5 Things You Need to Create an Epic Game Room

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When you move to a larger home, there’s always that one room you’re not sure what to do with. You could turn it into a guest bedroom, or it might serve well as an office. It might be a family room, or you might just leave it empty and use it as a spare room. 

But here’s a fun idea: why not turn it into a game room? You can use the extra room to create a space for enjoyment with friends, family, or even on your own. Be ready, though – an epic entertainment room will instantly make you the host for most gatherings. 

If you are in the process of creating a game room, consider our list of the five things this room needs. We might just point you in a direction you hadn’t previously considered. 

1. A Leisure Area 

Depending on the size of the room, you may be able to fit a lot of different kinds of games and entertainment systems in there. However, also make sure you find the space for a little leisure nook as well. 

For starters, not everyone will want to play games all the time. Some of your guests might be more interested in having a conversation in the background as they watch others play. Plus, it will be nice to have that extra cozy space to retreat to when you need to recharge your batteries. 

2. A Modern Console 

When we talk about gaming today, we are more often than not referring to playing games on a computer or a console. If you are into this kind of gaming, your game room needs to have a tech setup that will allow you to play all of your latest favorites. 

If you prefer PC gaming, your best course of action is to put together a machine entirely tailored to your personal preferences. Depending on the kinds of games you enjoy, you will need to invest more in different elements of your configuration. 

If you want to play it safe, you can simply invest in the latest generation of components. Rest assured, you will be able to play every game that takes your fancy for years to come. 

If you prefer consoles, there is the Xbox vs. Playstation 4 or 5 question. Most recent releases are available across all platforms, but if you’re into old-school games, consider the console that will allow you to play them. 

VR is another fantastic option. If you’re into immersive 3D experiences, you can augment your Playstation experience with a VR set as well.

3. A Sports Game 

Epic game rooms also need to provide a sport. The size of the room itself might limit your choices, but ping pong, pool, darts, or a foosball table are the usual suspects. You can also set up a miniature basketball hoop or a miniature goal. 

If you are more into golf, you can set yourself up for a bit of practice. You will likely already have the balls and clubs, so you just need either an indoor green or a putting mat. A launch monitor is also a good idea and SkyTrak is known for making some of the best. This review of SkyTrak products is worth reading before getting a launch monitor as it discusses the different options available.

When installing your sporting arena, make sure you eliminate the risk of damage. Don’t hang art on the wall or leave out decorative items that a flying ball can shatter.  

4. An Arcade Game 

Another game room essential is, of course, an arcade game. Some even choose to have an entire arcade room devoted entirely to the love and appreciation of pinball or PacMan, but you can settle for something that isn’t as reminiscent of an 80’s arcade. 

If you’re into the old-school design of arcade games, you can find a refurbished and restored machine online. Some of them cost quite a pretty penny, but there are replicas too, which tend to be more affordable. 

There is also a more modern solution, where you get hundreds of games packed in a machine that looks like it’s just arrived from the ’80s but relies on entirely modern technology. 

Most of your favorite games (including PacMan) will be easy to source. All it will take is a bit of tenacity and research. 

5. A Mind Game and a Board Game 

And by mind game, we mean chess, checkers, or a card game. You can simply set up a table in one corner of the room where you can lay your boards out and enjoy an eclectic game of Bridge. Some sherry would go very nicely with it. 

There are also the contemporary kinds of card games you can play, from Dobble to Uno and so on. 

And, of course, you can’t build a game room without including all of your family and friends’ favorite board games. Whether you are into Dungeons and Dragons or like to play Monopoly, Risk, or The Game of Life, equip your room with all the favorites. 

Puzzles can come in quite handy too. Once complete, you can frame them to hang on the walls of your game room as a testament to your skill and perseverance. 

If you’re planning on having plenty of cards and board games in your game room, make sure you also build in some storage that will keep them organized and tidy. You don’t want all of your games randomly strewn across the room, as the clutter will impact your dart game. 

Final Thoughts 

Game rooms are essentially the ultimate indulgence, as their only purpose is to promote fun, laughter, and good times. If you have the space to build one, by all means, do it. Even if it seems a kind of extravagance, it will be worth it as you start making incredible memories there. 

Sophie Turner
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