You should wipe each and every corner of the interior of the house. After wiping, you can mop it. You can turn the fans on to let all the water dry.

8. Exterior Cleaning

After cleaning the interior of your house, you need to clean the exterior of your house. It includes cleaning out all the debris, trash, and lumber from the construction site. For this purpose, you may also have to wash the walls, clean the gutters and clean the walkways. If you hire a professional for this task, he will charge you by the square foot, by job type, or by the hour.

9. Touch-up Cleaning

It is the last phase of post construction cleaning which is performed after a week or ten days of the light cleaning process. It includes removing and cleaning all the smudges, stains, and fingerprints present in your house. In this phase, the cleaners are used to vacuum the carpets, mop the floors and clean the garage areas.


You can hire a professional cleaner to get efficient services of post-construction cleanup. The experts use the right tools and techniques for cleaning. They know about the different phases of this type of cleaning. They not only save your time but also your money by providing convenient services. 

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