7 Pole Saw Cutting Techniques – Step-By-Step Guide

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A home encompassing with trees looks very delightful and they kind of give you the feelings of jazziness. However, if the trunks and branches aren’t maintained on a regular basis, your place going to have a hell of a mess!

In that case, you need to prune, brush, and sometimes trim the trees to prevent animals from being attracted to your home. Well, a corded pole saw can give you a long hand for doing the task. Though using it is not a brainer, there are certain techniques that need to follow to avoid uncertain mishaps.


But before we jump into the techniques that surely would save your day. Make some time to read out the safety equipment you’re going to wear prior to trimming. So, let’s dive in.


Your head is the first thing you need to take care of. So, wear a tough and durable helmet so that no fallen branch can crush and burst out the brain out of your head. 


Now, your hands are the main limbs that are going to help you with operating the pole saw. Thus, wear gloves that provide a perfect and firm grip all along the process.


Wear good clothes, if to be more specific try to wear long pants. As a result, 

flaying debris won’t be able to hold you under the strain.


There are high chances of twigs falling when you start to trim or prune your trees. That’s why you should wear metal cap boots by all odds to keep yourself out of harm’s way.


It’s time we move forward where you’ll get to know the basic and important cutting techniques by using a top-rated cordless pole saw.

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Its time we move forward where you’ll get to know the basic and important cutting techniques by using a pole saw.

Clear out the area

Before you start using the saw for cutting, plan out the working area, and mark a 50 feet radius. Disallow individuals to enter into that area. Well, you had better fix someone to prevent anyone from getting into the zone.

In the meantime, never stands direct under the tree. Because though small branches mayappear as harmless, it can turn your life upside down within the blink of an eye.

Laying out the exact plan 

Since you’re heading to prune trees, you should lay out a perfect plan of working. Most of the time, you’ll see either power source, huts, or fence under trees. Now if you start pruning, limbs are going to fall on them thereby damaging the property.

You don’t want to do that right? So, to stay on the safe side, strategize about how you’re going to do the work in an unharming way.

Initiatecutting from the low

You should start from the bottom of the tree to make a simple straight path towards reaching the higher branches. Aside from that, the most repeated mistake everyone does during cutting branches with a pole saw is that they start from the middle, which is absolutely wrong.

Rather try to make a “V” cut by cutting the tree underneath from one angle and do the same from the opposite side to get the cut. The rest of the job will be done by gravity, thanks to Sir Isaac Newton for gifting us the gravity law.

Place yourself 

Now that you know where to make the cut, it’s time to take your position. You need to stand in such a way so that the cutting of the branches is done on the contrary. As a result, they’ll fall securely. Along with that, make sure you’ve picked a solid ground and wipe out any sort of rocks or pebbles around you.

Hold the saw

Right, you’re in a good position. Now grab the weapon, meaning the pole saw by placing your right hand on the trigger. And hold the body of the saw using your left hand.

Hey, wear the gloves please, it’s for your own safety.

Time to cut

It’s time to rock! Set your pole saw to maximum speed and start cutting the tree. At first, make preliminary cuts. These cuts are a series of escalating cuts that turn the large branch into small pieces to manage easily. Actually, prelude cuts are given to the branches which are positioned at a high level as well as that are heavy. 

But keep in mind, that this cutting tool will give you kickbacks while cutting. So, handle it as carefully as you can. 

Taking rest

You know, working with a pole saw isn’t really relaxing work. It takes a good amount of physical strength and pressure to move the saw upward and then downward. Throughout the process, you’ll get burdensome which will lead you to lose control and precision. As a result, chances of accidents will reach a high level.

So, it’s better you unlock your muscles and take a quick breath in between the strokes. That way you’ll help yourself to prevent painful fatigue and weariness.


If you thought that pole saw cutting techniques are hard, we tried our best to present to you in the simplest ways. Now a little bit of practice is all that you need. So have a safe day.

Sophie Turner
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