8 Common Avoidable Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

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Carpets make our living rooms much more appealing and eye-catching, however, since they are always on the floor, they are prone to getting dirty and to things spilling on them. Because they are very delicate things and a bit expensive, we all want to get them cleaned when they get dirty.

However, sometimes, we make mistakes that we don’t know about in our effort to clean it up. Luckily for you, most of these cleaning mistakes are easily avoidable if you know what to do. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning carpets.

Scrubbing the carpet

While it may seem like a quick way to get the dirt and stain out of your carpet’s fabric, it’s also a quick way to put an ugly scrubbed spot on your carpet. Whether you do it with a cleaning agent or you scrub it as soon as it gets stained, nothing good will come out of it. You’ll only be damaging your beautiful carpet as the friction can loosen the fabric.

Also, scrubbing will only make the stain deeper into the fabric, making it more difficult to clean. Rather than scrubbing, it’s better to dab the stained part with a towel to remove some of the stains.

Letting spills sit for a long time

It’s tough to take care of spills as soon as they happen, as it typically happens when we have important guests at home or when there’s a special occasion like parties and dinners. However, the success of carpet cleaning highly depends on the time you take to clean the spill.

So, if you want to take care of spills, especially the bigger ones, try to have it cleaned as soon as you can. Letting stains and dirt sit on your carpet will only make them stick to your carpet more, which will only make the problem worse once you finally decide to clean it up.

Using the wrong cleaning products

Paper and cloth towels can fix most light stains, but that’s different when you’re dealing with stains like wine, salsa, and food stains. Sometimes, you need to take the problem more seriously and use a cleaning product.

While they can fix your problem, you need to make sure that not all cleaning products suit all kinds of carpets. If it happens, you may have to deal with a discolored or damaged carpet. To avoid this, know the different stuff that can be bad for your carpet’s fabric.

Too much water

Water is very useful in cleaning stains, as it allows the stain to come loose from the fabric. However, using too much water can also encourage the growth of mold, and you can also use too much water to the point that it helps spread the stain and makes your problem even worse. Also, it can damage the adhesives in your carpet.

So, the next time you clean your carpet, make sure to not use too much water since an increased amount of water doesn’t help get things done faster. It can also be a hindrance since too much water can be its own little mess in your living room.

Using too much shampoo

The shampoo is very useful in cleaning stains and dirt off your carpet and making it smell good again, but using too much shampoo can also be bad if you don’t rinse it well. 

When you use too much shampoo, it may need more rinsing than you usually do, which may cause problems when it dries on the carpet. When it gets dried, it can cause a stain, and shampoo stains are sometimes harder to get out than food stains.

Using a colored cloth

When food and drink spill on carpets, our first reaction is to grab the first cloth we see and wipe at the stain. However, be careful about using colored towels as the color within its fabric can stain the carpet, especially when you’re using it with a cleaning agent.

Bad maintenance

Most carpet problems come down to negligent carpet cleaning and maintenance. Carpets are one of the essentials of our living rooms, and it’s easy to ignore them because they are always there. Also, carpet maintenance can take a lot of time and effort, which not everyone is ready to give.

If you want to avoid carpet cleaning problems, you have to make sure that you give your carpet proper regular maintenance. That includes always vacuuming, taking care of stains quickly, letting it be moist for long times, using ill-suited products, treating the carpet like it’s asphalt, and other negative carpet habits.

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Relying on the wrong carpet cleaner

When things go wrong and the dirt and stains on carpets become too much to handle, people resort to hiring carpet cleaners to take care of it. Thinking that carpet cleaners have the best equipment and cleaning materials, it’s easy to hire the first one that comes along.

However, that’s not the case. Some carpet cleaners are better than others. Some have the best cleaning equipment and materials, while some have substandard ones and are only after your money.

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