7 Edgiest Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom Wall

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Decorating a bedroom can initially feel extremely intimidating. However, if you understand the space you have to work with and do the proper research and planning, then space can quickly come together. The bedroom will become warm and inviting and make the area one of your favourite locations to spend time in the home. Remember, push the boundaries and experiment with edgy ideas in order to create a personalized and interesting space.

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1. Color is Everything

When beginning to decorate your bedroom it is important to understand that wall colour is probably one of the most important selections within the space. The colour selection you decide to put on the walls will be one you have to look at for years to come. Depending on your personality this is one area you should play it safe and select a subtle colour or make a huge statement by opting for a bold colour. Once you have to select your wall colours, you will also want to focus on an overall colour palette. By selecting a colour palette it will keep you on track by staying in one cohesive direction.

2. Find the Light

Having the correct lighting is an important part of any space; especially in a bedroom. This space is one where you will get dressed; relax from the day, sleep, and read, amongst other activities. Therefore, it only makes sense that you will want the space to appear large, open, and inviting. In order to avoid making the area closed off to keep the bed adjacent to any windows. Additionally, avoid covering the windows with thick heavy curtains. Be open to adding the perfect lighting and do not be afraid to add special decorative lighting.

3. Sleeping Space

When decorating a space, it can become common for many people to begin by picking out their favourite bed. However, you really need to decide on a paint colour for the walls first, as well as, understanding the lighting options before you make the final bed selection. The bed is a large piece that you will not want to switch out a few years down the road. Ensure that you do not rush this process because you will want to find a bed that offers comfort while still esthetically pleasing to the eye.

4. Go for High-end Linens

Many people might not think to upgrade their linens. However, by simply selecting a higher quality of linens you will be able to feel like you are sleeping at a 5-star resort every night. This is a simple selection that will make your bedroom feel much more luxurious and inviting. Additionally, you can add various textures around the room. By adding different fabrics to space you will be making space feel more soft and welcoming.

5. Pillows Galore

Along with upgrading your linens, you may also find that by adding several accent pillows or throw pillows space is quickly decorated. Pillows are one of the best decorating ideas for any bedroom because they make large statement pieces and can easily be changed out over time. They are relatively inexpensive but add a large amount of softness to the bedroom.

6. Have Plenty of Storage Options

The bedroom is a huge space that requires a large amount of storage to be available. Unless you are a minimalist people tend to have a lot of stuff. Therefore, setting your room up with several storage options is going to make the space cleaner and feel much more inviting. The storage will allow messes to be picked up and put away verses all over the room. Storage options can include; under the bed, nightstands, trunks, storage benches, and built-ins inside of the closet. If there is an unused spaced do some planning and formulate how it could be used for storage.

7. Wall Decor

Just because the walls are painted does not mean the decorating needs to stop. The walls are great canvases for you to add personal touches and bring the room to life. If you are struggling to find unique pieces, then check out canvas with custom names can work with you in order to personalize a piece to fit any bedroom space. The walls are perfect for unique mirrors, wall decals, custom art pieces, photographs, and countless other art pieces. Furthermore, be sure you select wall decor that fits into the overall theme of the room that you have selected.

Many people are finding that vintage items can be the perfect way to add a little bit of charm and unique flavor to any room. For a more avant-garde approach to accessorizing a bare wall, displaying flintlock pistol replicas from the sixteenth century can be a good choice, especially if you’re going for a more luxurious style

Stay Focused

Above all, remember what you would like your overall room to look like and stay focused throughout the decorating process. Every selection you pick out for the room should fit inside of the theme you are trying to achieve. By staying focused you will ensure you pick the perfect decoration pieces all while making the space livable and enjoyable.

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