7 Living Room Accessories You Must Invest In This Year

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Your living room is the center of the home, a place where you entertain guests or simply relax in the evening with the family. The look and feel of this area definitely deserve all the attention you can give. When it comes to having a plush and welcoming living room, no investment seems too big for homeowners. You will be willing to go the extra mile to make the place look good so that you can flaunt it to your visitors. 

While paint, furniture, and furnishings have the basics covered, you can go the extra mile with modern and stylish accessories for this part of the house. You can pick the ultra-modern and expensive pieces or opt for ones that fit within a small budget. If you are looking forward to a makeover for your living room this year, here are some accessories that deserve to be on your wishlist.

An air purifier

Right now, homeowners are willing to spend on creating healthy living spaces. It is more about cleaning the indoor air to ensure that it is clean and healthy. If you want to invest in the well-being of your family, buying an air purifier for your living room is an excellent idea. It improves the indoor air quality and eliminates germs and viruses, making them an apt choice amid the pandemic. A portable one is a good pick as you can carry it to your bedroom at night. You may think of it as a big expense, but consider it a long-term investment that will last for years. 


Even as plants are not exactly an accessory, they go a long way in adding to the aesthetics of your space. They double up as natural air purifiers and freshen up the air naturally. You will love the green ambiance because it brings positivity and happiness into a stark living room. Just pick the low-maintenance indoor plants that wouldn’t require a lot of care and effort to look after them. Place them around the corners to bring in fresh vibes. You can also have a small one as a centerpiece by placing it on the coffee table. The best thing is that you need not spend a lot on bringing in the greens.

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An electric fireplace

Your living room seems to miss the element of warmth if it doesn’t have a fireplace. But you may not be interested in the traditional one that burns wood and produces smoke because it isn’t the healthiest option. Accessorize it with an electric fireplace this year to make the place look cozy and comfortable. A wall-mounted variant is an excellent option as it replicates the look and feel of a real fireplace. But you will have a big question- are wall mounted electric fireplaces safe enough? Thankfully, these are safe and conserve electricity, so you can have one installed without thinking twice. You can have a warm-looking room without a lot of work.

Accent chairs

When it comes to seating, the living room sofa is the main accessory. But you can think beyond the sofa and invest in some accent chairs this year. After a year of lockdowns, you can expect some guests this year, and extra seating will be a bonus. Moreover, accent chairs balance out space if you have a large living room. You can place a couple of them next to the sofa or even arrange them in a corner to create a small private space to chat with special guests. Your kids will probably love it if they have friends around and want a dedicated area to have a good time with them while adults enjoy their conversations.

When choosing accent chairs, go for a versatile approach. Accent chairs can come in different types of upholstery fabric, so choosing one can be a tricky task. Consider two important factors: style and comfort. Make sure the chairs complement your living room and are cozy too. Additionally, ensure they’re made of great quality too!

A plush rug

You can double up the warmth in the living room with a plush area rug that covers the floor of your living room. Summer or winter, a rug makes an ideal accessory for this part of the house as it brings an element to the stark wood or stone flooring. You will love the cozy feel beneath your feet, while it serves as a play area where kids can lie down and play in the evening. Pick vibrant colors and eye-catching textures to bring an aesthetic appeal to the room. You have an extensive choice in rugs- opt for a large one that covers the center of the space or pick smaller pieces for a more dramatic effect. 

Mindful accessories

The current trend of mood-boosting decor is no coincidence. Stress and anxiety can be reduced by filling our homes with peaceful and positive items – and most of the time, these are all-natural items. For example, historically, crystals and their meanings and uses have been displayed in people’s homes, who believed they contained the healing energies of the earth. The energy healing accessories are trending now, and they can be used not only for decor but as tools for yoga, mindfulness, and Feign Shui.

Lighting accessories

You can do a lot in your living room with lighting accessories because there are plenty of options to explore. An overhead chandelier can create magic if you want a well-lit living area. For those looking to keep things subtle, you can pick wall-mounted options. Create a lovely corner with a floor lamp or table lamp. Small fairy lights make a good option if you want to highlight a wall or fireplace by placing these tiny lights around. You can even try placing aromatic candles around the rooms if you want to keep things more natural with lighting. Explore your options, and you can definitely create something incredible with living room lighting. 

Floating shelves

Another accessory you must bring into your living room this year is floating shelves on the wall. They don’t cost a lot, and you can even install them with your DIY skills. Pick a wall you want to highlight and install them to put up your stuff. Use them to display your favorite family pictures or souvenirs picked on the vacations. You can even create a vertical herb garden using them on one of the walls in the living area. The best thing about floating shelves is that they offer extra storage space to place your knick-knacks such as books, CDs, and mementos.

Accessorizing your living room doesn’t require you to spend a fortune, and you can do a lot with a few creative accessories that you can easily spend on. Just have a wishlist ready and pick things that fit into your budget. This list is a good one to get started! 

Storage organizers

What you hide from view is equally important from what you choose to display. That’s why a good thing to invest in this year is quality storage like this Christmas tree storage bag. The holidays last only a few weeks. While Christmas decorations and ornaments look good in your home, they would severely look out of place when it’s already the middle of spring. You need to pack them up eventually. A neat way to do just that is a storage bag that’s designed for such a purpose, keeping your tree looking good for next year’s festivities.

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