How to stagger vinyl plank flooring? (7 Steps) 2021 Updated

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While you are renovating or constructing the new home, you must install vinyl plank floors. Vinyl planks are cost-effective and provide the stunning look of your home. Luxury vinyl floor is classy if compare with other wood floors. Easy to install and not require too much maintenance. Here we discusse how to stagger vinyl plank flooring? 

Vinyl plank floors are most used in the kitchen and living room. Stagging vinyl plank floors, not tough task just required to know proper guidance. You need some tools to complete the task. If you know proper working process not required professional person in the whole working process. 

Before starting the task require some essential tools:

  • One pencil 
  • Measuring tape 
  • One carpet snip
  • T-square 

7 Steps to stagger vinyl plank flooring

Take a measuring tape to measure the actual width and length of the room. Draw a figure to determine the number of rows required in the room.

 Step 1: If you renovation your room you are required to remove the existing floor. If you use carpet on top of the vinyl sheet, first remove it before installing a new vinyl floor. You need pliers, a pry bar, a hammer, and a screwdriver to remove the current floor. Take a utility knife to cut vinyl shorter strips it makes your task easy. After pulling out current strips you may require tack strips for losing left strips. Use staples to hold down the vinyl pad. Use pry bar removing vinyl pad out of the room. But if you first time install vinyl floor on your room follows the below tips. 

Step 2: Take the first board and cut the top 1-inch strip from the board. Keep the piece of the board on the right side of the board. Follow this step precisely it will ensure a smooth surface.

 Step 3: In the second step start working from the right side. Glue the first full plank from the right side to towards the door. Keep at least a one-eight-inch gap from the left side top to the right side of the board. Carefully follow this step it much expresses work accuracy. 

Step 4: Take a measuring tape to make a sure new plank. Start measuring from to the right side and mark two-thirds of the board. Draw small vertical lines otherwise the task will become critical. Now take 36 inch plank board, normally 36 inches height is the highest measurement board. Take measure from 24 inches bottom of the board and mark this point with pencil. Try to complete this whole task completely.

 Step 5: Now take T square for the next step, in this step plank will break so require accurate measurement. T square will solve measuring tasks without any hassle. Place T square top of the plank and take measurement properly. T square bottom part will touch plank bottom. Hold T square properly with plank and take a knife to cut down the plank. You may use a pencil to mark the cutting area, check frequently cutting area so that any step not spoil your task. After cutting the board slightly press the plank and it will smoothly break. 

Step 6: Keep this piece board on the previous floor. Follow this step organize the second row and continue this step install the third and next step.

Why vinyl floor buckling/bowing? 

Vinyl floor buckling is a very common incident. Vinyl floor buckling mostly occurs lack of proper maintenance and if floors barely support with the weight of the house. While heavy furniture keeps on the room without following proper safety it causes buckling floors. With proper maintenance and planning organize furniture much reduce sudden buckling. 

Cause of separation vinyl planks? 

After stagging vinyl plank floors sometimes gaps visible between two adjacent vinyl planks floor. While heavy furniture frequently moves around the house it causes separation of Vinyl plank floors. The proper installation process, less move furniture, and direct furniture weight reduce the possibility of separating vinyl plank floors. 

How Soon Can You Put Furniture On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

After installing Vinyl Plank Flooring next step is organized furniture. But if you set furniture immediately it may damage your floor.  

You should wait at least 48 hours after the installation floor before putting furniture. But if the floor is made with a floating system you may put furniture immediately after installation.

How can you protect your vinyl plank floor from getting damaged?

When moving heavy furniture without using any protection or not properly care of vinyl plank floors it badly damaged. So need to follow some steps to keep the floor damage-free long time. Here some tips about how can you protect your vinyl plank from getting damaged.

Place rugs in front of the door: 

Too much messy and lots of footstep scratch on vinyl floors. Keep floor messy free use doormats or rugs in front of the door. Sometimes the plastic or rubber-backed mats fade floor color. So use rugs or mats which is safe for vinyl floors.

Use furniture pads:

Use a furniture pad under heavy furniture that saves your floor from sudden scratch. Never move furniture immediately after the installation floor.

Keep clean floor: 

Always keep your floor clean, you may use a vacuum cleaner to keep the floor dust-free. Use a vacuum cleaner without beater bar because the beater bar may scratch floors. Need special take care tight space and underneath the stove or refrigerator.

Use rolling chair:

Rolling chairs not create scratches on floors and safe for vinyl plank floors. Without rolling chair keep, you can’t maintain scratch-free floors.

What floor pattern makes a room look bigger? 

Diagonal patterns make a room look bigger but it’s tough to maintain while installed vinyl flooring. Light-colored vinyl plank makes the room attractive and also bigger. White ash is the popular choice of light floors vinyl floor. If you not choose light color don’t worry you have also an option. Use dark color on the floor and light ceiling and walls it also makes the room bigger. 

Final words: 

We try our best to shear with you an easy way to stage vinyl plank floors. For the best result, you may start first from a small area. If you see youtube vedio it will make your confident.

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