7 Ways To Get Rid Of Broken Kitchen Appliances And Furniture

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At home, kitchen appliances and furniture are the most commonly used items. The sad truth is no matter how careful you are with your things, they don’t last forever. Sooner or later, you’ll have to let them go and get rid of them.  

When the need to get rid of broken kitchen appliances and furniture arise, you’ll also face the dilemma of how to dispose of them properly. Getting rid of big and bulky Luxury kitchen appliances and furniture can be pretty challenging. It requires a small team of people to maneuver the disposal since they usually weigh heavy. Not just that, machines are commonly banned in landfills because of environmental concerns.  

If you’re faced with the same dilemma and are confused about how to get rid of your broken kitchen appliances and furniture, check out the seven disposal options below.   \

Pay A Commercial Junk Hauler 
Dirty kitchen with broken furniture, TV set and gas stove is in the apartment which is prepared for total construction, remodeling, renovation, extension, restoration and reconstruction

Pay A Commercial Junk Hauler 

If you don’t have the time and energy to face the hassle and frustration of disposing of your old kitchen appliances and furniture, paying a professional junk removal service is the best answer to your problem. This business will do the job for you.  

Considering this option will free you from the stress of disposing of your kitchen items while saving you time and energy. Though you’ll have to pay a service fee, it’ll be worth the cost. 

Swap It With Your Newly Purchased Items 

If you plan to buy a new appliance, this can be a good option. Most dealers agree to take your old unit when you buy a new one. Some even offer a discount for your trade-in, just as long as the item is still working. It’s called a one-to-one transaction.   

Letting the store do the job of removing and disposing of the item will save you the effort of doing it yourself. However, it’d be best to ask the salesperson or the appliance dealer to agree with your deal. Let them know about your appliance and furniture status. Make sure to finalize the transaction first before spending all that money on a new item.   

Scrap It 

If you don’t intend to replace an item, but still need to get rid of it, this can be ideal. Some companies seek to buy broken items for repair or strip off valuable parts and sell them. 

Scrap-metal dealers offer drop-off and pick-up services for a small fee. They sometimes even pay a small amount for items that are still relatively working.  

Sell Them For Cash 

Most large appliances contain recyclable items like metal, plastic, and glass. You never know that some of your broken appliances and furniture are worth money until you try this option. 

You can either have a garage sale at your front yard or do it the easy way by posting your items on resale apps. Some might still be interested in buying second-hand items. However, never expect to sell it for a reasonable amount. Try to be in the shoes of the buyer and think, ‘How much would you pay for it?’ Well, the primary intention is to dispose of it. Making money out of it is just a bonus! 

Give It Away Or Donate It To Charity 

As they say, ‘Your trash can be somebody else’s treasure.’ You can leave these items in the alley or on the curb with a ‘FREE’ sign on them. Some passers-by might be interested in them. 

A couple of non-profit organizations, churches, thrift stores, and charities would also be very much willing to take those appliances and furniture for free. They’ll save you the hassle and pick those items up themselves. 

You can check your local community outlets to gather more information and their specific donation acceptance criteria.  

Wait For The Community Dump Day 

Communities often host monthly or quarterly dump days. During these days, residents can either donate or dispose of items from their homes, which can be in good condition or not. Events like this would usually require you to pay a minimal entry fee as their form of fundraising. You can check information about community events like this from your city’s sanitation unit. If you can still manage to hold on to those unwanted items, this can be an ideal option for you. It’s cheap and efficient. 

Recycle It 

Most cities don’t allow appliances in landfills due to environmental concerns. It contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that damages the ozone layer even more. Therefore, recycling your broken appliances and furniture would be a brilliant idea. If you can’t do it yourself, you can reach out to environmental organizations around your city and ask if they pick up and recycle items as such. 


Getting rid of your broken kitchen appliances and furniture can be challenging and tricky, especially when you don’t know your options. Going through the tiring process of removing the items from the kitchen area, transferring them to your car, and dropping them off at a transfer station is indeed a challenge.   

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just wanting to declutter, considering the seven disposal options stated above will help you solve your dilemma. Indeed, junk removal made easier! 

Sophie Turner
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