9 Lighting Fixtures to Build a Modern Kitchen

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9 Lighting Fixtures to Build a Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is a dream come true for every house owner. With the wide variety of appliances and design ideas, you have a chance to set up a one-of-a-kind kitchen. However, before moving to an aesthetical part, it’s vital to think through all the vitals. First of all, your cooking space must be functional and have all the necessary, including a water filtration system. 

Once you set up all the cabinets, chose the oven, and ordered an aquasana installation, it’s high time to think about modern light fixtures. You don’t need to dispose of your old lamps; a light fixture repair service can help you out if they match your new design.

Before covering modern lighting ideas for the kitchen, you should learn about its types.

Types of Lighting in Kitchen

There are three types of light in the kitchen. Each of them fulfills its own role; therefore, one can’t be exchanged with another. In the end, you will have all the necessary zones well-lit. 

The types are:

Ambient or General 

Ambient lighting is the main source of light in your kitchen. It can complement natural light or fill in or lack of it. The distinctive feature of the general light is that you can opt for a wide variety of lighting fixtures types. Among them – pendants, chandeliers, flush mounts, or recessed lighting. 

However, this is not the limit, and you can experiment with something else. The main rule is that you should light all your kitchen.


Task lighting enters the game to complement the gaps that are left dark. In other words, the general lights can’t provide enough light for the whole room; therefore, some task lamps are required. 

Usually, this type is used in the cooking zone to ensure that all the area is well-lit. If it’s established right, your kitchen will be highly convenient to cook at. Strip and puck lights are going to help you.

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The accent is a final touch, which is implemented solely for design purposes. It highlights beautiful cabinets or architectural solutions. Here you can turn to such kitchen lighting trends as a cabinet or toe kick lights.

Modern Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

Once you set up your lighting layout and finalize the details – where and which type of light you need – it’s time to hunt the fixtures. With constantly changing trends, it’s getting harder and harder to follow stylish solutions. Here, we present nine unique light fixtures for your kitchen:

Transparent Pendants

Crystal clear fixtures are likely to fit any modern kitchen. They won’t take all the attention yet will look stylish enough to impress your guests. You can place them over the island to provide enough task lighting and make an accent at the same time.

Iron Case with Candles 

It can serve as a task lighting over the island or table while being suitable for ambient lighting as well. You don’t compulsorily need to buy real candles – exchange them with LED ones.

Industrial Ceiling Lighting

Such kitchen ceiling lighting fixtures are going to add some edgy vibes to your kitchen. To enhance the effect, it’s better to choose the lamps with a stainless-steel finish. In such a case, your range hood and stove should have the same finish.

Modern Sputnik Fixture

Imagine a golden case that releases five lamps in different directions. It’s a sassy, fashionable solution for a modern minimalistic kitchen. However, keep in mind: the finish should match the colors of your kitchen.

Lamps Wrapped in Glass

This is very minimalistic: imagine a hanging lamp, which is protected from the outer world with glass. The distinctive feature of the idea is that you should install clusters: no single lamps.

Glamorous Metal Fixtures

A pair of metal fixtures always looks stylish. Don’t choose models with patterns or holes. Go for one-piece metal fixtures – and preferably, choose those with a golden finish. They will add chic to any modern kitchen.

A Rope of Lamps

It looks sweet and stylish at the same time. String lights are always a good idea for a messy décor. Somehow, they add coziness to the sharp angles and solid patterns. The best place for the string is a dining zone or an island.

Fixtures Everywhere

Task lighting all around the kitchen can look stylish. Choose small, preferably transparent fixtures, and place them all over the cooking area. It will provide more than enough light and look nice.

Puck Lights Under Cabinets

If you provide enough general lighting, consider placing ovals under your cabinets. They won’t only light up your cooking zone, but also will add vibrancy.

These ideas are just some for you to try. Choose one or combine several – they all will match a modern kitchen. Please, share with us, which modern house lighting do you like?

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